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Zero was surrounded in darkness. He looked around, but saw nothing. He could only see his body clearly. He was dressed in his school uniform, which ushered in waves of nostalgia. Zero instinctively reached for his gun. He didn't feel anything where his side holster should've been. He attempted to stand up, but a heavy solid pressure blocked his way. He had only wondered where he was when an answer was planted in his mind. He was still in the coffin Kaname placed him in. Panic rippled throughout his entire body. He pounded his fist on the heavy lid. The air was thinning and he was having trouble breathing.

"Let me out." He tried to call, but his voice was too soft even his own ears to hear. Hands appeared, like living shackles they held down Zero's hand and feet. His soft pleas turned to screams as those cold pale hands touched his now naked form. "Stop, please." Zero begged.

"You are so easy to break." A silky voice spoke into his ear. A pair of familiar strong arms wrapped themselves from behind Zero. A cascade of soft cold kisses and licks fell on his neck. "You know deep down you truly want it, Kiryu, so stop fighting." Kaname said, speaking liquid silk into his ears.

Zero could feel his lips moving in a very slow fashion. His body arched, inhaling breathe for air. "Please, Kaname."

"Please what?" Kaname teased and nicked the side of Zero's neck.

"Please, give me your blood." Zero couldn't believe what he had just said.

Kaname laughed in Zero's ear. The sound was hollow. "No," He kissed the side of Zero's neck. "That's not what you want."

A chilled filled Zero. He shuttered in Kaname's embrace. "Mmm, your body knows what you want." Kaname grabbed the hard on Zero hadn't noticed until now. His body was hot, but his mind was cold. He didn't know what to do. He wanted Kaname to die. He wanted to bury himself from all the shame. Was there no way out of this?

"I want to pain to go away." Zero pleaded.

"Then let me turn your pain to pleasure."

Kaname entered Zero with such force that Zero saw his body quake violently. He saw how Kaname moved like a graceful gazelle. He saw his body move with ecstasy, with every thrust of Kaname's hips getting closer and closer to climaxing.

Zero awoke. He was breathing heavily and his face was wet with either drool or tears. He was lying on a dirt floor, beneath a jacket. The cool metal rings kissing his neck. His arms were bound behind his back and to his legs. He was in such an uncomfortable position he wondered why he couldn't hadn't awoke soon.

"He's awake." Zero heard a soft voice say from above him. He tried to look around, but he could only see more dirt. He wanted to turn over, but having his arms and legs bound behind him would make it very painful if he were to lie atop of them. Soft rustling soon followed. To soft and graceful to be humans, Zero's knew he was now surrounded by vampires.

"Untie his legs." A familiar voice said. Zero could feel a quick rush of wind near his lower back and a release of tension from his legs. Zero bent his legs, they were stiffer than a cadaver, but other than that okay. Zero stood and let the jacket that was covering him fall to the ground. He was shirtless, but at least he had on pants. His eyes gazed around to see Kain, Aido, Ruka, and Seiren.

"Where am I?" Zero asked.

"You're in a cave near the Kaname mansion." Kain answered promptly. His voice was stern and his eyes looked questionably at Zero.

"Why –"

"What are you doing here Zero?" Kain cut off Zero's question.

Zero looked at Kain as if he had slapped him. Why he was here is the same question he had for himself. Months had gone by and he has stopped asking himself that long ago. "I-I don't know." Zero stuttered. Yes you do. His mind shouted back. You were Kaname's little bitch. He starved you and when he finally gave you a little blood you lied down and let him take you. Zero looked away from the small group fearing they could read his mind. He could feel his face growing hot, a knot of shame was forming in his stomach.

"Zero," Kain had stepped closer. He demanded Zero's full attention. "Tell us what happened." With Kain so close Zero noticed the dark circles underneath his eyes. His fangs were longer than before. Zero's eyes glanced over to the others. They too looked as if they had not slept in a long time. Zero sniffed the air. There was no blood scent on them, they hadn't eaten in a very long time.

