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Always Love

In the moonlight
Your face it glows
Like a thousand diamonds
I suppose
And your hair flows like
The ocean breeze
Not a million fights
Could make me hate you
You're invincible
Yeah, It's true
It's in your eyes
Where I find peace

Is it broken?
Can we work it out?
Let's light up the town, scream out loud!
Is it broken?
Can we work it out?
I can see in your eyes
You're ready to break
Don't look away.


The world started to make a weird sort of sense after Kurenai talked to me. I laid in bed that night, staring at my new pretty white ceiling. My thoughts racing between Kiba and Gaara. But I came to an understanding.

What everyone else wanted, what I wanted. What I do and don't do. It was making me miserable. I was always trying to please, always. Maybe that's why I couldn't completely heal my shattered heart. Because I wasn't doing what it wanted me to. I was causing myself pain, and that wasn't right.

The moon shone on my face through the new purple curtains like that light bulb shone in my mind. My heart had been beating, aching, for one. One certain red head. Even thinking of his gaze, looking straight at me, made me blush. I twirled around and around on my bed, getting tangled in the clean blue covers that smelled of fabreeze, a blush on my face and my hands balled into fits with tight holds on the blankets.

In my thoughts to please others, the instant he had left me, I let him. I let him walk out because I was afraid. Afraid it was me that pushed him away, afraid that he didn't care, afraid. Even though I loved him. Loved the way his blood red hair seemed always a little messy, and his green eyes spoke all his emotions, the way he said my name, how he held me, even if just briefly. I had instantly fallen for him.

When I went out with Kiba, it was because he had this look. He loved me. His brown eyes wide and caring and wanting and needing. He needed to be my hero, he always had been, he wanted to be by my side, more than a friend. And I loved him to. I couldn't count the ways he stood by me. I just didn't love him that way. He didn't make my heart beat like a drum on some new high for him.

So I knew what I had to do. Even if it all but broke my already healing heart, I had to. I would never fully be happy. I was scared again. I couldn't chicken out. But I was so afraid. That after I took this chance, in the end, no one may be waiting to hold me again. It would burn them.

So I turned to face the wall, away from the window and it's moonlight. Snuggling into my covers, I fell asleep and dreamed, with a pray on my lips. This night fool moon was left to watch my tossing and turning figure.


I was back! Back home, back to see Hinata. Back to see my lovely girl. The grin on my face was huge, so huge I ended up scrunching my eyes. I was damn way too happy.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I went over any details. It was 9:20 and I would be meeting Hinata soon in out spot. Akamaru whined outside the batheroom door.

"I can't wait to kiss her! She's so soft and her lips are like my own drug. Or maybe it's like pie..." My stomach growled and I glared at myself in the mirror. Brown eyes tumbled from happiness to a sudden hungriness. For Hinata or food, I'm not entirely sure. "Breakfast," I looked down at my clothes as I opened the door to see a drooling, probably equally hungry white dog, "And I got my jacket and pants on, I'm all set!"

One outside with a jelly covered toast, I ran through the yards of our neighbors, mostly family, with their furry companions yapping at me in the chilly morning air with the smell of bacon raising from half the houses on the block. Akamaru rushed beside me and I felt ecstatic. Nothing could tear me down today.


When he arrived, I was so prepared to just yell it at him, my nerves already on fritz. But then he tripped over a branch, falling flat on his face that had a small jelly stain, and Akmmaru just jumped over him and dog glomped me; I couldn't do it. And I started to laugh as if we would do this daily routine forever.

"Do it Hinata! Don't cower out!"

"Hey Hinata-hime!" Kiba looked at me with his happy brown eyes and his big grin that his nose crinkle just ever so cutely.

"H-hi Kiba." I blushed as he stood and hugged me tight to his chest so that I could feel his body against my own. I had to say it! But every time I looked into his face, his eyes, I was reminded of everything.

The sleepless nights, the tears, and the years before that when it was just him and me. How could I ever think to do this to him? How?

"I really missed you." He leaned into me and whispered into my ears, sending an uncomfortable chill down my body.

He leaned away and there was just so much love in his eyes. I wanted to break down and cry. That eternal knife was pressing into me again, and I wonder briefly if he could feel it stabbing out my heart and my stomach.

Kiba leaned his face in closer, eyes glazed with love and wanting. He wanted to kiss me. And here I stood, dumb and stupid, speechless. I had to tell him! But my mouth wouldn't open. And suddenly the green trees seemed suffocating the piney smells gagging the slippery grass entirely to slick the sounds of birds and bugs and Akamaru trolling about was to load and the city of in the distance to far. He leaned in and kissed me, smelling like Kiba, of earth and the comfort of dogs, always in a good way.

I never kissed back.

