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James Potter kicked the door open to his honeymoon suite, carrying his bride traditionally over the threshold. It was a bit hard considering the bulkiness of the dress, but James and his wife; Lily Evans (now known as Lily Potter) had been waiting for this moment ever since he had proposed to her. She giggled lightheartedly as he tossed her on to the bed and he made a weird, growling noise.

"You're lucky I love you so much. If someone else had made that sound, I would've been ultimately turned off," Lily said, smiling.

"Oh well…like you said, you love me too much." He leaned over her and gave her a warm kiss on the lips. "And I love you too," he said. So, like a typical, newlywed couple, James and Lily spent that first night in sheer bliss.


Just think, it had been two years later since the night you had been reading about previously, and a cry echoed throughout the halls of a local hospital.

"I AM NEVER GOING TO SLEEP WITH YOU…EVER AGAIN!" it said. In this hospital, which was virtually deserted, Lily sits upon a hospital bed, ready to give birth. She is in pain, like all mothers are when they're about to go into labour. Yes, our favourite couple, James and Lily Potter are about to welcome their first born child into the world. Of course, Lily wasn't seeing things from the optimistic view at the moment. As she gave about three straining pushes, a baby's wail throbbed against the ears of the anticipating parents.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Potter!" exclaimed the doctor. "You have a healthy, baby boy!"

The pain Lily had been experiencing earlier instantaneously washed away as she caught sight of her darling son. A tuft of little black hair was already visible, no doubt inherited from his father, and vivid green eyes sparkled curiously at them.

"Omigosh, he's beautiful!" Lily cried, tears of joy brimming her eyes. James was utterly speechless…he just stared wonderingly at his first born son. "What should his name be?" Lily asked, as the baby grasped on to her finger. James ran a hand through his son's hair and couldn't help but smile.

"He looks like a Harry to me," he said proudly. Lily chuckled and looked down upon her son, who was sleeping peacefully in her arms.

"Harry it is. Welcome to the world, Harry Potter," she whispered. And after a long, loving kiss from her husband, Lily too, fell into a deep slumber.



Sirius Black, a dear friend of the Potters knocked against the wooden door to their ordinary flat. Putting his ear up against the door to see what was taking so long, he heard nothing, but a rather hassled Lily soon swept the door open. She had bags underneath her eyes, a towel thrown over her shoulder and a baby bottle full of milk clasped in her hand. Her eyes brightened ever so slightly at the sight of a friend…or maybe it was the sight of another adult.

"Sirius! How great it is to see you!" she said, engulfing him into a small hug. She stepped aside to let him in and he was rather surprised at the hectic state the house was in. He removed his leather jacket and hung it up on the closet, and placed his biker's helmet on the table.

"Whoa! What happened here? Lils, ever hear of house cleaning?" he questioned. Lily shook her head.

"I know, I know! The house is a mess…but I never have time to do anything else lately." She sighed, and leaned her head against the wall. "Clean…how about sleep? I haven't been getting any decent shut-eye in the last three months!" She closed her eyes, and Sirius wondered if she had fallen asleep on the spot.

"So…where's Prongs?" he asked, trying to make conversation, nevertheless keep Lily awake. Lily was jerked out of her sleeping state and she looked around frantically.

"James? Oh…he's in the living room," she said. She yawned widely and made her way to the living room, Sirius following close behind. The vision that greeted them was heartwarming. James lied on the couch in the regular-sized living room, with a three-month-old baby boy perched on top of him.

"And how's the little bundle of joy?" Sirius queried…maybe a bit too loudly because --

"No, Sirius! You have to whisper when Harry's sleeping!" Lily whispered, frenzied. Too late though…

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Sirius stuck his two fingers into his ears, disbelieved at the enormous amount of noise that came out of a being so small. James, of course, was awoken right away. He immediately picked up his son and started rocking him back and forth, and then he caught sight of Sirius.

"I dare say you didn't bother to whisper around a sleeping baby, Padfoot?" he asked. Lily took the baby from her husband's clutches and began feeding him a bottle. It shushed him up, for the meantime.

