Everyone else quickly peeked around the corner, and just as Lemmy had said, Bowser was there. The aformentioned koopa king was walking down the corridor, speaking with two koopa troopas about the plans for his "wedding" to Peach, unaware that our heroes were watching him.

"And so at the wedding I want there to be some bats instead of doves, and Peach's wedding gown has to be black! Oh oh and I want a big ass devils food cake, that's an order! Also, you go find some epic band or some musicians to play at the wedding okay? Good, now all we need are the bridesmaids and groomsmen, my kids can serve as those and-kids? What are you doing here? And what's with the captives walking around with you!" Bowser exclaimed as he rounded the corner and saw his kids and their new friends.

"Uh... PIE IN YOUR FACE!" Mario said as he took some random pie he found and threw it at Bowser's face. The koopa king was momentarily confused, and the two koopa troopas were too busy laughing to notice everyone make a bolt down the corridor. "Keep going, we're almost to the gardens!" Roy exclaimed as everyone ran with him.

Meanwhile, Bowser, who had realized what had happened, had wiped the pie off of his face. He casted an angry glare at the two laughing koopa troopas. "SHUT UP!" He roared at them.

The koopa troopas shut their mouths instantly, fearing the monstorous king. "Well don't just stand there you fools, we have to go catch up with them! All of my children will pay dearly for helping the prisoners and the princesses escape!" Bowser ordered them as her began stomping off in the direction his kids ran in. The koopa troopas started after him, trying their best to keep up with the king. "Run faster everyone, he's catching up with us!" Princess Peach warned everyone.

The group ran even faster, following Roy, who was leading everyone. "We're almost there, we just have to turn this corner and then we-HOLY SHIT MAN!" Roy screamed in suprise.

Bowser and the koopa troopas had probably taken a shortcut or something, because they were standing in front of the door to the garden, blocking the gang's escape route. "How dare you children disobey me! You are all going to be locked in your rooms without dinner tonight for punishment once I get my sweet Peach back!" Bowser exclaimed. Coco, who for some reason felt braver then she usually was, walked straight up to Bowser and looked him in the eyes.


Bowser was suprised by the girls vocabulary, as were the Mario bros, Toad, and Coco's cousin and sister. But the Koopalings however were laughing their asses off, thinking that Coco cussing their dad out was pretty amusing. "OH YOU PWNED HIM WITH WORDS!" Larry laughed. "HAHAHAHA KILL IT WITH FIRE!" Lemmy randomly said.

"Oooooh you got burned man!" Roy teased Bowser. Apparently the King of Koopas didn't find this ordeal very entertaining, as he let out a ferocious roar and attacked Coco.

Coco screamed and defended herself as Bowser started fist fighting with her. "YOU ALL NEED TO BE TAUGHT LESSONS! DON'T JUST STAND THERE YOU IDIOTS, HELP ME WITH THIS STUPID BRAT WHO CAN'T BEHAVE HERSELF!" Bowser demanded the koopa troopas. The two koopa troopas nodded and joined in on the fight.

Coco, who still had her weapon, was having a bit of a difficult time trying to fend off the koopa king and his two helpers. She kept punching at them and swinging her weapon, but it was getting hard for the small girl to fight them. "Help me guys!" She called out to her friends. "We'll help you Coco! Luigi, Toad, Ludwig, and Morton! You help me take down the king, the rest of you Koopalings take down the koopa troopas, and princesses, you two try and open the door to the gardens!" Mario ordered everyone.

He and Luigi jumped onto Bowser and started attacking him. Toad bit his tail and Ludwig and Morton both spun into him while inside of their potentially lethal sharp, spiney shells.

Bowser growled at them in anger and started to try and attack them back, but he was outnumbered. The rest of the Koopalings had started going at the koopa troopas, hitting them with their shells and weapons. Peach and Daisy scrambeled over to the doors leading out to the garden, which with much effort they were able to pry open.

Eventually, Mario and the others had managed to beat Bowser up to the extent that he was unconcious, and the Koopalings seemed to have killed both of the Koopa Troopas.

Coco had gotten away from the struggle, and had joined her cousin and sister by the door. The Koopalings, mario brothers, and Toad followed her. "Well, I think that we've stopped them for the moment... well those two appear to be dead... so we've stopped them forever and stopped Bowser for the moment!" Luigi exclaimed. Toad nodded. "Let's get the hell out of here before something else happens!" He suggested. "Yeah, we should do that. To the clown car!" Iggy exclaimed.

He ran out into the gardens and hopped into the giant flying veichle. Iggy took the controls and started up the engine. "Come on guys! Hurry up, let's go!" Iggy called back to them.

They did what he said and hurried over. Mario hopped into the clown car with Peach in his arms, and Luigi threw Daisy inside (much to Daisy's annoyance) before hopping in himself. Then Ludwig jumped in, followed by Morton, Wendy, Lemmy, Toad, Larry, and Junior. "Come on Coco!" Roy said as he grabbed Coco in his arms and hopped inside. "Iggy, everyone's in! Step on it man!" Ludwig ordered his little brother. Iggy nodded and started flying the clown car away and up into the sky.

Everyone looked over the edge of the huge veichle, taking in the beautiful sight of the ground below them. They were soaring through the air over the edge of the musrhoom kingdom now, and they had just left Darkland.

"Thank you all for saving us, let's head to my castle for cake!" Peach exclaimed. "YAY CAKE!" Everyone said happily. Coco smiled, she wondered what would happen next in the mushroom kingdom. Though it had been frightening to be trapped at Kastle Koopa, she was glad she had been taken there because if she hadn't, she wouldn't have met her new friends and boyfriend. Coco kissed Roy on the cheek as they landed at the castle.

Everyone hopped out of the clown car with their luggage and hurried off to the kitchen with Peach, excited to have some cake.

The End