Chapter 1: Strawberry With A Hint Of Orange.

She squinted her eyes momentarily as she went downstairs to open the cafe. It was pretty bright downstairs compared to the dark second floor, it was due to the fact that the curtains were always closed upstairs. She loosened the top button of her blouse and fixed up her vest. The attire required her to look like a bartender. Though the uniform wasn't masculine, it was modified to be feminine. It hugged her curves and even showed some ass.

Well hey, she looked damn good in it. That was all that mattered. Appealing to the customers.

She began fixing up the cafe so that she had coffee to serve by opening time. After all, what coffee shop doesn't serve coffee. Well, sure it was a small joint but it still raked in money. Apparently, customers loved the secluded feel of this small cafe.

Apparently, she loved it too.

Yes, this was her cafe. She worked hard to open and live her dream of owning a coffee shop. She studied hard for this. She learned some techniques and neat tricks to entertain the customers. Though pretty much everything was the result of her talent for the culinary arts. It doesn't hurt to be modest.

She directed her violet orbs towards the door and casually placed back some stray raven hair back behind her ear. She flipped the sign on the door so that anyone could plainly see that the cafe was open.

Then she began to slowly stride back to behind the counter and waited.


Yeah... waiting was a pain.

"Damn it, Why open on a Sunday? It's not like anybody actually comes on Sunday and it's not like I can actually close the shop at all. They're all out there doing something family related. Those happy family crap. Try living in my family, carefree bastards..." She said to herself rather bitterly.

She hastily grabbed a stool and sat behind the cash register.

After a few minutes, the phone rang. She picked it up begrudgingly.

"Luna Cafe... Oh Renji! If you wanna call for personal stuff use my private line you idiot! ... What? A date! You know I don't have time for dates... Yeah yeah I know. I shouldn't be open on a Sunday, but business must go on... What do you mean I sound like my brother! I don't have a stick up my ass like all Kuchikis. Damn it, don't get me worked up in the morning Renji! Look, I'm already looking for employees, and so far no one has answered any of my ads. So until then, I can't go on any dates... Yeah yeah, goodbye Renji."

She slammed the phone back in it's place resulting into the only loud sound that had resonated in cafe throughout the whole morning.

Talking about dates was not how she wanted to start the working the day. Especially since dating was especially hard for her consider the fact that Luna Cafe was never closed. Not even on a Sunday.

But if she had the time for dates she would most definitely go. She was shorter than average but she was beautiful. That was certain. She could snag any date she wanted if only she had the time.

Back to reality. Unless she could find an employee to split the work with she could only do nothing but stay single. Even though there was an eligible red headed hot male who happens to be her best friend and is more than willing to date her, she just didn't have the fucking time.

Man, was her blood boiling.

Any woman would be as bitter as her if they were deprived of the right to date. Especially when the bachelors were lying on their doorstep.

Rukia sighed and placed her fingers against her temple, as of she had a headache. "Ugh..."

"Maybe I should go to a bar later tonight to ease the tension. Or maybe I ought to get laid..."

I haven't had a good 'session' in a while... Renji would probably be a willing partner. He's got big hands so that surely means the same for down there. Nah, he's too innocent for a twenty six year old. Can't even tease him. Maybe I should just get Renji to be my boyfriend. That would make things so much easier, she thought. I would have an actual love life if that were the case.

She was surely too engulfed in her own thoughts. Too engulfed to notice the door slam open.

Before she knew it. Some stranger was in her cafe, behind the counter, behind her and was covering her mouth. The man had to bend to reach her showing that he was pretty tall. He was breathing pretty hard so he must've been running.

She was unable to see who was covering her mouth. All she could see was that he probably flipped the welcoming sign as he came in because 'open' was facing her.

She tried to struggle free but his grasp on her was freakishly hard. Does he work out or does he have inhumane strength? She tried to worm her way out but to no avail. Eventually, she bit his hand.

"Ow! What the fuck!" the man exclaimed as he quickly withdrew his hand and started to remedy it.

She quickly faced the man and took a stance so she was ready to hit him if he tried anything funny.

