"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world that he didn't exist."

Elizabeth Burke sighed. Peter had another huge case, which meant another week of lonely nights for his wife. Normally she would bury herself in as much work as her husband had, but it had been a slow month, leaving her little to do other than sit and watch movies with Satchmo. She considered calling one of her friends, but knew they all had their own busy lives and schedules. No one could just stop what they were doing to keep her company. Leaning back onto the couch, El stared at her living room ceiling. After this week, Peter better be planning one hell of a date night.

Date night…

Shooting up, the woman smiled. That's it! Quickly grabbing her phone, she dialed swiftly and waited for the other line to pick up. After a few rings, a smooth voice answered.


"Hey Neal! It's El."

"El?" She could hear the ex-con's confusion. "Do you need to talk to Peter?"

"No, no. Actually…" Deviously, El smiled. "I need you to get a message to someone…"

The next night, the doorbell of the Burke's home chimed. Elizabeth eagerly answered the door, chuckling when she saw no one.

"I saw a mockingbird in the park today!"

"What color was it?" A voice called out in the darkness.

El frowned slightly. "Um… blue? No wait, indigo! Uh, which one means we're not being watched again?"

Mozzie stepped out of his hiding place, a small smile on his face. "Mrs. Suit, your attempt to comply with my demands is duly noted." He glanced through the doorway. "Mr. Suit's not here?"

Shaking her head, El gestured the smaller man to come inside. "He and Neal have some case they're working on."

"Ah yes, the forgery ring. Neal told me about that."

Nodding, the woman continued. "Yeah, so I have no idea when Peter's going to be back and I've been kind of lonely."

"One may have a blazing hearth in one's soul, and yet no one ever comes to sit by it." Elizabeth glanced at him, questioningly. "Van Gogh."

"Ah," She nodded. "Anyway, I remembered what fun we had on our 'date night', so I figured, why not have another."

"Well, assuming this isn't a setup, who am I to decline." He lifted a bottle. "Wine?"


"Of course."

"Then yes please."

Laughter rang through the house. Who would have guessed Elizabeth Burke, wife of an FBI agent, would have so much fun with the paranoid little man.

"Really? All to raise some sense of patriotism?"

"Mrs. Suit, do not undermine the importance of political moral. If a moon landing was what it would take to bring the country together, well they had just the green screens to pull it off."

El laughed again, taking another sip of wine. The bottle was almost empty. "You know what I've been wondering? How on Earth are you and Neal friends?"

Moz chuckled. "No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious." Shrugging, he poured himself another glass of wine. "We just… are. For unexplainable reasons, we just get along."

"Hmmm…." El pondered for a second. "How did you meet?"

"Now, that is a good story…"

As Moz began his tale, neither heard the soft click of the front door opening.

Alright, so here's the deal. This takes place mid season two. It was originally just speculation, but judging by the previews of next weeks episode, it is soon to be full blown AU. XP See, I already have a few chapters written, a few started, and the rest outlined. So while I will eventually be covering the events in Point Blank, I'll probably ignore everything after that. Artistic liberties and what-not.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy! I don't particularly care for this chapter, so if my schedule ever allows for it I'll probably re-write it. Any suggestions, tips, criticisms and the like are vastly appreciated! Thanks all! ~BFMS