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Ch. 1

Room 57

*Hinata pov*

"Hey Hinata." Someone called my name and I looked up. It was the blond woman Tsunade. She gave me a gentle gaze. "You get Gaara."

I shuddered and a few of the other volunteers whispered.

I was here to volunteer at the mental hospital. I really didn't feel like spending the rest of my summer at home. When I say the flyer asking for volunteers, it seemed a like a good choice. This hospital held all typed, but the most famous person whispered among the staff was the boy in Room 57. Gaara.

He was famous for his dark poetry, his dark room, love of dark poetry and gory art, his murderous ways were even more infamous. I sighed as Tsunade handed me the key to his room with a reassuring pat on my shoulder. "Don't be scared."

How could she say that? The last people to help him ended up in the hospital. Again I sighed as she headed down the line to give other's their charges. We were like house cleaners, friends, someone to talk to and help them heal. To bring them out of their shells.

"Hey Hinata." My pink haired friend whispered to me. I turned my pale eyes to her own green ones. "It may not be bad." I gave her a small smile.

"S-sure?" I stuttered, playing with my fingers.

"Are you kidding?" Ino said to us from the other side of Sakura. "I herd her goes nuts and then goes on a killing rampage." Ino said, blue eyes wide. I trembled and took deep gasping breaths to keep from fainting. Sakura pinched Ino in the arm and gave me a nervous smile.

She opened her mouth to say something.

"Okay, you can go to your charges now." Tsunade called. Sakura left me with an encouraging smile and a light pat on my shoulder as she left. I watched her disappear in the crowd. With a sad sigh I walked up the stairs of the apartment like complex and looked for the number 57 on the doors. I sighed when I saw it. There was a window facing out but I couldn't see inside because of the black curtains. The door was a dark green like the tress that surrounded our 57 blared at me mockingly in gold. I placed the key in the door and with a deep breath, walked in.

The room was dark. Dark, cold, scary. What was the word? Foreboding. I shivered and walked in deeper. There was a light in the tiny kitchen slightly to my right ahead of my, it shone on the floor. I shuddered and my breaths were coming out raged and I reached for my inhaler in my pocket. I had asthma, bad asthma, this is why I didn't fit in with my strong healthier family.

"Go away." A cold voice came behind me. I jumped with a yelp and turned.

The light was instantly turned on blinding me for a minuet and I dropped my inhaler. The blood red hair stood out first, then cold glaring sea green eyes and a kanji 'love' tattoo. He stood near the door. Gaara.

"Go." He said again. I shivered his look icy cold. I shook my head and bent down for my inhaler. By now, my breath hurt my lungs and I felt like a fish out of water. I would faint soon if this kept up. I looked at the floor reaching my hand this way and that for my inhaler. I couldn't find it! Where was it! I panicked and fell over, I saw feet in black tennis shoes by my head before the world turned black.

*Gaara POV*

She fell to the floor with a small thump. Her body crashing down. I could hear her ragged breathing racking at her small body. I bent down and reached under the bed for what I saw fall down there. In my hand was a blue inhaler. So she had asthma.

The sooner I got her out of here the better. I just wanted to be on my own and sulk in the dark not letting out the other me. I carefully lifted her up. He body seemed so fragile, how could I not? I placed the inhaler to her soft pink lips and pressed the inhaler down. A small squirt sounded when she took in a breath. I lifted away the inhaler and she slowly began to breathe better. I carried her to my bed with its sandy sheets and placed her on top of the covers.

She just had an asthma attack, so she may be out for a few. I sat down and picked up my sketch book. The pencil started to move as I looked at her sleeping form, She turned on her side curling up into a small protective ball with a small pleased smile on her face. So tiny you could barely see it. I drew her, I felt compelled to. Something about her was just so soft compared to me, gentle and innocent, almost painfully so that it made me want to crush it. But at the same time, protect it.

I shook my head. What was I thinking? I couldn't begin to understand it. Feelings, they were confusing, and I'll I knew were the dark ones. Those made perfect sense to me.

