Never ending

"It's over," I thought. The landscape was completely destroyed. This meadow was once my safe zone, my home, and my songbirds' home. I darted across the open field. Looking at each butchered body, I shivered at the thought that we didn't have a chance in winning this war. Each stab wound, each bruise, and each fiery mark was permanently inscribed into my brain. The slideshow played over and over again, making me go insane. I had this intent to kill. I will kill whoever did this, to rip out their heart and lungs and see them suffer the same fate my men did. All of my clothes were torn to shreds, revealing my battle scars, and my wisdom.

Reaching the other side of the meadow, I looked off the cliff and I saw her in the sunset. Looking at her dark silhouette created equilibrium in my mind and soul, keeping me form unleashing my rage. She wasn't moving. Her body stood still in the vibrant colors. Instinct took over my body and I ran. My wounds were reopening, revealing the blood of the common man.

As I ran, she fell backwards and I realized why her body was so still. The stake was driven thru her heart. As I held her hand, her breathing faded into purgatory. A low rumble of thunder echoed thru the meadow.

She was gone. It felt as though Mother Nature was powering my rage thru its exploding bursts of thunder and the fierce strikes of lightning.

I looked forward and saw the ocean. I remembered that night, when we fell asleep under the stars. She told me, "When I die, I want the waves to hide my body. I've always loved the ocean. I would die to see it."

I promised her that I would take her to the ocean, but I never got to it.

I always procrastinated and she always yelled at me, and our love drifted further apart.

Years went by without us talking to each other. I enrolled into the military and rose to the top. Commanding the Spanish army was more than I wanted, but it was either this or I would be eliminated.

As the war continued, I wondered more and more about my past lover.

I sent countless letters, but never received any letters in return.

"To see the ocean, has been my one and only dream" echoed in my mind.

I walked towards the ocean with her body in my arms. I knew this was my fault. All she wanted was to see the ocean, and I never gave that to her what she wanted. I reached the shore and her soft words entered my mind. "Te amo con todo mi corazón ... no te olvides de eso. (I love you, with all my heart…don't forget that.)"

God was responding. Raindrops began to hit the top of my head.

Her last moments on earth were her staring at the ocean. "I would die to see it." I could no longer cry; the rain was doing it for me. I slowly took the stake out of her heart and lowered her into the icy depths. As her body floated to the ocean floor, her arms rose, waiting for someone to hug her, to not face death alone.

I rose to my feet and slowly walked towards the cliff. My thoughts were filled with guilt and rage. Clenching my fists, I reached the top where I saw about 2,000 English troops. I didn't panic. I knew this was the way it was going to be. The troops prepared their weapons and they charged.

"We will live and love each other till the end. Don't you agree?"

I snarled. How could they do this?

"My heart feels so calm when I'm around you. I love you so much!"


"Never forget me…"

I let out a roar and ran toward the English army with intent to kill.