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The Rainbow Crystal of the Hyper Force

"Chiro, be careful," Antauri spoke through a communicator. "That portal isn't completely finished yet."

Chiro was in a different room where they kept very special projects and Antauri was someone else on the Robot.

"Don't worry, Antauri," Chiro replied. "I'll be careful. It's exciting, though. With this we can go to the closest planet in rage and get a really good look."

"Indeed, now please hurry. You are making me nervous."

"Ok, Chiro out."

Chiro walked up to the portal one last time to tighten a bolt that seemed lose.

Nova and Sprx were piloting the Robot as they saw a huge meteor coming towards them.

"Oh, no," Nova whispered.

"There's no time to turn. Brace for impact!" Sprx shouted.

As the meteor hit the Robot, Chiro went flying forward into the machine. Something must have turned the switch, because something hit Chiro. Once this happened, the room was empty.

"Chiro," Antauri said through his communicator. "Chiro, Chiro do you read me?"

All Antauri got was static.

"Come on, let's go find the kid!" Sprx shouted. They all nodded their heads and raced into the room Chiro was last seen.

Their jaws dropped at the sight. The impact had pushed everything around. Some things were upside down. Some were on the opposite sides of the room that they originally were at.

Everyone looked over at the machine and saw it was steaming.

"It's been used," Gibson mumbled.

"What does this mean?" Otto asked.

Antauri didn't take his eyes off the machine. "It means that the impact made Chiro fall into the machine, and for the machine to turn on. Chiro is gone."

Chiro screamed as he shot into sitting position. He looked around. The area didn't look like Shuggazoom, and it didn't look anything like the Super Robot ether! There was a garden, so he seemed to be in a park of a huge city.

"Oh, great," Chiro said sarcastically. "This is just what I need in my life!"

Serena looked around. She thought that she heard something.

"Come on, Serena," Luna spoke to her. "We have to get going. The Sailor Scouts are waiting for you."

"Ok, Luna," Serena agreed before starting on her way to leave the park.

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