"Mmmnn," She mumbled, her small smile turning into a frown as she started to wake up. One of those to who dreams were kind to but reality was cruel. She opened her pale lavender eyes and stared at me for a minuet, not fully understanding what happened. When she did she sat up straight like a board.

"Um." She started.

"Leave now." I said before she could finish. She tilted her head like a young confused kitten.

"S-sorry G-Gaara!" She said bowing her head, her long dark indigo hair flowing down on the bed in rivulets. I growled, that annoying stuttering! She was a weakling no doubt. She looked up at me, a small blush on her cheeks, but most surprising was the determined look in her eyes. "I-I wont l-lea-ve." She stuttered softly but firmly.

I stood, placing down the sketch book and walked over to her. With my hands on the bed I was soon right over her, backing her up to the wall as she clutched nervously at my bed sheets. Her breath becoming hard and raged again.

"You're scared." She shuddered when my breath hit her cheek. That's how close I was. And my blood boiled at the feeling of being so close, her small neck, how easily it would fit in my hands. Quickly I shook my head standing up straight. I held my head, the pain excruciating and unbearable.

"Go!" I growled at her pointing to the door. 'Get out before you're killed. Like everyone else.' I fell to my knee's, holding my head in pain.

"G-Gaara?" She gasped. The bed creaked when she got off of it. I figured she would make a run for it. Wouldn't anyone run from the crazy red head muttering to himself about blood? But no, she crouched by me and ever so gently wrapped me in a hug.

It was a strange warmth I wasn't familiar with. She held me, her arms so soft, her breath slowly calming and she shuddered just a bit.

"I-it's okay G-Gaara-san." She cooed softly like a lullaby. "It-s o-okay."

Slowly I pushed her away regetingly. "You…" She blushed suddenly and bowed her head.

"S-sorry G-Gaara-s-an!" He hair again fell over her face, "Y-you, it s-seemed li-ke you w-were i-in pain. I couldn't l-leave y-you like t-that." She whispered and looked up at me.

"Just go for today." I said coolly with a sigh. She looked down again, sad and disheartened. "And if you're coming back tomorrow bring some food for my kitchen." At that, her head shot up with a huge smile spread across her face and a deep blush.

She stood and went to the door. "Even be-tter, I-I'll bring y-you s-some food today, a-and ma-make you d-diner." She beamed at me and walked out the door. I heard her feet walk away with soft patters. Leaving me behind to stare at the closed door.

Slowly I made my way to the bed, picking up the sketch book as I walked. When I fell to the bed with a thump, I looked at the drawing. It was done in soft colors of the sleeping girl. The kind of sweet picture I've never drawn before, not menacing or disturbing, but sweet. Her small hidden smile on her face shone brightly to me.

*Hinata POV*

As soon as I was a few blocks away, I collapsed on the sidewalk. That had scared me stiff. But I couldn't leave him like that, it wasn't in my nature. Weak as everyone calls me, I could never leave anyone who was hurt like that. Still, it did scare me.

I sighed and decided to get up and get what I promised. Only to find that I couldn't get up. My legs were frozen stiff in shock.

"Come o-on." I whispered encouragingly to my shaking legs, "j-just stand a l-little." All in vain as I still could not get up!

"Yo Hinata!" Yelled a gruff voice from behind me.

I turned my head to see non other than Kiba. His red fang tattoo's on his cheeks, scruffy brown hair and kind eyes. Today he wasn't wearing his gray jacket but a black shirt.

"K-Kiba" I sighed with relief as he walked up to me.

"What are you doing on the ground?" He asked. My lip began to shake and I fought hard to keep the tears at bay as my face heated up.

"I-I cant g-get u-p." I explained.

He tilted his head in a puppy like manor of confusion. He laughed lightly and held out his hand, I gratefully took it as he helped me up. Placing his hand lightly on my side he helped me stay up till I could on my own.

"Thanks K-Kiba-kun." I blushed.

"No prob." He gave me a doggish grin.

