I finally got done bringing in all of the boxes from the delivery truck into our new house. Me and my mom had just moved to Idris from Brooklyn, New York. After 9 dreadful years of living in Idris when I was a kid, we were back. There were so many memories in Idris I remembered that I'd love to forget. I sighed. Well, its not like I'm going to miss anything in the mundane world. I still remember Idris, in and out, even though I'd been gone for nearly 8 years.

It was already dark outside after we finished carrying the boxes inside; 9:00PM. I went back into our new house, and went upstairs to my new room. I plopped myself onto my bed, and groaned. This was going to be a very long year. Not to mention that I had to go to a supernatural school. I'd be in senior year. Mom had already registered me in for tomorrow. I'd be a senior. Gaah. My thoughts rambled on, and next thing I realized, I fell into a deep sleep.

I groggily woke up while rubbing my eyes. It was 11:56PM. I tried going back to sleep, but I was restless. Too many things crowded my mind until I knew it was nearly impossible to find quiet peace. I decided I might as well try hunting for demons. It always helped me calm down, and I loved the feel of kicking demon ass. I'd heard before when I was a kid that there were quite an amount of demons lurking by in Idris. I couldn't resist the temptation.

I went into my bathroom and changed into my shadow-hunter gear. My uniform was pitch black, and hugged my curves. I slipped on my matching black boots, and slid my sheath blade in my side pocket. I inspected myself in the mirror; a seventeen-year old girl stared back at me. I had curly, fiery-red hair, and emerald eyes. I never really did consider myself ugly or pretty. Overall, my appearance could be considered "beautiful" to other people, but to me, not so much.

I pulled my hair back, and returned to my bedroom. I eased out of my room, not making a trace of sound. I carefully headed downstairs, making sure that my mom wasn't still awake, then headed outside. It was somewhat chilly out, and nearly pitch-black.

Like me, mom was a shadow-hunter, too. She was pretty well-advanced, but never showed it out in public. She rarely went on demon-hunting missions, unlike me. I was very well trained, considering that half of my life I had the oh-so-great opportunity to be living in the same household as shadow-hunter, Valentine Morgenstern, as he said so before. Not only did I have the 'privilege' to work with him, but I also had the unfortunate blessing to be blood-related to him. Ugh. The thought made me want to hurl. Blood-related my arse. Valentine was nothing like me; cruel, vicious, evil, and willing to do anything to get what he wants. Me, on the other hand, couldn't kill an ant. Demons didn't count, though. I owned at killing demons. It was my specialty.

If mum found out I usually hunted demons at night instead of being a good girl and staying at home, she'd kill me. Period. End of discussion.

I waved a cab, and gave him directions to the old abandoned hotel on the far edge of town that my mom always told me to stay away from as a kid. Figured I might as well scope the place out, seeing as my mom never let me near the place as a child. I tipped the cab driver, then silently crept out of the taxi. I walked fast and deliberately, making sure I wasn't followed.

I headed behind the abandoned hotel, and investigated the area. It reeked of onions, garbage, and demons. I followed the scent into a forest, and crept silently through the forest, as if I were a ghost. Only a true shadow-hunter could walk as silently and as quickly as I. I finally found a very old-looking building after minutes of searching, older than the abandoned hotel. There were no windows, and the roof stretched up far enough I had to crane my head. I knew this was where the demons hid out in, just by the smell it radiated. I could tell someone had put an intricate spell on it to block trespassers. I got my stele out, and tested a few spells on it; it didn't work. I got a stick, and poked the building. The stick immediately burst into flames. I screamed, and quickly let go of the stick. I watched as it crumpled into ashes, and gave a low whistle. Kaayyy, then... Glad it was the stick, and not me.

Still fascinated, I grabbed another stick and threw it at the building. Again, it blew up in flames. I did it again a few more times until I remembered why I was really here: to kill demons. I twirled my stele in my hands for a few minutes, and finally thought up of a spell. The spell on the building unlocked. I got a stick, this time much longer than the other, and poked the building. Nothing happened. I sighed of relief, and smirked.

I surveyed the building, and noticed two passageways into the building. One was a normal, plain door. The other was barely noticeable, for there was a tree hiding it. As I inched closer, I saw the latter had a spell on it. Clever, I thought to myself, But not clever enough. I unlocked the spell easily, and quietly went inside. I shut the door, and put the spell back on it, making it seem like no one had trespassed into their territory. There were 3 corridors, 2 of them probably made for as a trap. I shrugged, then chose the corridor on the left.

