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Next Week


Within the forest of the Digital World, Kari and Catherine kissed.

Their arms wrapped around each other in a soft, tangled web of love, the two teenagers laid on the moist soil in the night without a care. As their lips locked, they caressed their love with each movement of their mouth. With their eyes closed, and the moon hovered overhead, Catherine lay on top of her as they locked lips; yet, they did not care nor did they want to. Whatever happened around them had no importance to the moment they endured.

As they kissed, their embrace tightened, not wanting to let go. Then, Catherine opened her mouth a little and pushed her dancing tongue on Kari's lips. This felt foreign, Kari thought. It was rough, yet playful. What would she do? Resist or give in?

She gave in.

Opening her own mouth ajar, Kari slid her own tongue out of her mouth, clashing with Catherine's. There, the two girlfriends' organs began to twist in a violent yet sensual dance. Their hands wandered erratically, not caring where they touched. Yet, one the DigiDestined of Light's hands held her girlfriend down, forcing her chest onto hers. Their French kissing immediately produced soft groaning. Ecstasy, triumph, excitement…temptation.

Then came a tingle of resistance, followed by a pull.

Kari dragged her tongue deeper, eager to find whatever crevice and treasures hid inside Catherine's hot mouth.


Why hold onto each other?

They embraced even tighter, and an even louder groan muffled from inside.

Then, Catherine tugged, and immediately, Kari felt it. No longer did the kiss feel moist and warm. It felt dry, as if it was a sign of panic. It felt sore and tight, like it wanted to leave.

But couldn't Catherine wait? Why did she have to end it now? Yet, it felt like Catherine was in pain, like a bell told her to get out and take a breath.

Sadly, the Japanese DigiDestined slowly released her grip, and Catherine pulled away.

"Kari, wake up!"

Upon hearing a man shouting, the DigiDestined snapped her eyes open. Looking around her, she noticed she was no longer out in the forest. Instead, it was one white bright, neutral, boring classroom, and she was lying on her desk face up. Lights beaconed onto her like a headlight flashing on her while in a dentist, like they were preparing to interrogate her. Finally, dozens of people stared down at her, including T.K. and Davis. Some were worried; others did not seem to care one bit.

She sighed, sat up, and scurried back into her seat. "Sorry, Mr. Wakamatsu," she said and bowed her head.

A man in a gray suit and white tie looked at her, annoyed. At last, he turned away and continued to write on the chalkboard.

Kari ignored the irritating scrape of chalk hitting the board. To her, it was like a gnat — persistent and irritating. That dream made everything around her drown out, where nothing distracted her. No crowd noise, no cars, nothing. Just her and Catherine together. Nothing except the serenity of the Digital World's moonlight to disturb them.

…And even then would she not allow that.

The bell rang at three-thirty, and the teenagers began to get up.

"Hold it!" called Mr. Wakamatsu.

Everyone groaned and sat down.

"Before I allow you to go, I want to remind you of your main trimester project," said Mr. Wakamatsu. "Three weeks ago, I assigned you the final trimester project. Your essay of choice came from one of three books: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Yonnondio: From the Thirties, and We by Zamyatin. Thus far, only three people have contacted me about the essay and its presentation."

Davis, Kari, and T.K. looked at each other, grinning from ear to ear.

"Please remember that next week is when your presentation is due. It counts as a big portion of your first third of your trimester grade. Do you all understand?"

"Yes, sir!" replied the students.

"Very good," said Mr. Wakamatsu, piling his papers up neatly. "Have a happy weekend, and if you have any questions, e-mail me!"

Afterwards, everyone got up, packed his or her stuff, and slowly walked out the door located in front of the classroom on Kari's left.

Despite the crowd, Kari paid no attention. All she concentrated was to leave and head back home as quickly as possible. Even persistent cries of "Kari, let's go!" from passersby and Mr. Wakamatsu would not budge her concentration. After he interrupted her dream, she was no longer allowing anyone to bother her now.

"Still can't keep your mind off Catherine, can ya?" asked Davis as he, T.K., and Kari left the school.

She blinked and turned to Davis. "No, I can't."

"Not surprising," quipped Davis.

"Excuse me?"

"Well, what can I say, Kari?" said Davis. "You love her. You've seen her a lot over the past several months."

"But not while on a date," said Kari.