The man staggered a bit but eventually pulled himself together and stood straight. Damn, he was really tall. And... and... orange hair? Who the hell has orange hair?

"Damn bitch, sit still and be quiet." he snarled as he quickly hid behind the counter and constantly peeked at the huge cafe window.

Alright, she was pissed.

"Who the hell are you calling a bitch dumb ass! Barging in here and doing whatever the hell you please! You have no right to-"

"Shut up and get down here, I'll explain later." he interrupted her.

"You can't order me around!" she retorted.

"Damn it! Stop making this hard for me midget! Or else I'll make your life a living hell tenfold!" he shouted at her from behind the counter.

She just stared at him with crossed arms and shrugged. "I don't see how you can make my life a living hell but if it makes you shut up, I'll play along."

Then she quickly hid beside him and looked over the countertop wondering what he was looking at. This man better not be some dumb fuck out on the streets. He looked real shady, he had really black shades and a hat that covered majority of his orange, probably dyed, hair.

"Great, what have I gotten myself into?" she mumbled to herself as she sat directly on the floor now.

He noticed the shift of her movement and the fact that she mumbled something. "You say something?" he mused. He was staring at her pretty intently.

"Nah, it's nothing. By the way, the name's Rukia Kuchiki dumb ass..." Rukia said without sparing him much a glance.

Even through the thick shades she could still see his eyes widen. "A Kuchiki?"

Rukia sighed and looked at him. "Disappointed?"

He gave her a good look before looking away. "Not at all, just surprised at the missing stick up your ass."

Rukia chuckled. "That would be my brother. The business mogul. I hate doing things his way so I found my own path."

"It's Ichigo."


"I said Ichigo."

"No, as in. It's only polite that you provide me with a last name."

"What if I said I couldn't?"

"What do you mean you couldn't! I just told you I'm a fucking Kuchiki, a loathsome Kuchiki! The least you can do is give me your last name!"

He gave her a weird look and pondered for a sec, probably inner debating on whether he should tell her or not. After a while he finally decided.



"Yeah, Ichigo Kurosaki."

After moments of silence Rukia burst into laughter.

"A-are y-you kidding m-me!" Rukia managed to say in between laughter.

"Of course I'm serious!"

"Serious! You just said you were an actor! What business would Shot actor have here anyway? Man, what a joke. Ok, seriously, what's your name?" Rukia said.

The man scowled. "Ichigo Kurosaki. Got a problem with that?"

"Are you saying you happened to be named like that actor!" Rukia laughed.

The man's eyebrows furrowed even more now. "Damn it!" then he took of his thick shades and pulled of his hat.

He just stared at her.

Rukia was silent for a while. Orange hair and amber eyes. As well as the naturally tanned skin she failed to notice before. What's more is that either he was a twin of the actor or the actor himself. There's no way that actor has a twin.

"Oh shit..." was all Rukia said.

"Oh shit indeed midget. Now keep a look out!" he ordered.

"Alright Mr. Kurosaki." she scoffed. "What exactly are you hiding from and who gave you the right to order me around!" She shouted at him pointing a finger at him.

Ichigo scowled deeper. "Annoying bitch, just shut up already! It's the goddamn paparazzi okay!"

Rukia gritted her teeth and managed to look away.

I guess I'll overlook the 'bitch' part... she thought begrudgingly.

"What the hell did you do to get chased? Don't you actors have tactics to escape the paparazzi?"

He looked at her funny. "Unless said tactics involve numerous casualties then no."

Rukia shrugged and resumed to looking for the paparazzi. First she was kneeling then she got tired of kneeling and stood up straight. She absentmindedly walked towards the door and flipped the sign back and sat on the stool behind the counter.

She then placed her elbow on the counter and positioned her head on the palm of her hand. Then she just stared at the door absentmindedly. Afterwards, her eyes slowly drifted to her unusual guest on the floor and watched him shift around angrily. The object of her sight then stood up in a fit and grabbed Rukia by the collar.

"What do you think your doing?" He asked dangerously.

