The Scholar, The Scientist, The Warrior and The Alien.

The Alien.

We are nearing the stargate now. I can hear Colonel Jack O'neill telling Daniel Jackson to dial us home. Home is Earth for these people and I found recently it is home for me to. I am a alien to these people, yet they accepted me into there family. Even Daniel Jackson, who I have done great harm calls me 'friend.' They are my family on Earth while my son grows into the great warrior I know he will be someday. In my long life as first prime to the false god Apophis, I have done many things, all of them evil. Samantha Carter, Jack O'neill and Daniel Jackson showed me that there is still good in this world. I know they are our only hope against the evil and I will stay with them till death, they are my friends. As we step towards the gate Daniel Jackson pulls me aside.
"Teal'c, have you ever met a race of child-like people who call them self's 'The Invader'?" I raise my eyebrow at his question
"I do not believe so" I reply. Daniel Jackson looks at me then shrugs his shoulders.
"Oh well, that's what they were called"
"Daniel, Teal'c! Quit gabbing and get threw this gate now" O'neill is yelling to us. Half the time I do not understand what O'neill is saying to me. When I explained my problem to Samantha Carter she burst out laughing. I do not understand these Tau'ri. I do not think I ever will, but after all does it matter? They are my family.
"Tell me Daniel Jackson, what does 'gabbing' mean?"