"I don't know what happened." Zero began. "One minute Yuki was-," Zero stopped. How could he forget something so important! Yuki was awake, she commanded him to take Kaname like he had taken him.

"Yuki's alive?" Aido gasped.

"Zero, I'm not going to ask again tell us what happened." Kain's voice raised an octave. His usual calmness demeanor replaced by a hot bloodedness not even Ruka or Aido had seen before.

Zero looked at Kain feeling angered at him. He didn't know where this anger came from, but he could feel deep down Kain had overstepped his authority. "If you must know, why don't you ask Kaname?" Zero hissed.

Everyone seemed to freeze. Their breathing stopped as if Zero had punched them all at once. "We can't." Kain said. His voice was full of grief. "He's dying."

Luna danced in the park; the moonlight illuminated her skin giving her an unearthly glow. Her bare feet pummeled snow into mud as she danced; the cold sent chills up her legs. She welcomed the biting winter, relishing the tingling touch of frost bite. She could hear the voices of people around her, whispering softly in bedrooms, the whine of horses, and others feasting. She could smell the city, fresh earth beneath the melting snow, the horse droppings, old food being thrown out. Luna laughed out loud, her voice like music to her ears. She loved her new senses, to touch, taste, smell, and fell was something she never had when she was just a seed. Now I am more. Luna kicked up more snow her dance becoming more jarring in movement. Her excitement swelled and she released her joy in her movements of splashes and kicks and laughter.

She felt the minds of humans around her and extended her mind to them. Sometimes she was careful not to startle them. She laughed more as watched them look around as if someone was watching them. She found a group of young vampires. She touched each one's mind, feeling their inexperience and hunger. They looked at her as if they could see her and followed her mind back to her body. Come. Oh, please come.

They did. The group had welcomed into the pack with speed. They saw her body moving to music they couldn't hear. She was swaying with excitement, dancing to the rhythm of her own symphony.

"So was it you that called us?" There were four in total, all men and dressed liked models. They showed her toothy grins, they were getting just as excited as her.

"Would you like to dance with me?" Luna asked, sound as sweet and innocent as a small child. She hoped to a stop and looked at the red eyed vampires. She did a graceful curtsey inviting towards her.

"Oh, yeah." The leader barley breathed before he launched out with a swap of his deadly nails. The others followed suit, eager to satisfy their hunger. When their hits landed on empty air, they looked for Luna, excited that their prey wasn't easy.

"Come out little girl." The leader called out.

"I thought you wanted to play with us." Another said.

Luna landed elegantly on the other side of them. Her right hand covered in skin and blood. Blooded sprayed skyward, created a rainbow in the pale moonlight. Blood ran from all four slit throats. Luna had split all four of their necks in a single breath. She looked at them overjoyed as she danced in their puddles, spreading blood and mud of the snow. Her laughter seemed to entice more blood to flow, coming out more fiercely then possible. Luna looked at the moonlight radiating through the spray of blood. She could see the rainbows of red the blood made, making her open her mouth so that she could drink up the light. It's all so beautiful, she though.

And all so cruel. Luna skidded to a halt. The voice she heard in her mind was not hers. "You're still there." Luna ground her teeth with agitation. Rage formed over her face.

Her mind raced, feeling for Yuki. Luna found her within a small corner of her mind. Luna could feel the sorrow and pain in Yuki's mind. Yuki's mind was small compared to Luna's vast mind. Yuki was stricken with grief, but she cling to hope. Luna spat and hissed seeing that small gleam inside the Yuki's mind. She dared to hope. "I will eat your world." Luna roared to the small mind. She could feel the mind ripple with fear and become still, yet the small gleam was there. "I'll snuff you out soon." Luna licked her lips, the blood was sweet on her tongue, and then noticed that the spray had stopped. The spray stood above her, halted in midair. The air around her stilled unnaturally.

