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Still unable to forget the nagging feeling that someone was watching me, I headed inside my house. Home Sweet Home. Free of any sluts and/or whores. My safe haven. Just what I needed. I took off my shoes, then set my bag down on the kitchen table, momentarily forgetting about the tons of paperwork my mum had to fill out. Eh, She'll figure it out later.

"Mum. I'm home." I yelled as I made my way up the stairs to my bedroom. I walked into my bedroom and looked at my iPhone for any texts/ notifications. Nope; None. I placed my phone into my jean short pocket and plopped onto my bed. I gave a frustrated sigh. Why did high school have to be so boring… and tiresome… and full of dimwitted sluts.

My thoughts rambled on and strayed away to dangerous territory; for example; Jace Wayland. Something about him allured me. Hell, the guy looked like a model for playboy magazine or something. Who wouldn't be attracted to him? With golden eyes that could make any girl melt on the spot with dirty blonde hair and a smirk that screamed trouble, he was the perfect bad ass. But it felt like so much more other than my physical attraction to him; more deeper than that. Cliché, much? Jace Wayland was an ass, not to mention a player. A womanizer, at that. I recalled seeing him and Aline making out in the middle of the halls before I headed home after school. It sickened me. I wasn't really a fan of PDA, and Aline… well, she was just a bitch that had an IQ of a squirrel. But still, I felt attracted to him in levels I couldn't explain.

Frustration built in me; I let my mind ramble on until I felt the wave of exhaustion take over me as I my eyelids began to droop.

In no more than a few minutes, I blacked out into the darkness.

I was dreaming. Of what, exactly, I wasn't sure of. I was surrounded in complete and utter darkness. I felt trapped, somehow. Helpless. Unable to do anything. And I hated that feeling. I hated feeling vulnerable and weak. It wasn't my forte. I was more of the bad ass type. Someone who didn't take anyone else's shit.

Suddenly, I saw myself back when I was kid and when Valentine used to push me to do better. I remembered all of the times he abused me when I didn't do well, or when I did something I wasn't supposed to. And me being me, I did tons of things I was forbidden to do. I wanted to show him that he didn't control me, that I could do what I wanted. An act of defiance, you could say. But it never ended well on my behalf. My defiance angered him more, therefore he was more stricter and more tougher on me. He was so merciless, even when I perfected something he still thought it wasn't good enough. He wanted me to be the best. He would have no less of me. He would push me harder until I reached the extent of my potential, sometimes even more than that.

I awoke to the silent screams in my head and the beeping sound and vibration of my iPhone in my pocket. I groggily sat up in my bed, blinking several times to clear my vision. I took out my iPhone and glanced at the time; 4:42. Damn. I slept for a long time. I looked at my messages. One from Simon. And yes, I did give my number to Simon. A/N -Wink Wink- to all those Clamon fans. (Heh. Just made that up. Clamon. Clary & Simon for those who don't understand my terminology. xD) Knowing Simon for only a day, we were only good friends, and I'm pretty sure on both of our behalves that's all we'd ever be to each other. A/N – Heh. Soz Clamon fans. I am strictly a Clace fan. ;)

Hey Claaaarrryy. (: -S

Hey. What's up, nerd? ;P –C I texted back to him. I hit the send button, then decided to play a game of Tap Tap Revenge on my iPhone. Eh, what can I say..? I'm killer at this game. I started playing my song on TTR, Plans and Reveries by Black Gold ft. Brendon Urie. It was just getting to the good part when I got a notification text from Simon.

;o I'm offended. I happen to take pride in my nerdiness, thank you very much. xD –S

I laughed. Such a Simon response. All nerds take pride in their nerdiness, Si. –C I texted back, then resumed my game of TTR.

By the time I got his next text, I was done playing my song and was just staring at my ceiling, going over everything that happened in the past 2 days, not to mention the blonde haired shadowhunter I saw last night. The events of that night flooded through my mind clear as day, and I couldn't help but think about the strange blonde haired shadowhunter and how he was similar to someone I'd seen recently.

