It was already noon by the time Sirius and Remus returned to the house. Apparently, Sirius had decided to turn on the old "Black charm" and flirt with the secretary. Remus had to practically drag him out of the building, because he was certain Crouch was going to burst out of his office in a fit of fury. Knowing him, he probably sensed that the two of them were still in the building.

When they reached the Potter's household, Sirius sighed contentedly, sinking into the sofa. "Ah! It's going to feel great when I'm back into the life of bachelorhood. In a few minutes time, Prongs and Lily will be back to take care of little Harry here," he said, gesturing to Harry who was playing with Remus on the living room floor.

Just then, two pops sounded and James and Lily were standing right by the fireplace in their living room. Both looked considerably tanned, and much more rested. Lily's green eyes sparkled in joy as she caught sight of her son, playing.

"Oh, Harry! How are you, baby? Did you miss Mummy?" she cooed, picking up and burying her head into his hair in a tight hug. James hugged his wife and Harry at the same time.

"I missed, you Harry. How did Uncles Padfoot and Moony treat you?" he questioned, turning to face his two best friends with suspicious eyes. Sirius and Remus smiled; James strode over to join them, as Lily was still hugging and kissing Harry in greeting. "How did it go, guys? Any trouble?"

Sirius and Remus exchanged glances. If they told the whole story to James and Lily…well, they'd either freak out or laugh, because it was so overwrought. Instead, reaching a mutual agreement with looks, Sirius said, "No, not really. We had a little trouble with flyinganddroppingharrythemugglelawenforcersandtheministryofmagic, but that's all really!" Sirius said casually. James took no notice, because he was too busy holding his son, for Lily had joined the three of them with Harry as well.

"Oh really? That's nice," he replied.

"Thanks so much for taking care of him, Sirius. Remus," she said, beaming. "Me and James had a marvelous time! We actually got some rest. And Harry looks great, he's never been happier!" She turned to look at her husband and her son. James was blowing onto Harry's stomach, making him laugh loudly.

"Yeah, Harry was great. Just remind me to never have children," Remus said lightly. All of them laughed. "Well, I guess it's best that we leave, right Padfoot?"

"I guess so. Wouldn't want to ruin Family Time," Sirius answered. Remus went over to where Harry was and gave him a kiss on the head.

"Okay, Harry. I'm going now, be good okay? I'll be seeing you around!" He stepped aside so Sirius could say goodbye as well.

"Bye, Harry. Don't traumatize your parents, because then we'd have to take care of you again and Lord knows how much my 21-year-old heart can take!" James and Lily were a little puzzled by this statement but let it slide off of their backs. Harry put out his arms to Sirius and babbled. Sirius was shocked but picked him up and hugged him. James, Remus and Lily noted how his eyes got a bit misty. "But really, it's not all bad taking care of you," Sirius added, his voice cracking. He made a swift movement of the arm across his face to wipe away the sentimental tears. "Hmm…got something in my eye."

The other three rolled their eyes, but just played along with Sirius' excuse.

"Okay, see you around, guys! Come over for drinks or something," James said to them as they headed out the door.

"We'll consider the offer," Remus said. "Bye!" The door shut and James and Lily were left alone with Harry.

"That was nice of them to take on responsibility with Harry. And to think that they managed to get through it, Harry unscarred! It's amazing!" Lily said. They made their way into the kitchen. "That's funny, do you know where the microwave is?"

James however, wasn't paying attention. "Hey look, honey. The headlines of both The Daily Prophet and the Muggle newspaper…"

"SIRIUS! REMUS!" the two voices synchronized. But with a pop and a revving of an engine, the two were gone!


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