Luna looked around and saw Queen standing by a tree hidden in its shadow. Her yellow eyes shone with impatience. "We need to move on." Queen said in a whisper from twenty feet away, but Luna heard it as if she was right next to her.

Luna smiled at her. "Work, work, work, you really need to enjoy life." Luna turned to a stilled boy. His eyes stared blankly at her, his mouth opened in an O shape. Luna cut her wrist with a sharp nail and press blood to the surface. Her blood was a darker red and reflected the moonlight so beautifully that it made her blood appear even purer. She let the blood drip on the young vampire's face and into his mouth. Luna grinned with anticipation. She wondered what her blood would do to them. Would the blood kill them and turn them to ash? She went to the other three and gave them her, grinning the whole time with excitement.

When Queen let their time start again, the spray of blood abruptly stopped. The young vampires' faces all contorted into a silent scream. The wounds in their throat healed and their voices finally caught up with their faces. One of them bloated up like a balloon, his handsome face was lost in folds of his skin. He exploded into chucks of flesh and organs. Luna couldn't help but to chuckle.

The other threw were screaming in pain, as their jaws extended outward. Their bones cracked and reformed. One was crying blood while the other two had soiled themselves. Their torso's expanded, limbs grew twice their length. They cried high pitch shrieks as their jaws fully formed. Muscle ripped and reformed, making the young vampires writher in their own filthy pools of blood, shit, and tears as the transformation disfigured them beyond recognition.

Their screams died down and left in the young vampire's place were three tall pale creatures. Each was three times taller than her. Beady black eyes stared back at Luna, their pits a dark red. One had black matte hair coving its body, while the other two were pale and hairless. Luna went over to the black one and touched the top of his head. The creature whined as she touched his soft, sensitive skin. He was soft like a new born.

"Hello, my little ones." Luna said in a soothing voice.

"He's the report, Cross." A large stack of papers landed on with a heavy thud in as Toga sat opposite him. Cross let out a sigh. His inbox was nearly done.

Cross skimmed the heads and was shocked by what he read. Twenty people had gone missing in the past three months and Zero was among them. Ten were found dead, another ten were dry husk of flesh. Then there were the 200 counts of blood selling. All of these situations pointed to petty criminals and low ranking vampires, but the fact that the Kuran mansion was on the list was unsettling. Cross could feel his stomach turn with uneasiness.

Cross let out a sigh. "Any leads to Zero?" Toga looked back at him, his eye dark looking tired. He took off his hat and drew his fingers through his hair. Replacing his hat he let out a sigh, bent over pulling the Bloody Rose from his pack and laying it gently on Cross's desk. "Where?"

"In the Kuran mansion," Toga took about a pack of cigarettes. He shook a cigarette out with grace, brought it up to his mouth, and pulled the cigarette out. He stroke a match across Cross's desk and lit the cigarette. Toga drew a deep breath of mint flavored tobacco, holding it in for a few seconds before leaning back and blowing large plumes of white smoke. His face as relaxed as he could make it before he told Cross his report. "I found it in a smoking heap of what used to be part of the Kuran mansion. " He said letting a puff of white smoke period the sentence.

Cross placed his fingers in front of his face. His eyes narrowed in deep thought. "Were any bodies found?"

"No one, but servants were in there when we got there. Yet, I know who ever left, left in a big hurry. We found a trail that led to the woods, but lost it once they hit the mountains."

"We need more evidence."

Toga brought his fist down on the desk. "Zero's dead and you need more evidence than this." He pointed to the Bloody Rose. He was blacked in areas, but its previous luster would come back if its master were to use it.

"You know Kaname is the head of the vampire council. If we go after him we would be planting the seeds for a war. Besides, Zero may have been visiting when it explosion happened." Cross was trying to be optimistic, but Toga was too much of a realist to see it his way.

Toga grunted a curse and put his cigarette out on Crosses desk.