Of course. Taking pride in your own nerdiness is part of the package of being a nerd. Derp. I thought you knew this type of stuff, Clary. ;) –S

Still, I couldn't shake off the sense of familiarity, as if I knew the blonde-haired shadowhunter boy. I sighed in frustration, my mind feeling very fuzzy with all of the thinking I'd been doing lately.

Soz, Si. I'm not a complete and utter nerd unlike some people I know. Or should I say vampires..? ;) 33 –C

During 6th period today, me and Simon had gotten to know each other better and it almost seemed as if we've known each other for years, strange as that seems. I'd also gotten to know that Simon was a vampire. Not that surprising. He was somewhat pale when I first met him, anyways. Unlike most vamps, he was a Daylighter vampire, which allowed him to walk out in the sun when regular vampires couldn't. Some respected him, some were scared of him, and others ignored his mere prescence. Me? I thought the whole Daylighter concept was pretty bad ass. I mean, what other vampire in Idris can walk around in broad daylight and be like, "Yeah, I'm a vampire and I'm not burning to ashes by the Sun. Don't mess with me or I'll screw you up. Or eat you for dinner. Depends on your blood type."

Although Simon had a wicked cool ability, he was still Simon; my new nerd best friend.

Admit it, You love my nerdiness, Clary. Bow down to it. 0_0 It is the master and you are the servant. ;D –S

I chuckled. I tried thinking up a smartass reply but got nothing. It was hard to rival with Simon's dorkiness. Simon was Simon, and he knew how to throw me off balance.

Beep. Another text from Simon.

Cat got your tongue, Fray..? Did my amazing Daylighter vampire powers render you speechless?

The guy was trying to mock me now, eh?

Nope. ._. Unlike some vampires, I actually have a life and don't stay on my phone 24/7. ;P –C

I got an instant reply seconds later.

Ouch, Fray. That cut deep. D; -S

Feeling dirty A/N Not that kind of dirty you perverts. ;) andmuch in the need to release my agitation with today's events, I decided to take a steaming hot shower.

Lmao. Don't worry. Your 'amazing Daylighter vampire powers' will heal you soon 'nuff. ;) Gotta go. Ttyl, Si . 33 ;) –C

I set my iPhone on the table at the side of my bed and went inside of my bathroom, locking it once inside. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked terrible. My hair was a mess, considering I just woke up and my eyes looked worn out. I undressed, then turned on the water and waited for it to heat up. I could still see small bruises from yesterday. I stepped inside the shower, and let the hot water envelop me with a sigh. The healing powers of hot water.

I put shampoo in my hair, then scrubbed and rinsed. I cleansed my body with bar soap, then stood under the shower spray a little longer than necessary. Knowing the hot water would turn off soon, I turned off the water and dried myself with a fluffy white towel. I wrapped the towel around myself, then stepped out of the bathroom in search of clothes.

I found a pair of bleach ripped skinny jeans and a plain neon green off the shoulder-cut t-shirt lying around and decided it was acceptable. I was about to change when my mum came busting into my bedroom like she'd never heard of privacy and as if she owned the place.

Pfft. So what if she pays for the bills and the mortgage… and all of my furniture. My room was my room, period. End of Story. I yelped in surprise and threw my undergarments in her face, making sure I didn't drop my towel. That would definitely be an awkward situation. Changing in front of audiences, female or male, was not my thing. Public nudity was not in my best interest.

"Clarissa," She growled, undergarments and such still attached to her face. Had it been any other circumstance, this would've been funny. Hilarious, even. Except that, it was, after all, my underwear that was in her face. I mean, I love my mum and all but I don't want her dead skin cells near my underwear any time soon.

"Mum," I sighed, exasperated. "Ever heard of knocking? Or privacy?" She threw my underwear on the floor.

I looked at my discarded underwear on my floor, then up at my mum, then back at my discarded underwear.

"That was awfully rude of you, mum," I said bluntly.

She made a dismissive gesture, as if to say it was relevant. "We need to go to the Institute," She replied, ignoring my previous rant. "I have to talk to one of my old… friends there,"

"How about you go, and I'll stay at home and protect the house from any intruders lurking nearby," I drawled, a lopsided grin plastered on my face.