T.K. interrupted their chitchat. "So, you're feeling a little nervous about it, aren't you?"

She shook her head. "No, T.K., I'm fine," she answered. "I'm not nervous at all. It's just…" she sighed long…and then smile, "I can't WAIT!

She leapt off the top stair, landed on the ground three steps down, and pumped her right fist high in the air.

As she stayed as still as a statue, the two boys descended and gaped at her like she drank seven cups of coffee in the morning.

"You've practiced your cheerleading skills, haven't ya?" said Davis.

Kari turned to him, not releasing her pose. "Yeah, I have," she replied with a smile. "So what's the matter?"

"No, Kari, it's nothing bad," said T.K. "We just don't see you act so dreamily or excited."

Kari let her arm droop down. "Oh," she said slowly and giggled. "Well…I…guess you can say that."

"So when's your date with her?" asked Davis.

"Next Saturday."

"Ah, so you're planning ahead?"

Kari blushed a light pink tint and looked down. "Not on purpose."

"Why, Kari?" T.K. wondered.

"Because we were supposed to go on a date the day after we became girlfriends. Unfortunately, Catherine had to cancel it because she got sick."

"Aw, nuts!" exclaimed Davis and snapped his fingers. "Sorry, Kari."

"It's okay."

"Catherine must've been very upset," said T.K.

She placed her left hand on her head. "You have no idea, T.K. She really wanted to go. But I told her to get some rest and then we could go on a date when she got better." She blinked slowly. "Unfortunately, she was sick throughout the rest of spring break."

"And now you two can go next week 'cause you're both free?" asked T.K.

Kari hummed and nodded.

"So which restaurant in the Digital World are you two going to?" T.K. queried again.

"It's a small French one called Seine Valley. I've been there before, and it's great."

"Ah, interesting," said T.K. "Reminds me of Moreali's."

"How so?" asked Kari.

"Well, because most of their dishes are French, yet the restaurant remains true to the Japanese culture," he explained. "They're well-known for this."

"I didn't know that," said Kari.

"Me, neither," agreed Davis.

"Good," replied T.K. bluntly. "That means I can I try and hook Sora up with you, Davis."


"Why me?" he whined, his loud voice quieted by the sidewalk.

"Oh, c'mon!" laughed the DigiDestined of Hope as Davis stood up. "You've had the hots for her for months."

"Since when did you know that?" he asked.

"Since you told Kari and I about it while we e-mailed each other two months ago," said T.K.

"Ah, yeah, now I remember," Kari recalled.

"Oh, no, not you, too!" Davis whined even louder.

"Oh, don't be silly, Davis," smiled Kari and rubbed his fluffy head. "We talk about our crushes a lot. Don't you remember all three of us talking about it in an e-mail chat last month?"

Davis groaned and slapped his hand over his head. "No…please."

"Okay, okay," chuckled T.K. "We're sorry."

"I'm sorry, too," said Kari.

Davis immediately beamed. "I forgive you."

"Thanks, Davis," smiled Kari and wrapped her arm around him. "I knew you would."

And she leaned down and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Davis gasped upon it and touched the area Kari's lips landed.

Wow… Kari kissed me.

T.K. laughed as he and Kari slowed down to watch Davis remain frozen on the sidewalk.

"All these years, Davis, and you still love it when she kisses you."

The goggle-wearing teen quickly walked back up to the duo.

"Just like the good ol' days," he said quietly.

"Sure does," agreed T.K…and grinned sinisterly. "But that won't stop me when I tell Sora you like her and that you think she has a hot butt."


"Kidding, Davis!" guffawed the blond.

At last, they arrived at an intersection. Where they stood was a tall residential building with a small convenience store behind them.

"Anyway, I have to get upstairs," said T.K. "I promised Patamon that I'd be giving him sautéed vegetables tonight."

"Okay, goodnight!" said Davis and Kari.

T.K. said goodbye in return and walked off.

Once the light changed, the remaining two DigiDestined resumed their journeys back home. Neither of them said a word as they crossed the street, but once they walked further down the block, Davis cut in.

"Say, Kari, about your date, what will you be wearing? The name of the restaurant tells me you must wear something nice."

"Oh, definitely. You remember that cape Ken wore when he was the Digimon Emperor?"

"Don't remind me," he grumbled.