"W-what are y-you d-doing h-here?" I asked. He doesn't live in the direction.

"Oh!" He laughed. "My mom made me do that volunteer thing remember?" He said, I nodded my head. "Well I took Akumaru and he ran off."


"We got this ADHD and probably ADD blond kid. No idea why he is there, always so happy and hyper. He chased Akumaru off when he suggested we dye him orange." I giggled. Naruto was as famous as Gaara, but for other more annoying reasons. He just seemed lonely to me.

"Why are you here?" Kiba asked changing the subject. I gulped. "I hear you got Gaara, he kick you out or something?" He growled slightly. Kiba was like an over protecting brother, him and Shino. And my art teacher as well. They were like a family away from my family, except kinder than my own kin. Except Neji, he was still cool to me, but he did care.

"Ga-Gaara dosn-'t h-have food at h-his h-ome." I stuttered, pressing my index fingers together in a nervous habit.

"Oh." He calmed down a bit. "Well, I'll walk you up till I get to the park, most likely Akumaru is hiding out there."
I laughed and reached into my pocket and pulled out some jerky I had from early today.

"G-give him t-this." I handed it to Kiba who took a happy bit out of it a placed it in his poket.

"You spoil us to much." He said with such a serious expression I started to laugh again.

"Hey!" He yelled suddenly causing me to jump and my breath got caught for a minuet. "Akumaru!"

I turned to see where Kiba was pointing, Akumaru was running away, after an orange cat. I nodded to Kiba and he gave me a thankful smile as he ran off after his canine friend.


I knocked before I came back to the room, the sun hanging low in the sky. Carfully placing my foot over the small imaginary barrier, I walked in. The lights were on now and Gaara was reading on his bed.

His sea green opaque eyes stared into my own shy ones. I blushed and headed to the small kitchen.

"I go-t f-food." I just bought some cheese pizza for dinner, I'd make him lunch tomorrow. "Cheese f-filled c-crust." He walked into the kitchen and began to help me put up the food silently.

"We'll eat after." I sighed in happy relief. Glad he wasn't mad. He stared at one bag curiously. It wasn't from the store, but from an art store instead. He gave me a small questioning look.

"I s-saw t-hat y-your pen-cils-"

"Don't stutter, it's weak." He growled. I looked down and took a deep breath to calm down. The bag rustled as he picked it up. I looked up at him, he had yet to open it, waiting for an answer.

"I saw that y-" I stoped to take a breath, to calm my nerves and to try and stop from stuttering, but it was taking all I had. "your p-encils" again I took another shaky breath, "were s-small." I gasped out and leaned against the wall as if physically exhausted.

He looked into the bag and held out the new set of pencils I grabbed him.

"Um." He didn't seem to know what to say. I smiled understanding that and glad he liked them. He held them close to him and carefully placed them on the counter. "Thanks." He said unsure of himself.

"L-lets e-eat Garra-k-kun." I blushed and went to the small table he had in his room, sitting down in a deep brown chair and he sat across from me. We ate in silence, occasionally curiosity getting the better of us as we asked each other some questions.

"You part of the Hyuga clan?"

"Y-yes." Munch

Munch. "Why you spending your summer here in the crazy house." Growl

"D-don't wanna b-be h-home." Munch

He nodded and dropped the subject.



"S-so do y-you mi-nd if I c-come b-ack tomorrow?" I whispered, fidgeting with my hands.

"Isn't it your job." Munch

"I-I uumm," I started, "want u-us to b-be fr-iends."

He looked up at me with his cold glare.

"Come back tomorrow, but I make no promise of friends."

I nodded with a small sigh. We were getting somewhere. After we were done eating and I helped clean up I started to walk out the door when someone grabbed my arm.


He handed me something in my hand and shut the door. In the dimming light of the setting sun I saw the picture in my hand. It was me, sleeping peacefully on his bed with a small smile on my face, and even the blush on my cheeks. This was a picture of me, but why draw it? I looked at the green door, there was a lonely boy behind that door.

"Gaara." I whispered into the fading sun.


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