"Ah, not again!" Cross screamed, "Do you want to start a fire?"

Toga was at the door. "If you're going to make up excuses, Cross, I'll handle this my way." He slammed the door, leaving Cross to put out the fire himself.

Zero walked down a narrow cave. The walls were hard rock, carved smooth as if a machine had done it. The smell of dry fresh earth was so relaxing to Zero after being trapped in a hot, stale prison for so long he absorbed everything that numbed those memories. With his bare feet he felt the cool, dry, cave dirt. A slight breeze shifted his hair. His senses were so keen he could even hear the scurrying of beetles around him.

Zero looked at the group around him. Kain and Aido were to his front while Ruka and Seiren were behind him. The formation was probably to keep him from running away. Zero knew he didn't need it. After a few turns they finally came to a large sliding door. He was made of have oak and carved with the Kuran family crest. Aido slide the door open with care.

"Watch your step, Zero." Kain warned as he descended down a flight of stairs. As they moved downward, Zero noticed the dropped in temperature. There was no light as they went deeper, but Zero's eyes adjusted without difficulty. As they made the way to ground level Zero could see shelves of wine bottles. Each bottle decorated in elaborate patterns.

"A blood cellar," Zero said, unsurprised. "This violates the agreement with the Hunters." He grinned, knowing he could use this information to bring a search party here to bring down these vampires without a problem.

If the vampires noticed they didn't show it. They kept Zero moving, past racks of the sweet elixir. He ran his tongue over his fangs feeling the unbetraying thirst on the back of his throat. If his hands hadn't been bound he knew he'd drink from those bottles without hesitation.

When a foul smell of death hit Zero his hunger vanished. He looked ahead of him, the smell growing stronger. He could see where the brown stone turned to white tiles. A white door stood between them and the stench beyond. Kain opened the door as if not noticing the smell. He turned back to Zero, signaling for him to go first. Zero stepped slowly through the threshold. His eyes behold a room full of ruby red light. His eyes came upon the large pool of ruby red liquid that was as thick as honey. Finally, Zero saw the black mass on the floor. If it had not been for the slight gasp of raspy breath Zero would have thought it to be just some junk on the floor.

Zero gritted his teeth and held his breath as his legs brought him closer. As Zero inched closer he could see the charred skin of the figure. The remaining skin, that wasn't burnt black, was threaded with black veins. Zero could see the remains of the fine sable hair that was now left in random patches. The entire left eye was missing, leaving on a nerve to hang from its empty socket. The face was mangled into a permanent snarl. As Zero looked downward he could see his left arm was missing. When the creature before him stirred, he jumped back like a scared cat. The creature's remaining eye stared back at him. Devoid of soul, the creature only rasped through its open mouth. The creature's tongue was moving, trying to form sounds.

"You deserve this." Zero whispered. The statement lacking the vengeance it should have. He didn't pity this now fallen creature, but the allure was gone. He wanted to kill Kaname when he was a strong, proud pureblood. The creature before him was only what remained of that pureblood.

A noise came from the creature. A hallow rasp of a sound. The sound echoed off the stone walls and seemed to grow louder. The sound seemed to cut through Zero. The sound grew louder and louder with less rasp. That's when Zero realized, the damn thing was laughing at him. Even on the verge of death Kaname would mock him. Zero could feel his rage overflow. His legs ran towards Kaname, his fangs bared. He would finish killing him.

Zero leaped at the laughing Kaname. He was stopped an inch before he reached Kaname. An elbow wedged into upper back. He screamed his frustration for being stopped. This only made the creature laugh harder.

"Get him away from Kaname quickly." A shout rang out. More arms grabbed Zero. He was being dragged out now. Zero was slammed into the wine cellar floor. Even though the vampires around his where tired, they took him down swiftly and effectively. The door was promptly closed and locked tight, but the laughter never ceased.

