Chapter 1

"Why do we have to send her to a muggle family?" exclaimed Mrs. Flint cuddling little Hermione to her chest sobbing.

"To many pure families will want her darling. This is the only way to ensure that she is betrothed to young Draco Malfoy," Mr. Flint stated looking down at his baby girl who was only a month old.

"I know dear. I just don't want to let her go. She is the first girl in this family for so long. When are the Grangers coming to get her," she whispered to her husband.

"They will be here in about than hour. Let's go see Marcus so he can say goodbye to his sister," he told while wrapping his arm around her waist.

Marcus was only five when Hermione was born. He knew why she had to be sent away, but he didn't like it. Hopefully she'll be in his house at Hogwarts when they are both old enough. He also knew she was going to live with the Grangers.

"Marcus do want to say goodbye to hermione, dear? They are coming to get her soon," Mr. Flint asked his son who had silent tears running down his face. He nodded.

"Mione, I won't forget you. You will always be my sister. I love you," Marcus muttered to his sister who was looking up at him.


"Sweetheart calm down. We will see her again. She is just going away tell she is in her third year at Hogwarts," Mr. Flint comforted his wife.

"I know, but it still hurts to see her go away for thirteen years," Mrs. Flint claimed quickly so that Marcus won't hear as the family walked to get the door together.

Mr. Flint opened the door to let in the Grangers. They were kind muggles. They had meet the Flints a few years back in Diagon Ally. They were with their son who was going to Hogwarts that year. Unfortunately, their son was killed before he could attend school. He was killed in a car accident on the to Kings Cross Station. The families became quite close over the last few years after the accident. So when the Flints needed help keeping Hermione a secret from the other pure-blood families, the Grangers agreed to help. The Grangers wanted another child but Mrs. Granger could have anymore children.

"Hello Mr. Flint. It nice to see you again," Mr. Granger greeted Mr. Flint while the families walked into the lounge.

"Hello to you too, Sir. It's good to see you too, but I wish it was under different circumstances," he replied simply while gesturing everyone to take a seat.

"I know how you feel. It always hurts to see your child leave," Mr. Granger agreed nodding his head.

"I think we should get this over with. Mr. Granger would you come get Hermione, please," Mr. Flint stated quickly.

"Um..Yes Hermione is very beautiful. She will be in very safe care. We won't let anything happen to her," Mr. Granger told the Flints while taking Hermione and starting toward the door.

"Goodbye Hermione," the Flints said in unison before the door closed behind the Grangers.

"Will I see her again Mum?" Marcus whispered as he hugged her crying.

"Of course, you'll see her again Dear," she replied stoking his hair.

"When? Why did she have to go? Why?" he screamed at his parents before running to his room. His parents stood frozen at what their son just said.

"Did we do the right thing by sending her away?" Mrs. Flint asked her husband weakly.

"We did. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but we did do the right thing," he answered while wrapping his arms around her soft warm waist.


10 years later

"Mum! Dad! Look at this letter I got today in the Post," said a 10 year old Herminoe

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