Rukia barely blinked. "Fixing business, you obstructed my business you know..."

His grip tightened. "You do know that I am worth more than you." he threatened.

Rukia eyebrow rose. "Your point is?"

He jerked her closer so that she could every word he muttered. "I can end you if you don't cooperate, midget."

"I may be running a cafe but my brother is a different case. He is awfully protective of me regardless of the fact that he tries to control every aspect of my life because he wants to protect me. Do you want to know what happens when you touch Rukia Kuchiki?" she threatened. Not in a fiery way like he did but in the iciest way possible.

She felt him shiver slightly and she allowed herself to smirk in victory, internally of course.

He dropped her begrudgingly.

"You're infuriating. You know ten to thirty year old girls adore me and love me."

"Well I don't and I honestly don't give a shit carrot top. Now let me do my job while you go upstairs and be quiet. You can see everything outside from a window there." She stated, though it was more of Rukia ordering him around.

He was about to retort but then he figured that he shouldn't talk back when she was glaring at him like that. Yikes indeed...

He scowled even further and nodded his head once before going upstairs.

Rukia smirked and resumed her previous position before she was grabbed by the collar.

After precisely ten seconds the paparazzi came rushing through the sidewalk like a stampede. After they had passed Rukia was about to alert Ichigo but then one reporter was isolated from the group. He then entered the cafe.

The reporter was tall, thin and pale white. He had black hair and glasses. All in all, he had a serious and cold gaze. He approached the counter.

Rukia smiled. "Welcome, what would you like to order?"

He looked at the menu for a bit that looked at her. "A Cinnamon Swirl and a large Cappuccino please." he said as he fixed his glasses and placed the money on the counter.

Exact amount, how rare, she thought.

She took the money and dropped it in the cash register. Then she began to fix his order.

"Excuse me, do you want me to heat your Cinnamon Swirl." she asked politely.

He didn't spare her a glance at all. "Yes please..."

She mentally shrugged and popped his order in the microwave as she began with his drink.

As she was fixing him his coffee he asked her something.

"Did Ichigo Kurosaki happen to pass by here?"

Rukia shrugged. "You mean that horrible actor with tangerine hair? No why?"

The man smirked coldly. "Don't lie to me Ms. Kuchiki..."

"Lie? What are you talking about? And how do you know I'm a Kuchiki?" She asked suspiciously as she placed his coffee on the tray on the counter.

He eyed his coffee then looked at her. "It's in my line of work..."

"As I thought, a journalist..."

He grabbed the tray where the newly heated Cinnamon Swirl Rukia just placed next to the cup of coffee on the counter then fixed his glasses. "You assumed right. Now don't place me in the same level as those idiots. If you want to catch your subject, you need to know your subject." he said before pausing and looking up the stairs.

"Isn't that right Kurosaki?"

Then Rukia heard heavy stomping on the staircase and quickly turned her head towards the noise. That fool.

"I should've known you'd find me, Uryuu..." the actor said seriously.

"You should know those fools only have half a brain." he said smugly as he found a comfy seat in the cafe and placed the tray on the table.

Then Ichigo took the seat in front of the journalist.

"Yeah yeah, you're the genius. Especially since you work for both Vanity Parade and The Daily Herald." Ichigo said mockingly.

Then he felt a tapping on his shoulder so he turned to look at the source. Then his eyebrow rose. "What are you doing midget?"

"I thought the point of hiding was to escape the paparazzi. Why are you conversing with a journalist?" Rukia asked.

Ichigo shrugged. "This one's special." he said gesturing his hand towards the thin man.

The man stood up, fixed his glasses and extended his towards her. "Uryuu Ishida. I'm a journalist for both The Daily Herald and Vanity Parade."

Rukia semi-astounded shook his hand. "Rukia Kuchiki, though you already know me. Though seriously, working for the top paper and the top magazine. That's pretty impressive."

Uryuu shook his head in disagreement. "Your pretty impressive yourself Ms. Kuchiki. You became the Head Prosecutor at the age of twenty three. You were brilliant in the legal department but now you are a practitioner of the culinary arts."