"No exceptions, Clarissa. You're coming with me, even if I have to force you out of this house," She replied sternly.

"Jeez, mom. I can practically feel your lovingness for me radiate off of you," I said bluntly.

She rolled her eyes. "Get dressed. Be down in 10," She called out as she left the room.

I sighed, then picked up my discarded underwear off the floor and slipped it on, and preceded to put on my clothes. Once done, I went in my bathroom and put on a little bit of mascara and lip gloss. Eh, I wasn't much of a make-up person. My hair was still slightly wet and since I am much to lazy to get my blow drier out, I left it down in a messy way that still looked presentable.

I headed downstairs and slipped on a pair of black Vans. Seeing as my mother wasn't here yet, I went into the living room and kicked back on the sofa whilst watching the television. It'd gotten to be ten minutes later when my mum finally made an appearance.

"Come on, Clary." She said to me from the living room doorway.

"And here I was thinking I'd gotten stood up by my own mother," I said, the tips of my mouth curving up in a small smile. "Whatever happened to 'be down in 10', mommy dearest?"

"I had to take a call," She replied sheepishly.

" 'Course you did," I replied as I got up from the sofa and turned off the telly. A/N British slang for television. Though you guys probably knew that. ;) I've always wanted a British accent. /3

Mom started mumbling incantations and a few seconds later, a portal appeared. I stepped inside the portal, and I was immediately transported to the Institute in New York, a big and old abandoned church to mundanes, but a a beautiful gothic-looking cathedral for Shadowhunters to stay if one needed to. The last time I'd been to the Institute was when I was 9. Occasionally, my mum would bring me here when I was younger to visit people she wouldn't tell me of at the time. She just referred to it as 'business'.

I, of course, would be roaming around the Institute's rooms and floors, always amazed at the different types of rooms and how big the place was. In my 9 year old perspective, the Institute was like a huge playground. With a weapons room containing maces, axes, swords, daggers, knives and such like that, the Institute was definitely a place I'd wanted to live in.

Looking at the Institute now, I am still amazed at the size of it. Not to mention it was definitely beautiful on the outside, as well as inside. Well constructed with wards on the outside of the Institute, it was a grand place and quite the sight.

We went up to the entrance of the Institute and repeated the chant in order to get in. A/N: Soz. I was going to type the whole incantation thing, but unfortunately, I forgot what the exact words were. xD

The doors opened up seconds later, permitting us to enter. We walked into the Institute, and it was just as I remembered, if not more remarkable and grand. Living in the mundie world really took its toll on me. The ceilings were high and disappeared into the gloom with stars and swords of such decorated the walls. It was truly magnificent.

"Clary, I'll be right back, okay? Stay here," She warned me, as if I were a child. Pssh. Like I was going to follow orders. I'm never good at doing that.

"Sure, mum," I said halfheartedly.

"I'm serious, Clarissa." She replied. "No wandering." After a moments' pause, she added, "Better yet, don't get yourself killed."

I grinned at her. "I'll try to do that, mum." She gave me another hesitant look, then walked off towards the corridor, which left me alone. By myself. With no parental supervision. In my mind, I was silently ticking off all the possible things I could do.

I tried being obedient like a good child. I really did. The first few seconds weren't that bad. Once it got to the 20 second mark, however, I started struggling. I tapped my foot on ceramic tiles, a habit of mine whenever I got anxious. My eyes darted around the Institute's walls, looking for something; anything interesting. Hell, I started having a conversation with myself, but that didn't go very well. After the first minute, I knew my attempts were futile and decided to give up. At least I could tell mum I tried.

"Hello," I drawled. "Anyone home..?" I asked, my lips curving up into a smirk. "No..?" Deciding it was clear, I started aimlessly walking around, making sure not to go the direction my mother went. That wouldn't have turned out pretty.

I made a left turn, which led to a corridor that had many rooms alongside it. I made sure not to go into any rooms that seemed as if it may contain people inside it. Don't want to get caught just yet.

I navigated myself through the rooms and corridors, slowly remembering where each place was located at. Remembering my favorite place in the Institute, the Weapons room, I tried finding my way back there. It took many tries, and eventually I got lost a couple times and started walking around in circles like an idiot, but after many attempts I made it back to the big oak doors that lead to the Weapons room.

