The Scholar, The Scientist, The Warrior and The Alien.

The Scholar.

I stare at the gate, slowly opening, in wonder. No matter how many time I have gone through it I am always stunned. In my head I quickly run through everything in my backpack... boring stuff, coffee, notebook, coffee, camcorder, coffee, more boring stuff and yet more coffee.
I glance at Jack standing beside me, always confident and bold. Sam is a little in front talking to Teal'c who is just standing there. Sam could talk as much as me. Jack always said SG-1 were the noise and most unlucky team in the base. I disagree with him, SG-1 is the luckiest team. I can just imaging Janet's face if i told her that... her mouth would drop so far it would hit the ground. I'm right though. We may have died more than any other team... okay I may have died more but we are so close we're like a family. I KNOW Teal'c would do anything for any of us. Jack would happily jump in front of a bullet to save us and Sam would rather kill herself than let any of us down. My team, my family. I cast another look at them and wonder at my luck to know such people. I have to wonder though, do I deserve this? Do I deceiver what I have now?
"Daniel! Get your butt though this gate now!" Jacks voice echoes in my ears making me jump.
"sorry Jack" I mutter as I walk up the ramp. I had been so busy in my thoughts that the gate had opened and Sam had already gone through.
"You scholars... always have you're head in the clouds, right Danny-boy." Jack's voice follows me as I step into the wormhole and I smile to my self. I belong here. I know that now. With my family. With a sigh I look at the new world we are on and start to work. I'm a scholar and it's time to learn.

The End.