"Don't worry, it's not bad," promised Kari. "This one's more glittery, and the cufflinks are connected to the edges of the cape. Sort of like the extra skin of a flying squirrel."

"I…don't know what a flying squirrel looks like, but I think I know what you mean."

Kari giggled and checked her D-3: 4:05 PM.

"Say, do you wanna come over to my house for dinner?" she asked abruptly.

"Huh?" Davis looked up in surprise.

"I'm making a good dinner tonight at my house. Glazed meatloaf with garlic sauce plus some yummy pork buns. I've even helped make some scrimptions pumpkin cake with a maple glazed frosting."

"Oh, Kari!"

"Oh, yes," she giggled. "Sounds good, isn't it?"

"I'd love to, Kari," said Davis, "but I can't. I got homework to finish, and I must study for a graphics design exam. Sorry."

"That's okay," replied Kari. "Maybe I'll save you and the others pieces of the cake Monday."

"You can?"

"Definitely," smiled Kari. "If not, I can make another one for a picnic."

Davis slurped. "Y'know, Kari, you really tempt me with your food."

"Thanks, Davis," she replied, blushing from his compliment.

Davis grinned. "You're welcome."

Suddenly, a glum look appeared on Kari's face. "Unfortunately, with Mom and Dad now working during the weekend, no one else is able to cook dinner or lunch or anything. I'm the only one who can do it."

"Your parents work on the weekend?"

"Mm-hmm. Since May."

"That sucks."

"You're telling me. Tai's not that good, either."

"So you forced yourself to do it?"

"Not 'forced,'" Kari corrected. "More like volunteered. Cooking was something that I've wanted to do for about a couple of years."

"Cool!" Davis cupped his chin with his left hand. "So how were you inspired?"

Kari looked up in the sky thoughtfully. "I don't remember. Impulse, perhaps."

Davis decided to change the subject.

"So, you're prepared for your main projects?"

"Yup," replied Kari quickly and nodded. "My essay's almost finished, and I handed in my other projects. I just need to come to class the last few days."

"And that means your date with Catherine oughta be a piece-a cake," smiled Davis.

"That's anything but."


"There's so much to do when going on a date, Davis." She began to count with her fingers. "One: consider the place to go to. Two: figure out when to meet. Three: how much to pay. Four: how long will the date last. Five: consider what to order. Here, Catherine and I have to think of these." She counted again, "Which dishes are the best in the restaurant? Are the portions decent? And is the food good quality?"

Davis's jaw dropped and almost let go of his backpack in the process.

"I did not know that," he said slowly.

"Ya gotta be careful when thinking about a date, Davis," warned Kari with a determined yet cautious look on her face. "Because it's possible a date can go really wrong. Catherine and I learned that the hard way."

Davis silenced himself and looked down. All this talk about crushes made him feel that a date was so simple. That he could plan it the week before and wing it like doctoring a fresh dinner after cooking it. Guess that was out of the window, he thought.

"I'll remember that next time," he promised.

With that, nothing more was said until they passed Kari's apartment complex, where they said "goodbye" and split up.

Yet, even as Davis disappeared into the dark horizon, Kari stood there, wondering, looking. Like she was not quite ready to say "goodnight." It still felt too early to stop for the day, even with the one-hour trek from high school. It was still sunny, and it was still a bit busy along the sidewalks. Although it wasn't bustling unlike some of the other intersections in Tokyo, it was enough.


Maybe I should get upstairs.

Sighing, she walked inside and eventually made her way into the elevator.

Once the doors shut, the female Kamiya let out another sigh and closed her eyes. All the noise from outside and the elevator were not going to bother her, not with a lot of ideas going in her mind. Cooking dinner, preparing a bedtime snack, dessert — whatever was in the fridge. If not…

There's the pantry.

Fortunately, it was all but ready.

Evening came, and for Kari, it was about time.

After putting all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, she plodded down the hall, walked into her bedroom, and plopped hard onto her bed. The mattress was on a raised bed four feet off the ground. Its structure was wooden, seven feet in length, and sat on the far wide end of the bedroom. Surrounding the bed were wooden bars about one foot up with several columns along each long side; the headrest was a little higher for support, and the foot was open to allow her to climb in and out. To enter or exit, steps were located on the open side. Underneath were three big shelves by the window, three long drawers opposite it, and two skinny ones in between.

