AN: So I do not own Paper Towns, John Green does. (I wish I could write something so...amazing as it!) Let me know if you like this (or not like it) with a Review, please?

she Comes In the Night
Knocking on That Old portal
unused For so Long

Dressed as A ninja
We slink out Into the Black
to Dole out Justice

Guilt Or innocence
Delivering Punishments
out to Those fallen

Never thought I'd Be
the One whom She would have chose
To share This "trip" with

But Now-worrying
cause She's gone-maybe For good
Never to see 'gain

i'm left With nothing
'cept Capitalization
Rebellion And clues

Clues that lead Nowhere
anyone Would stay unless
they wanted To die.

"The rules of Grammar
are So Unfair to letters
Stuck in The middle"

well, What About me?
The person Stuck in-between
your New and Old life.

I don't Even Know
Where you Are at, or even
if you are alive!

why did You leave me,
margo ruth Spiegelman, with
Only misery?