Note: It was just going to be a short little paragraph (previous chapter) but i couldn't help but want to write this little story to go with it! enjoy! tell me..did you like it?

There has to be something wrong with me right? I mean my favorite color is the color of someone's hair! On top of it all, I don't even know this person. I had seen him on the street a couple of times. He was always with this kid with a head that resembled a triangle. I would find myself following him, like a stalker. I couldn't help it; I was strangely attracted to him.

Maybe if I were to just meet him. Maybe then it wouldn't be that weird.

Oh who am I kidding? It is and always will be insane! But maybe, if I meet him it wouldn't be that weird. Just one problem...where am I supposed to find him?

I drove my car over into the parking lot. I found a parking five rows away from the mall entrance; I parked, deciding it would be the best spot I could find. I had decided to head towards the mall. It is where all the normal teenagers hang out, but considering how his hair is blue, I think he is anything but normal.

Once I entered the mall, I realized it was going to be really hard to find him, if I ever do. People were crossing my path and shoving me, there were so many people I was starting to feel Closter-phobic. I turned my head around a couple of times, looking for blue. I saw blue jeans, blue caps, blue shirts, blue shoes, blue jackets, but not one blue strand of hair.

I was losing hope and feeling sick, I had been wandering the mall aimlessly for about three hours. I was about to call it a night when something caught my eye. A triangle, if he was here then his friend must be around here too. The triangle kid was walking towards my direction. My heart traveled up to my stomach when I saw who was at his side. His blue hair looked shinier and fuller than ever. It is the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen.

I tried to move my feet, but they wouldn't budge. I was gaping at him and he saw me. Our eyes meet and I could help this feeling of deja vu. The look on his face said he was feeling it too. He stopped walking, and when I saw his stance I instantly remembered him. He wasn't a stranger at all. In fact he was the kid who had a crush on me when we younger. He was the man of action. He was the guy I kind of liked through my first years of high school. I would run into him every now and then in the halls. He had skipped a lot of school and last I heard he was in college. He walked towards me and just stared, like he use to. I couldn't find my voice, I wanted to tell him. Tell him I loved his new hair. Tell him I missed him when he left school; tell him I would love to hang out with him some time. I'm glad I didn't; glad because he would think me a freak. The only thing I could say, "Ferb?"

His voice was deeper, sexier, and his accent was just as thick. "Vanessa?"