Mario, Toad, and Luigi were stopping by Princess Peach's castle for a visit. "Mario, do I need to come along every time you want to go see your girlfriend?" Luigi complained. He liked Peach, but sometimes Luigi thought she talked way too much. Mario rolled his eyes at his younger brother. "Oh shut up Luigi, she said her cousin Daisy would be there too so you also get to see your girlfriend!" He reminded Luigi. "Yeah yeah... at least Daisy will be there." Luigi muttered, anticipating getting to see his girlfriend again.

Toad seemed rather happy for some reason. "Toad why are you so happy?" Mario asked him. "Oh I'm happy because... well I don't know, I just feel really happy today." Toad replied.

"Okay... I'll pretend that's not creepy..." Mario mumbled. Soon, the three friends reached Princess Peach's castle. Mario rang the doorbell, and Peach answered. She smiled the moment she saw Mario. "Mario! I'm glad you could make it!" She greeted him, kissing him on the cheek. Mario smiled. "It was my pleasure to come, Princess." He replied.

Even though Peach was his girlfriend, Mario still had a habit of calling her by her royal title. "So is Daisy here yet?" Luigi interrupted. "No, but she'll be here soon Luigi." Peach explained.

"Oh okay." Luigi said. "Let's go play Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party!" Toad suggessted. "Oh that's a good idea Toad, I just got that game yesterday! We can play multiplayer mode together! And I also baked some cookies if any of you want a snack." Peach agreed. She let her friends inside and they went to the castle living room to play with the Wii.

They connected the Wii remotes and began playing together. Mario was kicking everyone's ass in the game, he kept winning everything. Toad kept losing, he was bad at the video game.

"Damn it, I went into the wrong black hole!" Luigi groaned in frustration as he accidentally made his rabbid fly into the black hole that was harder to get through. "Peach look out, there's an asteroid right in front of your rabbid!" Toad warned Princess Peach. She made her rabbid fly out of the way just in time before it got hit. "That was close, I almost got-aw crap." She muttered as her rabbit hit a spaceship part and lost some points. "I'm winning!" Mario cheered.

Suddenly, in the middle of the game, the doorbell rang. "Oh that must be Daisy!" Peach exclaimeed as she paused the game and went to go answer the door. "YAY DAISY!" Luigi stated as he followed Peach. Mario and Toad stayed behind and waited for them to return. "So Toad, what kind of mushrooms taste the best to you? Blue, red, or green ones?" Mario asked.

"I like the green ones, they taste like apples." Toad said. "Yeah but the red ones taste like cherries." Mario remarked. "And the blue ones... I think they taste like mangos." Said Toad.

"Okay now that makes no sense... I thought they tasted like blueberries." Mario told him. "Oh yeah, I was thinking about the orange mushrooms." Toad remembered. The two heard a mixture of voices coming from the hallway leading into the living room, and they faced in that direction, expecting to see Luigi, Peach, and Daisy emerge from the hallway.

Luigi, Peach, and Daisy were there alright, but so was someone else. The fourth person standing with their friends looked much younger then everyone else. She was about Mario's height, and had blue eyes and reddish brown hair likes Daisy. The girl was wearing a purple top and a black skirt, along with some black boots and a crown. Her crown was made of gold and had a flower on it, just like on Daisy's crown, except the center of the flower on the girl's crown was purple instead of green likes Daisy's.

The girl looked to be in her early teen years, and she was also wearing a pair of fingerless black gloves and a ruby pendant around her neck. She looked oddly similar to Daisy.

"Hi guys!" Daisy greeted her friends. "Uh, hi Daisy." Mario said back. "Hello!" Toad replied, waving at her happily. "Guys, I'd like you to meet my other cousin, Daisy's little sister Coco." Peach announced, introducing the young girl to everyone. "Hey, what's up everyone." Coco introduced herself. "Wait, this kid's your sister Daisy? I thought she was like a friend of yours or something, you never told me you had a sister!" Luigi remarked. "That's because she didn't live with me until now, she lived with our mom and dad." Daisy explained.