Rukia sighed. "That was finished three years ago Mr. Ishida... Now I want something something new and away from all the crime." then she looked out the window though her eyes were filled with sad reminiscing, not the eyes that were casually looking out the window.

Then Uryuu showed a flash of sympathy. "Oh right... I shouldn't have mentioned that Ms. Kuchiki."

Ichigo got tired having the conversation flow without them and rudely interrupted.

"Hey midget, get me an extra large cup of hot chocolate. As well as a slice of strawberry shortcake."

Rukia let her eyebrows slant downward. "Yes sir!" she snapped angrily before stomping on his foot. Painfully. Then she innocently skipped towards the counter to get his order.

Ichigo winced in pain and tried to soothe his aching foot. Then he looked at her in disbelief.

"Serves you right Kurosaki..." Uryuu said in amusement.

Ichigo crossed his arms in a fit and took his seat. "What the hell's her problem!"

"She has a name Kurosaki." Uryuu reminded him as he too, sat down.

"Uhh... Right. Was it Rui?"


"Ru... Rina?"

"Far from it..."


"Hell no.


"Rukia!" Rukia said angrily as she purposely dropped the tray on his fingers without breaking any glassware or spilling any of the hot chocolate.

Uryuu let out a laugh. Then he began to fully laugh. During his laughing he pointed his finger towards Ichigo. "Damn, that's entertaining! I should write an article for Vanity Parade about this."

Ichigo on the other hand, was remedying his swollen fingers.
"What the fuck is wrong with you midget!"

"The name's Rukia, carrot top."

"Who the fu-"

Before he finished speaking he felt a sharp painful jab to the head. Then he clutched his head to ease the pain. Afterwards he felt her foot on his chair.

"Ow, What do you think you're doing!"

"You will not talk back to me because I obviously have the advantage. "She said as she tapped his crotch area with her foot. "Now, my name is Rukia. Know it, remember it."

Ichigo gulped before nodding.

She smirked. "Excellent." then she withdrew her 'advantage' and went back to waiting for customers.

"Kurosaki, isn't she scary?" Uryuu teased.

"No!" he retorted as he took a sip of his hot chocolate.

He fell silent for a while and double blinked. He tore the cup away from his lips and stared at it.

"What's wrong Kurosaki?" Uryuu asked.

"Uryuu... It tastes freaking good. As in, really really good. It's either on par or higher with Yuzu's..." he said astonished.

Uryuu seemed to show some form of awe. Then he took a sip of his coffee. "Even the coffee..."

Then the two men eyed their food. Yes, the strawberry shortcake and the cinnamon swirl. They both silently nodded at each other and happened to take a bite simultaneously.

And as they thought, both desserts were excellent.

Uryuu looked towards the counter to see a very smug looking Rukia.

"Enjoying?" she asked from behind the counter.

"Why yes Ms. Kuchiki. Aside from being an excellent lawyer you are also an excellent cook." Uryuu complimented.

"Oh please, don't flatter me..." she said happily.

"Who the hell in the right mind would flatter you?" Ichigo said rather rudely.

Rukia's head snapped at Ichigo. "Your friend does. Are you saying he's not in the right mind?"

"Of course he is in the right mind, you obviously aren't midge- I mean Rukia..."

"Hey! You were gonna call me midget!" she said angrily while pointing an accusing finger towards him.

"Am not! I said Rukia didn't I?" he snorted with cross arms and the face of a child in a fight with someone who stole his candy.

"Yeah, sure you did. Right after you were gonna call me a midget!" she said now dangerously walking towards Ichigo.

"Hey, I believe I'm entitled to my honest opinion and my honest opinion would be the fact that You. Are. A. Midget!" he said emphasizing on where it counts.

Rukia grew extremely mad.

"What is wrong with you actors! You and your stupid superiority complex shit. Just for your information dumb ass, I have many connections to many influential people and if you ever happen to be caught sniffing crack or beating and raping some poor woman up or even just fucking going over the speed limit I will personally see to it that you will go to jail. In fact, I might just see the proceedings through for you. And if worse comes to worst for you, you will be facing my law associate who happens to be the best lawyer in the D.A! Got it, asshole?" she threatened as she held a frightening grip on his collar.