Something in him noticed, noticed that I didn't kiss back. Noticed that I wasn't falling into him with my embarrassment at such a kiss that left my lips tingling from the intensity of his pure feelings alone.

He gave me this confused look, eyes shadowed by the trees and morning sun.

"Hinata?" His voice sounded small.

I had to tell him. I had to! "Hinata spit it out!"

"K-Kiba, Kiba I- I..." What do I do?

"You what?"

"I h-ha..."

"You hu?

I glanced around frantically, eyes darting around like a scared rabbit. Then I took a deep breath, stared him in his confused brown eyes and told him the truth.

"Kiba, I d-d-d," I took another deep breath. "Don't love you."


All I could do was stand their in shock. The world seemed to have gone silent, but I looked at her earnest face, so scared and frightened, pale eyes wide on her cute face which was red with effort, she seemed so scared. As if I would slap her. Even if the thought had never occurred to me. But she stared in my eyes, and I knew she spoke the truth. And stupidly, all I could do was fall flat on my butt with a thud to the hard ground.

Never had it felt so hard before, where the grass had been soft, no it was rock. Where the breeze had shifted comfortably, now it stung me. The sun burnt me, and the clears skies, I wish they would rain so I could cry and scream into the storm.

"K-Kiba!" She asked in her small quiet voice, filled with worry. She fell to her knees beside me and I inwardly winced as they slammed into the ground with a thwack! Then I felt ashamed at that small little glee in me knowing that she would have painful bruises from that.

"Stupid! How could you be happy about that!"

I didn't really know I was crying until Hinata started to cry with me. Her sobs shook her hands that held my shoulders. Instinctively I pulled her to me and the hurt of her words came back to me. 'I don't love you.' Oh I'm sure she said them, and I wanted to push her away, it burned, but instead I found myself holding her closer, my head in her long blue vanilla smelling hair.

"Why!" I asked, squeezing her to my body painfully, my nails daring to dig into her shoulders that I had somehow wrapped my arms around. I was barely aware of Akamaru whining besides us. "Why?"

"I d-do l-l-lo-o-ve you!" She sobbed. "J-just not l-like th-hat." She leaned into me. "P-please, I'm s-sorry K-Kiba!"

I didn't answer. Just let go so that the two of us sat across from each other. She still sat on her knees, and me on my butt with Akamaru climbing in between us, his furry head darting from me to her. I wiped my tears on my black shirt and she tried to ride herself of her own.

"Then why?" But I remembered why. I saw that look at Gaara, I saw her wistful sighs, that reaction to the red head. I had known all along and refused to believe. Hoping I could take that part in her heart. Who was I kidding but me?

She shook her head back in forth as if tryng to rid herself of some bad thought. "I t-tried, I t-tried to be yours." She looked at me with that honest face. "I d-did Kiba." She shuffled.

"B-but you deserve b-better. Some-eone who w-want's you Kiba." She looked down at her hands and sobbed. "I w-wanted to t-tell Gaara the truth to."

She turned away and I saw a stray tear, but I found myself mute. Mouth open wide like an idiot, just waiting to catch some flies.

"I do l-love you Kiba, y-you're my br-rother." She looked at me once before turning to walk away. "I u-under-rstand if y-you," please no! She was crying again, "d-don't want t-to see me a-anymore."

Akamaru whined after her and she sent him a sad smile before running off. disappearing into the thick greens. I fell on my back with a thump. She loved me like a brother. But she loved me. And could I accept that?

I pushed for this, this relationship. Or was it her? Who did what. I wanted to cry again, but I found my brown eyes dry. Akamaru nuzzled next to me in his way of comfort and I turned to hug him. I did love her. Oh I did! I do! I buried my face in Akamaru fur. And I knew she loved him.

It's wasn't me who could heal her or take that sport, it was only him and I knew it from the get go. And she did try, I knew that too. How I wanted to hate Hinata in that moment. But every time I tried, I was reminded of us. Her. As a small child in school whom the bullies loved to tease and push around and her crying on the ground with sad pale eyes, that little girl who clung to my arm and hand and coat because I was her first real friend and her hero and her eyes went from sad to admiration and friendship, and as we got older, the days we spent together. Movies, parks, school, laughs and tears and truths. I found some type of peace with her, I found I loved her. She was my princess.

And I could never hate Hinata.


I had been dreaming, dozing lightly after Aoi woke me up with her constant tweet tweet. It was of Hinata. Of that night we shared the bed and she glowed with celestial beauty. How she slept there, innocent and sweet. How soft she was.

The Aoi woke me up again. Always tweet tweeting away. I sighed and opened my eyes to my sparse room. The green walls looked at me with a bare face, the tv was off and the few little beanbag chair I had for comfort look deflated. My table sat alone in a corner, with three chairs around it, next to it the book shelf with old sketch books and other books plus my gray radio on top. My drawer beside my gray bed held my new pencils, sketchbook and that one perfect drawing of Hinata.