I waited a few seconds before I turned the knob to the door and headed in. My eyes glued to the floor, I took a step in, then looked up. Just in time to see a knife headed straight for me. And damn was it fast. Caught off guard; I didn't think, I just acted. I hit the floor like my life depended on it, and on literal terms; it did, then screamed. I think I almost pee'd my pants.

"What the hell? Are you trying to kill me, or are you just crazy?" I growled to the offender, my face still pressed up against the ground with my arms draped around my head and my body curled up in a fetal position. I could only imagine how stupid I looked right now. And how very… Un-Badass-Clarissa-Morgenstern, Daughter-of-Valentine- Morgenstern;-Most-Feared-Man-In-the-world- like I seemed. A/N If you're confused about that bit, the key word was 'Un.' xD

"Little Red..?" The voice said, amused.

Realizing I probably looked like an utter and complete fool, I slowly stood up and brushed off the nonexistent dust I had on my jeans. This was definitely not a good impression of the whole 'badass Clarissa Morgenstern' appearance. Gathering up all the leftover dignity and courage I had, I looked up at the offender.

And nearly died on the spot. There, about 25 feet away, stood Jace Wayland in all his 5"11 (I actually google'd this) golden glory self. Of all people it just had to be Jace fucking Wayland. Kill me now. My dignity and ego went down the drain, along with my pride and self esteem.

He stood there with that smirk that told me he was thoroughly entertained with my display. Was it possible that he looked even more gorgeous than before? It seemed as if he had more confidence, more free will, now that he wasn't confined in school and there weren't any rules to prohibit him from doing anything he wanted to do. I mean, he wasn't exactly a rule abider on campus, but now that we were off campus, it seemed as if he radiated more power and arrogance.

I stood there with all the egotism I still had, fighting the urge to run out the room screaming. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you throw knives around like that to everyone who walks in the room, or is it just me?" I snarled, narrowing my eyes. Better to be pissed than embarrassed. Saves me the little bit of dignity I still had left.

He gave me a lopsided smirk, raising his eyebrows. "Nope." He replied, popping out the 'p'. "It's only you," He said, running his hand over his mouth to wipe away the smirk he had plastered on his face. The stupid egotistical jerk.

"Bastard," I muttered under my breath.

He furrowed his eyebrows, a slow pout forming on his lips. The things I wanted to do with those sinful lips of his. "Your words hurt me, Clarissa."

"Suck it up and take it like a man," I paused, "That is, if you are one," I replied lightly, looking at him through my lashes.

He grinned, all teeth. "I do believe you are the one who intruded, Clarissa." He said. "I wouldn't have had to do such a thing had you not bombarded on my private space,"

"We're 25 feet away," I replied bluntly. "And you didn't seem to mind much about personal space when Aline was all over you after school today," I said with disgusted look on my face. Aline was a #1 example of a topnotch slut. Fake boobs, too much makeup, skimpy clothes; She had it all.

"Aline and I… Let's just say we're friends with benefits," He drawled lazily, giving me a sly wink.

I felt a pang of jealousy surge through me. "You make me sick," I replied with a scowl. Something about Jace wanted me to claim him as mine. Damn, I'd only met the guy and I was starting to be possessive. I hated clingy people; it made them seem desperate and weak, a thing I never wanted or intended to be.

"I'd rather not talk about Aline and the many whores you fuck with. So save it for someone who actually cares," I replied rudely, knowing I was overreacting a little too much.

Apparently my voice betrayed some of my emotions because not 2 seconds after I said that, he was standing right in front of me, inches away from my face. Damn, was he fast. As fast as a vampire, or maybe faster. His piercing tawny eyes stared right into mine in such a way that held many levels of intensity and… desire, was it? I couldn't tell; it was hard to concentrate when a man that gorgeous was staring at you as if you were the single most important thing in the world. It was hard to read Jace; he was most certainly not an open book. His lips curled up into a slight taunting smirk. I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust then and there.