Adjacent was an ebony-wooden desk with a rotating chair pushed underneath. Eight drawers — four per side — were all pushed in tightly; an iMac computer sat on top. Behind the computer, a pink curtain covered the window. The walls were painted with magenta, with purple for her ceiling. Finally, opposite her room hung an HD TV; underneath it stood a VHS/DVD recorder and converter and a videoconference box on a glass table.

"Finally…I'm done…" she said airlessly to herself. "Cooking's so tiring. I can't believe I forgot that."

"But it's so good!" cheered Gatomon.

Kari raised her head up and saw her cat Digimon sitting on the desk. "Thanks, Gatomon," she said, tired.

"You're welcome."

Kari laid her head back down on her pillow. "Sometimes I wish I get a little bit of help with my cooking."

"Hey, I help."

"I know, Gatomon." Kari's voice was muffled from the pillow. "I just wish I had more. If only Mom and Dad can stay home more…" She raised her head up and yawned, coving her mouth in the process.

"We all do, Kari." Gatomon leapt onto the bed. "But it's still worth it, right?"

With a grunt, the girl sat up. "Yeah, sort of. But it'd be great if I have a sous-chef."

Gatomon raised the crease of her left eye. "'Seuss chef'? What's that?"

"No, no, no, Gatomon," laughed Kari while shaking her head. "Sous-chef. Someone that helps the main chef and may cook part of a meal."

"Oh, cool!" the cat exclaimed with a smile.


"Hey, Kari, can I be it? May I be your 'Seuss-chef'?"

"Sous-chef, Gatomon." Kari giggled. "Of course you can! Just don't attack the stove when things don't go your way."


The cat dove off the bed, landed feet-first on the floor, and did cartwheels while yelling excitedly.

Kari laughed at the celebration. Finally, no more doing almost all the work by herself! Extra help was on the way! Even at the possible cost of Gatomon digivolving to Angewomon, it should be enough to get the job done.

Now if I only get paid for it.

A devilish grin sported her sweet face…

Oh, what the heck!

She walked down the steps and watched her partner running around in circles from joy. Brown eyes tracked Gatomon's trajectory. Curiousness. Then, happiness. Finally, patience. Gatomon's shadow followed her every step. It skipped and danced; Kari stalked it, crouching.

Wait it out. No worries. Take time…

Her brows furrowed.

She bent down further.

Gatomon proceeded to continue celebrating. Suddenly, she got a bit too close.

Kari dove.

Loud and hard, the teen slid on the floor, but she quickly halted, stopping in the center of the room right below the chandelier.

Silence. No eating, no drinking, no bathwater. Not even the sound of wind from outside.

Finally, like a gong penetrating a stunned crowd in a ceremony, the sudden serenity erupted into girlish laughter. First came one; another followed. Then, they serenaded like music.

"You're happy now, Gatomon?" The DigiDestined fidgeted her fingers across Gatomon's stomach. "You're HAPPY?"

"Y-Yes, Kari!" Gatomon replied through laughter.

"Not enough!"

One of Kari's hands slowly moved upward and stopped at Gatomon's neck.

"Hey, hey, hey!" The cat Digimon's words, however, were stifled by Kari's vigorous tickle attack. Gatomon tried turning around, but Kari nudged her, forcing her to plop again.

"Okay, I give up!" yelled Gatomon excitedly. "I'm happy, I'm happy!"

"Are you sure?" An eyebrow perked up, but she slowed down her attack.

"Yes, yes!"

Kari's smile turned gentle.

"That's a good womon."

She picked up Gatomon and brought her to her chest while sitting Indian-style.

"I'll do the best I can, Kari."

"Of course you will, Gatomon," said Kari. "I trust you, and I love you."

"And I love you, too," said Gatomon and flicked her small tongue across Kari's nose, making her giggle.

"Hey, that tickles."

Gatomon's eyes turned evil.

"I know."

With a slight nudge, she pushed Kari, causing her to fall on her back, and she began to tickle her right underarm. The teen fidgeted immediately; she kicked lightly, and her hips rocked one way and another. She wanted to cry out, but her laughter and Gatomon's furious tickle ambush left her speechless and gasping for any possible air.

Frankly, she wouldn't have it any other way.