"Why isn't she still living with your parents?" Mario asked out of curiousity. "Oh they thought they were babying her too much, and they wanted to let her be more free like me. So when she turned thirteen, our mom and dad sent her to stay with me. She's kind of quiet when you first meet her, but she's really nice once you get to know her." Daisy exclaimed.

"Yeah, Coco's a sweet girl! Sometimes she can be a little bitter, but most of the time she's the nicest cousin you could ever ask for!" Peach added. "Thanks cousin Peach!" Coco said.

"Hey Peach, I thought I was the nicest cousin you could ever ask for!" Daisy retorted, feeling jealous. "Don't worry Daisy, you're both the nicest cousins I could ever ask for!" Peach exclaimed. "Okay then! So, what are we doing here?" Daisy questioned. "Oh we're just playing Raving Rabbids TV Party." Luigi told her. "Oh I'm really good at that game!" Coco interrupted. "Really Coco? Because nobody can beat my brother Mario at videogames." Luigi told her. "Wait, so you're the Mario and Luigi heroes everyone tells me about?" Coco asked.

Luigi and Mario nodded. "Cooooool! Daisy you never said your boyfriend was a hero! And bring it on Mario, I'll kick your ass in any videogame!" Coco remarked. "Coco don't curse like that!" Peach scolded her cousin. "Yeah it's not good to curse." Toad added. Coco shrugged. "Eh, everybody curses." Coco said as she picked up a wii remote.

They started a new game, it was Mario verses Coco in the ultimate videogame showdown. Mario wasn't about to let his ass get kicked by a thirteen year old, and when they first started out playing, he was winning. But then, Coco found a way to get more points then him and she was winning. "Go Coco, feed the walrus the steaks! You got the super steak!" Daisy cheered. Coco kept feeding steaks to the walrus while Mario struggled to keep up.

In the end, Coco won the game while Mario was defeated. "YAY I WON! Good game Mario!" Coco cheered, shaking hands with Mario. Mario was annoyed that he was beaten by a thirteen year old girl, but he still smiled and shook her hand back. "Good game kid." He answered.

The group was just about to start another game, when the unthinkable happened. You guessed it-Bowser decided to be a jackass and drop by the Princesses castle. He didn't even bother to use the door, he just busted down the wall and roared ferociously at everyone. "HOLY SH*T IT'S BOWSER!" Peach shrieked. "Damn right it's me! Hey who's the new Princess?" Bowser questioned.

"That's my sister." Daisy said timidly. "Your sister hey?" Bowser muttered, walking up to Coco and looking her in the eye. This intimidated the young girl.

"Young lady, what is your name?" Bowser asked her. "C-Coco." Coco replied rather fearfully. "Coco, what a pretty name. You'll make a great babysitter for my son Jr." Bowser exclaimed, snatching Coco up and running off with her. "HELP ME SOMEONE!" Coco shrieked.

Mario and Luigi were just about to take off after Bowser, when they were surrounded by Hammer Brothers who began throwing hammers at them.

They got bruised up, and one hammer hit Luigi in the head, knocking him unconcious. Some Koopa Troopas came in and picked Luigi up, then they carried him away in the direction Bowser went. Mario, who was becoming weaker from the hammer bludgeoning, fell to the ground. Two more Koopa Troopas came in and carried him away too. "SO LONG SUCKAS!" Toad shouted as he tried to make a run for it, leaving the two princesses behind.

Unfortunatley, a Hammer Brother caught up with him and tackeled him to the ground. "SH*T!" Toad yelled in frustration as the Hammer Brother carried him away too. A few more Hammer Brothers came and seized the two remainging princesses, much to their displeasure.

"Let us go this instance!" Peach ordered the Hammer Brothers. "Sorry Princess, King Bowser has given us strict orders to keep you all imprisoned." One of the Hammer Brothers said to her. "LET US GO OR ELSE I'LL-OW!" Daisy began saying before a Hammer Brother smacked her in the face. "Shut up Princess Talk-a-lot." He ordered her. Daisy and PEach kept quiet as they were carried off to Bowser's castle with their friends.

None of them has any idea of the adventure that would happen next.

To be continued...