Ichigo on the other hand could not help bit stare in awe.

"She's right Kurosaki, actors can't escape the law even if they're special." Uryuu added.

Ichigo looked straight into those amethyst eyes, gulped thickly then nodded.

Her grip on his collar slackened. "Good..."

Then she walked back to the counter to tend to the coffee.

"Kurosaki, don't cross a Kuchiki. She may be more lenient than most Kuchikis you may have encountered but she is known to have a temper she has problems controlling. When Kuchikis get mad they ruin you corporately. Rukia Kuchiki is different. She will end you violently then legally. Or better yet, with a mug of steaming hot coffee." Uryuu stated.

Ichigo rolled his eyes then glanced at his plate of strawberry shortcake.

"Fine, now let's eat then get out of here. I have auditions for some show called 'Glee'..." he said while taking a sip of his hot chocolate.

"Glee? You can sing? And why the need for the auditions when you're such a big star." Uryuu asked amused.

"Knock it off." Ichigo said as he fake punched Uryuu on the arm. "To see if the role fits of course."

"Ok, I've heard that show you're auditioning for is a new TV musical thing but do you have any movies up in line?" he said discreetly holding his fountain pen.

"This is a secret so no articles okay? Well, I'm cast as the lead in Mr. Yamamoto's first film in a decade." Ichigo whispered.

Uryuu's eyes widened in shock.

"Director Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto! My God, this film will be epic. Care to divulge any details, for a film addict." Uryuu said while fixing his glasses.

"I was gonna tell you anyway. It's a samurai flick. I'm supposed to be Ryuusai Keichi. An arrogant but loyal genius Samurai working for the Shogun Gokuten. Then an army of Ronin breaches the castle and Keichi manages to stay alive and apprehends the traitor in the castle whilst slaying half of the Ronins. Apparently, the traitor was the supposedly loyal Samurai Nakamura Ryuuji, royal guard of the Shogun and Keichi is accused of being a traitor by the traitor. The shogun is convinced and has given an order to execute Keichi. Keichi manages to escape and becomes a fugitive."

"That's it?" Uryuu said showing signs of extreme disappointed.

"If you wanna know the rest, you'll have to wait." Ichigo teased. "And this movie is an Alternate Universe thing so there's a twist. Like the groups of Ronins are called The Shinigami, they have powers using this thing called Reiatsu. Like spiritual energy. Their katanas are called Zanpaktou. They have three forms, their normal state, Shikai is their unsealed form in the shape of whatever suits the owner and it's second form and ultimate level is Bankai."

Uryuu was amused. "I wouldn't expect anything less from Director Yamamoto." he said as he bit his cinnamon swirl.

"That man really is a living legend. We only filmed a few scenes so far and the man's a genius." Ichigo said while munching on his cake.

Then both men glanced at their watches.

"Shit!" Both exclaimed.

They ate their food frantically and stood up quickly. They were both mumbling about being late for something and abruptly exited the cafe.

"We'll be back soon because Kurosaki here loves your food." Uryuu said to Rukia in a rush and ran out of the cafe.

Ichigo scowled hard. "What the hell do you mean by that!" he angrily retorted towards Uryuu.

Then he looked back at Rukia. "Well... your hot chocolate is pretty good..." he said carefully hiding his embarrassment.

Then he abruptly exited the cafe.


A petite brown haired woman was walking down the busy street and was headed to her favorite place in this city. She was around five feet tall or so and she had chocolate brown eyes. Her hair was neatly kept in a bun and she seemed to be physically fit.

As she fixed her brown eyes on the door to her favorite place she witnessed to men rush out. One was tall, extremely handsome with an odd shade of orange. The other wasn't hot like the other one but he was pretty handsome himself. The cool type. And strangely, the one with tangerine hair looked familiar, very familiar.

They were both rushing as of they were late and the gorgeous one accidentally bumped into her.

"Ah!" she squeaked.