I made it about 5 steps before knives sprung out at me from the sides of the walls. I figured there was bound to be a trap in here somewhere. I swiftly dodged each knife, thanking Valentine for the first time ever for teaching me how to defend myself. For good measure, I caught one of the knives in mid-air, and decided to keep it for later use. It didn't look too old, but it wasn't exactly what you'd call "new".

I continued on, figuring the trap had probably been set up because there was something the demons hadn't wanted people to see. I made sure not to touch the walls, and I never stayed in one spot too long.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably no less than 10 minutes, I reached 2 more doors. One was a plain, white door, and the other was a door that dared for you to enter. I chose the latter. I mean, who could stand not going inside? I couldn't, for sure. Danger called to me like a drug; always addicting, and never disappointing, never mind the part where you could possibly die from it.

I opened the door, and sauntered in. Nothing happened. I paced a few steps around the room. Still nothing. Just as I was about to let my guard down, I heard a snarl from behind me. I quickly swiveled around, and saw two demons spring out at me from behind. One had grabbed me by the arm, the other clawing at my shadow-hunting gear. I stumbled at getting my sheath blade out, then swung at the demon forcefully. Apparently, I my aim was off, because it plunged straight into his eye, and he hissed in agony. I had to bite back the laugh as he blindly flailed his arms around, bumping into the walls around him. I tried to stab him again, and luckily, it went straight through his heart. He slowly began to disintegrate. He hissed at me, making me catch a big whiff of his breath.

"Ugh. What have you been eating?" I said, not expecting a real answer, "Someone needs a breath mint…" I muttered, as he collapsed onto the ground, still trying to claw its way to me, gasping in pain. He puked up unnaturally purple blood, and his eyes rolled back into his head.

Ew, I thought to myself, I never did get used to seeing them die that painful little death of theirs… Never will, either. So what if I'd killed more than a 100 demons so far, it never did change the fact that they die looking disgustingly creepy.

I was so caught up in the moment, I hadn't realized that there was still another demon in the room. It jumped onto me, landing on my back, and tried to bite my neck. I flung him off my back, and grabbed the knife that was still stuck the other demon's dead body, and took it out. I threw the knife right through the demon's heart as it tried to advance on me.

He hissed in pain, "This isn't over yet, Shadow-hunter girl," He growled in pain.

"Maybe not yet for me, But for you it's over," I said, while watching as it dissolved into a purple puddle of revolting blood. I sidestepped the disgusting mess they left behind.

"Didn't your parents ever teach you to clean after yourselves?" I asked skeptically, eyeing the mess of blood on the ground, "Apparently not," I murmured, then continued forward.

I reached the end of the corridor, which led to two more doorways. I groaned. I was seriously getting tired of this. I went for the door on the right, and opened it cautiously, expecting something to come at me.

Seconds later, I was ambushed by a heavy force, which made me trip a few steps. I screamed by surprise, my voice echoing through the hall. I clawed for my knife, but soon realized that I'd left it with the demon. Damn. Guess I'd have to face this one by myself.

I slashed around in its iron grip, then finally gave up, and kicked it. Surprised and caught off guard, the opponent grunted and stumbled a few steps into the dim lighting. I had a better look at it, and realized it was a person. A guy, to be precise. Judging by his all-black outfit, he was a shadow-hunter. I could tell just at first glance that he was handsome, and had blonde hair.

He recovered from my attack, and quick as lightning, he pounced on me. I punched him, aiming for the stomach, but he dodged, and used his elbow to nudge me hard in the ribs. The air whooshed out of me for several seconds.

In one swift motion, I grabbed his arm, ready to tackle him to the ground, but he was too fast for me. He used his arm to push me to the ground, and he straddled me. I looked up at him, and saw a grin plastered on his face.

"I rather like this position, do you not?" He asked questioningly.

I couldn't process anything at the moment. I was more amazed at how experienced this shadow-hunter boy was. He might even be as good as me, I thought to myself. I shook the thought away. I was trained by the best shadow-hunter in the world. I shall not think so lowly of myself.

I gasped for air. "Get. Off. Of. Me," I said, teeth gritted together, as I stared up at him. Although I couldn't see his face clearly, but I could tell he was smiling.