"Am I detecting a hint of jealousy, Little Red?" He purred, his hand playing with a strand of my hair. He wrapped it around his finger, then tugged me towards him, his other arm slipping around my waist so we were almost chest to chest, a thin line of air separating us, giving me the freedom to back away if I so chose to. How he could go from nonchalant to all hot and bothered in 2 seconds, only heavens knew. I could feel his body warmth radiating off of him, luring me to him. I felt drugged, as if my mind wasn't working right. All I wanted to do or think about was the incredibly intoxicating man in front of me.

Entranced, I did nothing to stop him for a few moments, lured in by temptation and almost giving in to him. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a small taste of what he had to offer. He was like Satan himself, tempting and ravishing. I wanted to throw myself at him, give in to his trap, but then again, the rational part of me felt like I should stay far away from him as I possibly could. I licked my lips. Decisions, Decisions.

With tough resistance, I finally knocked some sense into myself as I pushed him away from me, though only pushing myself backwards in the process. The hell.. the guy was like a brick wall. His eyes held enjoyment and satisfaction as I struggled to regain my balance. I was like the mouse, and he the lion. Nothing compared to him. I scolded myself silently. I was the daughter of Valentine Morgenstern himself. Who was I to be under another shadowhunter boy? I was, afterall, the best shadowhunter of this generation. Just why did I feel so different around him? As if he were better than me? I had no idea. It was a new feeling; to have an equal of such. Still, I felt compelled to him like a magnet.

"No," I scoffed angrily and defeatedly, still pissed at his rock-hard body and the mixed emotions I had towards him.

He gave me a grin; all wolf, his eyes challenging and hard. He leaned down toward me, his mouth near my earlobe.

"Is that so?" He murmured, his breath sending tingles down my spine.

My body reacted to our close proximity, my body flaring up as heat rushed to my face, a soft blush tainting my cheeks. I stilled my movements, trying (and failing) to make it seem like he didn't affect me.

"Mhm," I murmured, not trusting myself to say anything else that was coherent enough for him to understand.

I felt his lips touch my earlobe, his hot tongue flicking my lobe briefly before saying, "I think you're lying to me, kitten," He breathed in my ear, his scent flooding my nose. He was close to me, so incredibly close. His feet were on either side of mine, blocking me in. He smelled of sweat and I could detect a faint bit of laundry detergent.

I almost whimpered. Key word: Almost. It felt as if my heart were beating 200 times per minute. I felt suffocated from his mere presence, his scent intoxicating. I gave him a lingering once-over. He had low-slung jeans on, and a thin plain white t-shirt that was practically see through, allowing my wandering eyes to see bits of his defined muscles through his t-shirt. My hands ached to cling to his chest and feel the hard muscle there.

"Is that so?" I murmured, throwing his words right back at him. He raised his eyebrow, tilting the corner of his mouth in a small smirk. His nose traced my jaw softly, skimming it with a feather-light touch. He was teasing me. My restraint could only go so far before I knew I'd give in. The use of his tongue should've been criminal to any women alive.

"Mhm," He murmured, throwing my words back at me. He placed a chaste kiss my neck, only lingering for a second, before he met my eyes with a golden stare, a smirk etching onto his features. I had to remind myself that he was playing with me, stringing me along.

"Stop teasing me," I muttered weakly, as he flicked his tongue along my neck.

"It's fun," He replied simply, his eyes growing dark. Angel, if he kept looking at me like that I'd lose myself.

I took a step back, trying to regain rational thought back. His eyes turned back into their normal color, and he blinked. It was weird; as if we both lost ourselves in each other's presence. I knew for sure I couldn't think straight when he was so close to me. My mind went fuzzy when I did, and all thoughts were plagued by him.

I stared at him. He stared at me back, his sharp gaze focused on my green one. We continued to do this for a few moments, staring at each other for Angels knows how long. I looked down from his eyes to the floor, finally realizing what just happened moments before. What was I doing? Was I seriously just flirting with Jace Wayland? I couldn't have been. But I did. Knocking some sense into myself, I cleared my throat.

"I should get going," I said curtly, then left without another word, knowing Jace's gaze never left from me until I walked out of the big oak doors, listening as the doors closed with a soft creak.

All I could think about was 'What the hell just happened?'

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