Zero aimed the Bloody Rose at Yuki. Kaname stood next to Zero his black mist had formed into deadly weapon. The pair stared at the young girl with sorrow and contempt. Zero's mind wondered how things leaded up to this. The girl of his dreams stood before them, Artemis raised, basking in a sea of light. Her body the same small fame it always was. That innocent smile that gave hope to everyone graced her face. Yet, the pile of dead bodies she stood on top of ruined that image. She stood on vampires and humans alike. Her power was far more deadly since she had a hunter's weapon.

"Yuki, we know the real you is in there. I know that we can't save you now, but we will do what you had once promised the both of us." Kaname spoke softly to her.

"We both had asked you to kill us, who knew that we'd kill you." Zero chuckled at the irony.

Yuki looked at the silver head hunter and the brunette pure-blood. Her face shifted to a pout. "You both really would kill me. How amusing." She jumped from atop the pile to the bottom. Her eyes shifting from crimson, to gold, and stopped at pitch black. She smashed Artemis against the ground releasing a thunderous clap. "I'll devour you both before you can lay a finger on me."