"Sorry…Lily didn't warn me," he said apologetically.

"Only because I thought you'd perform the obvious!" Lily retorted. She blinked several times, then gave a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Sirius. I'm just a bit edgy from the lack of sleep," she said. She resumed rocking Harry in her arms.

"It's alright," Sirius said brightly. He eyed James up and down and noticed that he too, looked stressed. His usual, messy black hair was tousled worse than ever and he had similar bags under his eyes than to Lily's. He stretched and yawned widely.

"So, what brings you here, Padfoot?" he said, stifling his huge yawn to no avail. Sirius shrugged.

"I didn't get to see Harry right when he was born, and I AM the godfather, aren't I?" he said, raising his eyebrows up and down.

"No doubt," James said. Lily was leaning her head back against the couch as Harry sucked contentedly from the bottle. James flopped down onto a seat next to her and he leaned his head back too. Both had their eyes closed, and Sirius wondered if they had fallen asleep. From the snore that escaped from James, yes.

"Uh, guys?" he called. The picture was rather cute, two frazzled parents sleeping in sitting position side-by-side with their baby boy slowly making his way back to dreamland through a milk bottle. "Guys…" Sirius tried again. He walked over to the sleeping couple and prodded James, but still, he was out like a light. Harry began to squirm, now that his bottle was finished, and his face was scrunching up ready for a --

"Oh no you don't!" Sirius said, as he seized the infant from his mother's grasp. Sirius didn't really have a lot of experience with children…but he knew how to hold him and how you had to support their head. He picked Harry up, and the contorted baby face was back to normal. "Wow…you're going to grow up and look like your father!" Sirius exclaimed. Harry's face broke into a smile, which lit up his entire, pudgy face. "Whoa! You have eyes exactly like Lily's!" The baby smiled once again and gave a big yawn, much like his parents had. "You must be tired too," Sirius said. "Keeping your folks up like that…must be a full-time job!" Harry snuggled up to Sirius and before he knew it, he was fast asleep.

The sound of faint knocking came upon the door, so Sirius laid Harry down in his bassinet and went to answer the door. Standing there on the other side, was another dear friend of the Potters and of Sirius, Remus Lupin. "Moony, how you been?" Sirius asked, letting Remus in.

"Sirius? Where's James and Lily?" Remus asked, looking around the house.

"Knocked out on the couch," Sirius explained, gesturing to the living room. "That kid hasn't given them any decent rest."

"Awww…poor things," Remus said as he chortled at his friends' tiredness. He looked into the bassinet and spotted the root of their sleeping troubles. "This must be Harry James Potter!" he exclaimed. "Geez…he's gonna be a deadringer for James…although there's no mistaking Lily's eyes." Just then, Lily was jerked awake by instinct or whatever.

"Omigosh, I'm SO sorry, Sirius! I must have dozed off…Remus?" she questioned, looking at Remus unbelievingly. James turned over from his current position and muttered something about 'Burgers and fries and hotdogs'. "Oy, James!" Lily said, poking him.

"Huh? Wha?" he asked, as he shot up, staring around. "Moony?"

"Hey, Prongs! Lily!" Remus exclaimed.

"When did you get here?"

"A few minutes earlier."

"Where's Harry?" Lily said, shrilly, as if realizing that her son was missing.

"Don't worry! He's here in the bassinet," Sirius said reassuringly.

"You mean, you actually got him to sleep?" James asked, looking at Sirius inquisitively.

"How? He hardly gets to sleep with US…let alone someone he hasn't met!" Lily claimed.

"Guess I got a knack with kids," Sirius said, wiping his nails upon his shirt. Remus snickered at the idea. "What?" Sirius asked, taken aback by his friend's reaction.

"You? A knack with kids? You hardly spend your time with kids," Remus pointed out. Sirius shrugged.

"Is it my fault that kids don't happen to be found in any of the pubs?" he queried.

"Come on, would you like something to drink?" Lily offered, standing up and walking to the kitchen.

"Sure," Sirius and Remus chorused. Along with James, they made their way to the kitchen too.


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