"And what if I say no?" He said. "Are you going to tell daddy to beat me up for you?" He said mockingly, like I was a little child. I scowled at him. I already could tell this dude was going to be on my hate list, maybe even right next to Valentine.

In one swift movement, I used my knee to kick him. He let go for a moment, just enough time so that I could have the upper-hand. Now I was the one on top, straddling him. The smirk on his face was wiped off, and a slightly shocked expression replaced it. My elbow pushed at his ribs, keeping him to the ground.

"No, I don't need daddy to beat you up. I can just do it myself," I replied innocently, as sweetly as possible. I put on one of my winning smirks.

He gave a low chuckle. "Fiesty, much? And what makes you think you can beat me?" He questioned me.

I thought about it for a moment. "I was taught by the best, and I certainly have had much more practice than you," I commented.

"Is that so?" He said contemplatively, in thought. I hadn't realized that I had loosened my grip until he shifted positions so that I was cradled in his arms, bridal style. He stood up with me still in his arms. I squeaked in surprise.

The effect flabbergasted me. Who in their right mind would do such a move as this? I thought to myself.

He looked down at me, and laughed as I squirmed in his grasp. Finally, he let go. I landed on my feet like a cat, then turned to face him. I advanced on him slowly, almost predatorily. He grinned in response.

I swirled, jumped in the air, and kicked him in the chest. He faltered, then winced in pain.

"You're not that bad," He said gruffly, still recovering. I grimaced at his comment.

Before I knew it, he came up behind me, and had me in a headlock. "But you're not the best either," He murmured in my ear. I shivered at his closeness. I will not be weak, I told myself.

It took some time, but I finally managed to escape his headlock. I backed away a few steps from him, my eyes still locked onto his. I was poised, ready for him to attack. We were both circling each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. He raised an eyebrow at me.

I raised one of my eyebrows back at him, challengingly. He raised his other eyebrow back at me. I inwardly cursed my eyebrows for physically not being able to raise both of my eyebrows. I never did get how people did that…

Apparently he knew I couldn't do the eyebrow thing back at him, and smirked. It was stupid, anyways, I told myself, yet I secretly knew I despised him for it.

"Ladies first," He said politely, while gesturing for me to take the first hit.

"How do you know if I'm a lady?" I asked, not willing to back down without a fight.

He eyed my chest. " S' pretty obvious, is it not?" He replied with a grim look on his face. That's when I made my move. I tried for his leg, but he dodged just before I made contact with his shin. He smirked at me,

"Gonna have to do better than that, love," I wasn't going to admit to defeat, not from him. He was too arrogant, cocky… full of himself.

I tried again, this time targeting to kick his head with my foot. Unfortunately, his hand caught my foot in mid-swing, resulting in a very uncomfortable position on my part.

I started to get ticked. I forced my foot out of his grasp, and aimed where all men were weak at: his penis.

His eyes widened, clearly shocked, and a grunted, the pain clearly etched onto his face. He fell to his knees. I grimaced, then winked at him.

"Didn't know I could do that, did'ya hun?" I said mockingly, in the same tone as he used a few minutes ago. I looked at him.

Figuring that it was pretty late, and that I had school tomorrow, I thought of an excuse to leave.

"As much as I've had fun with our little pity-fight, I really should be going," I said, while inspecting my fingers for any broken nails, uncaringly. "Things to do. Places to be," I said. Ha! That was a lie. The only place I intended on going to was home. I didn't have my blade with me anymore, so there was no use in trying to kill a demon without one. I mean, sure I could beat them up myself, but a demon doesn't die until a knife is plunged through its heart…. Or where the heart should be at.

I blew him a mocking air-kiss. "Be good while I'm gone, k?" I said, "Try not to have too much fun without me,"I gave him a wink before leaving the blonde-haired Shadow-hunter boy. It took a few attempts, but I finally found my way out safely. I breathed a sigh of relief, then got my stele out. I reversed the spell I put on it before, then exited out of the old abandoned building.

I walked back through the forest, and called a cab. I gave him my address, and climbed into the taxi. The ride home was restless. I crept back into my house, and back into my room. I changed into a pair of boy-shorts, and an over-sized T-shirt. I tucked myself into bed.

Throughout the night, my mind wandered back to that mysterious blonde shadow-hunter boy. He was immensely trained, not like most shadow-hunters I'd trained with. My mind rambled on until I fell asleep into a deep sleep.

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