I groaned when bright sun hit my eyes. Damn Naruto, I know he came in here today for some extra ramen, but does he always have to leave my curtains open? The blond had fallen into a habit of putting them open, his never closed.

"Aoi, it's nice out." I commented at the clean blue sky outside. The small blue bird trilled happily. "Don't worry, you'll be back out there in no time."

As the bird stayed with me, it became easier and easier to talk to her. Just to fill in the space. Something was comforting about, almost familiar even. I closed my eyes to the idea of Hinata sitting at the table, listening to me, even when I said no words. She was a comfort just being in the room.

"You know, I shouldn't have done that."

"You're such a jerk you know that!"

"I just wanted to remember why I left. I don't want to hurt her again."

"I'm innocent I tell ya! Nothin' to see, nothin' to know."

I sighed. Shukaku was annoying as ever in my head. "Aoi, I wish you could peck me to death." I turned my head to where the little blue bird perched with a makeshift 'cast' on it's wind made out of gauze and Popsicle sticks, holding the wing firmly to it's small blue feathered body. Aoi tilted her little head to hte side, as if she could really understand me -maybe she did- and tweeted compassionately.

"Yeah, only crows do that."

"Ugly little black birds those are! Hey, lets party already you brood. Take me to a party. Let me have a girl. Give me a little knife. No one will have to know!"

Once again I sighed. And then from outside the room came a frantic pounding of feet, hard and fast that I was surprised the building didn't shake. Naruto? Sasuke trying to kill Naruto?

Already I leaped of my bed and walked to the door to try and see. But was taken by surprise when the pounding feet stopped and instead a knock came to my door. Tap, Tap!

Not Naruto. He would bang the door. Aoi tweeted in shock and hopped on her little feet in nervousness. I turned to the door and placed my hand on the knob, this strange gut feeling in my stomach and I pulled open the door.

Horrified, shocked. I stood there with my mouth falling open and my eyes wide as I came face to face with the girl of my dreams. Hinata stood before me, cheeks red from running, puffing for air, hair wild and strew that gave her this earthly like beauty of some wild goddess. And then her pale moon eyes lifted up into mine and before I could speak, she did. Though I'm not sure I could.

"D-dont say a-anything!" She said hastily. "I h-had to t-tell you!" She looked around, standing in my door way, twiddling with her fingers. I caught a wisp of vanilla.

"P-please?" I realized she was asking me for permission to speak, her shy eyes begging. That when I noticed that like her face, her eyes were a little red and her cheeks were tear stained.

"Hn." "Smooth words idiot!"

"G-Gaara, I had to t-tell you." She bowed her head as if in apology. "I l-love you!"

There wasn't a word for me to say. I didn't want her to love me, I wanted her to hate me, fear me even. So I wouldn't hurt her. She trembled under my wide eyed gaze. "I w-wanted t-to tell you. I get it i-if you h-hate me or some-ething. But I h-had to try."

She lifted up her head, not looking me in the eyes and turned to walk away. I was desperate then. I was lying. I wanted her to love me. I wanted her period. I wanted to hold her. She had worked herself so hard, I could tell by the way she still trembled, to tell me this bit of news. And she was willing to still walk away if I wished it. But I didn't wish it.

"Hinata." I grabbed her wrist and she yelped when I pulled her into my room, closing the door and pushing her against the wall I braced her there. She stared with those wide pale lavender eyes.

I could see it though, she wasn't scared of the me who could kill her. She was scared of the me who could reject her. And I no longer had any intention of doing so. Having drove myself ragged over this, I wouldn't lose it again. Not after she said those terrifyingly wonderful words first.

"I. Love. You." I leaned in, whispering into her ear. One hand place on her hip and the other on the wall near here head. She gasped when I said those words. Words we couldn't deny anymore.

"R-really?" Hinata sounded ready to cry.

"Yes." I brought my forehead to her burning one. "I'll prove it. Hinata. I'll prove it a thousand time so that one day, when we close our eyes, it's not despair of our parting, of our past. It's only us. Our future."

She took a daring look up and a smile graced her lips. And in a moment of bravery from all the exhilaration, she spoke to me. "P-prove it." Her face bloomed an instant red.

So before I missed my chance, I did. I was intoxicated by her vanilla smell, and that soft hand that grabbed mine and the other one resting on my shoulder and her heat radiation from her wild run and her blush. Her body bushing against mine as I inched closer for that one thing we wanted.

My lips descended on hers, soft and sweet. So innocent, as if I held a little angel in my arms. She reached into me with that kiss and I into her. This was love. What I had always wanted.

"Hinata, I love you."



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