The man stopped for a sec, looked at her and spoke. "Sorry, watch yourself next time." he warned in an informal manner bur with sincerity. Then he ran off with his friend who briefly waited for him.

She could've sworn she heard the thinner one with glasses say something like "Hurry up, we can't have Ichigo Kurosaki be late for an audition!"

She blinked her eyes twice then pinched her cheek. "The one with orange hair can't possibly be that Ichigo Kurosaki. But he came out of Luna Cafe... I'll go ask Rukia then." she told herself.

Then she ran her merry way to her favorite place.


"Rukia!" a brown haired girl shouted as she slammed the open.

Rukia did not look surprised at all. She just sighed. "What now Momo?" she said as if answering Momo was a drag. She barely spared the girl a gland and was focused on cleaning the table of that infuriating actor and his awkward journalist friend.

"Those two guys that ran out of the cafe, who are they?" Momo said frantically.

"What, love at first sight again?" Rukia said sarcastically.

"No, the orange haired one looked familiar." Momo said as she took the seat nears the counter.

Rukia just smiled at her friend. Typical Momo. She got her friend a ready made mug of Chai Tea Latte and a quickly took two scoops of green tea ice cream.

"Here you go, your usual Tea flavored combo."

Rukia placed it on the table flawlessly.

"Thank you! Now don't go dodging the subject now Rukia." Momo relied with a watching look as she pointed a finger towards Rukia.

Rukia moved the finger away. "Yeah, yeah. I was gonna rant to you anyway." Rukia said.

Rukia went back to her comfy stool behind the counter, placed her elbows on the countertop and placed her head on her palms. "This morning, was supposed to be normal. Though I happened to get pissed because Renji happened to mention my love life."

"Why don't you just date Renji, he's hot. He's toned, looks like a bad boy but is the complete opposite. And he has a great personality as well as your childhood friend to boot." Momo interrupted Rukia and resumed her 'I'm profiling eligible bachelors' tone like she had always done upon giving Rukia the talk.

"I believe that when dating you must both be attracted to each other in more ways than one. The point is, this only works for one of us and that is him. I had never found myself attractive to him at all, though I have considered him to be an option." Rukia said in a businesslike fashion.

"Hey, at least you considered it."

"Yeah, now back to my rant. So I was pissed and while I was wallowing in my anger. I didn't notice that 'he' stepped into the room. He was acting like a robber or a kidnapper. He was covering my mouth and had me in some Karate hold so I couldn't move. He told me to shut up and help him hide. He even called me a bitch, especially midget. Eventually I decided to play along and he told me his name was Ichigo Kurosaki. Yes the actor. First I didn't believe him but he had tons of proof. After much arguing with said dumb ass, I managed to get him to hide upstairs. Then the paparazzi came like a stampede except on journalist came in. He was different cause he was actually smarter than the rest and he was actually friends with Kurosaki. So the idiot went down, said hi to his little crony and ate some of my food. Though it was funny to watch him deny he liked it. Apparently, I overheard his conversation. He's gonna audition for that new show Glee. Rukia ranted.

"Glee? Isn't that the show where you-"

"Exactly." Rukia interrupted. "Oh, he is so gonna get it." Rukia stated evilly. "And the new movie he was starring in. My brother loves the director and that movie's that director's come back movie in ten years. You know what happened when brother actually likes something." Rukia said maliciously.

Momo giggled." You must loathe Ichigo Kurosaki. Seriously, you have no mercy for celebrities."

"You are questioning a former lawyer?" Rukai said using her interrogative tone.

"I'm a psychiatrist honey."

"So this is in your line of work?" still going with the interrogative tone.

"Yes, if it's you. So do you think he's hot?"


"The actor."


"Come one just admit it, I've known you for sixteen years."

"Maybe a little..." Rukia mumbled.

"I can't hear you!" Momo mocked.

"Fine! He's er- cute... A cute dumb ass though, especially when he blushes. He's like an adorable ten year old with a crush on the prettiest girl in class."

"And are you the prettiest girl in class?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out."

"I don't even need to think about it Rukia."

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