"How dare you." Ruka pulled back her hand to slap Zero. Zero braced himself for the blow, but it never came. She held her hand there, but never fulfilled the threat. "Just tell us how this happened. The way she seemed to have given up completely shocked Zero. This noble was not known to give up so easily.

"He kidnapped me." Zero spat. "Your little pureblood of a vampire kidnaped me, starved me, and tried to get me to drink innocent blood. He deserves this!" A hand connected with Zero's jaw.

"Kain!" Everyone gasped as Kain stood over Zero. His eyes burning into Zero, making him stop his ill speech.

"If you are going to tell us then start from the beginning. Not here, though, the smell of death is upsetting me. Let's go back upstairs."

The air was heavy with strands of music, and the floor vibrated with dancing. Dresses and suits of every hue spun in circles around each other. Food lay out of the tables. An arrangement of fish and fowl, pork and pastry, and wine of every hue, so long as it was red, glittered to perfection on the table. The food was untouched by the host and most of the guest, but empty to half full bottles of wine were everywhere. Air bellowed silently from vents and hidden places blowing rose petals in the air; giving the guest the illusion of blood raining down.

High above the festivities Asato Ichijo peered through his crimson stained wine glass at the party he hosted. He analyzed the smiles of his guest, the flash of a soon to be suitor or their laugher at a certain joke. He saw their breath as they slipped gossip to each other. Much of the gossip was old and desperate and much of it about him. The guest of aristocrats speculated about where the blood wine had come from. How the good stuff wasn't served to them. That he was still using his old title as head of the senate to host these parties. They even commented on how the drapes weren't new. They all whispered how this was a façade, a lie maintained by the senate because none of them had the slightest idea of how to live any other way. At this moment he would do anything to shut them up.

The moment had come.

Shocking in her white gown, the golden bells laced into the folds sang as she parted a sea of people in her path. Her brown hair rolled back and forth with each step like a dark ocean of brown silk. Yuki Kuran gilded like a beautiful wraith leaving behind the smell of nighttime in her wake. Whispers rang out of why she was here. Stupefied servants, alarmed aristocrats, and a hungry host all looked on in wonder as Yuki strode to the smorgasbord of food and drink. They watched as she took a bite of chocolate cake.

"This is delicious." Yuki said with glee. "Who should I send my compliments to tell them of how much I have enjoyed this dish?" Her question echoed throughout the ballroom. Only wide eyes and silence answered Yuki's question.

"I shall see to it that the chief knows of your pleasure." Asato appeared beside her. He gave her the warmest smile he could give the sister and bride of the pureblood that sent him to ruin. Asato took Yuki's gloved hand and kissed black of her hand. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit, my dear pureblood?"

"I have come to join in the merriment of your festivities." Yuki took a leg from the turkey and bite into it. "I must say your chiefs are very skilled. I wonder if they would like to work for me." She placed the turkey next to the slice of cake. She never took another bite after the first one.

"I am very glad you have decided to join us. When will Master Kaname be joining us?" Asato peered around looking for the pureblood. It was not like Yuki to off her leash of a brother. If Kaname were here Asato feared it would bring more support for the monarchy of his rule. Kaname had already defeated him once.

"Kaname is dead." Yuki drank the wine till the last drop. She licked and popped her lips rudely. "I must say the wine is terrible, though."

A collective gasp and even a shriek rang out as the crowd spoke and repeated what Yuki had said. "What do you mean?" Asato couldn't believe his ears.

"I mean the wine taste bad. You know not enough blood and way too much alcohol. The flavor is pretty flat too." Yuki giggled.

"Not the wine!" Asato snarled, "Your brother, he can't be dead."

"Dead, dying, blowing himself up, he's not that important."

"Then what is important Ms. Kuran."

"That I now rule you all, Mr. Ichijo."

"How dare you." Sato's voice rose to let his guest hear him. "Vampires don't need a monarchy anymore. Being ruled by one is foolish when you purebloods are worshipped liked gods. We, the aristocrats and commons, should govern ourselves without need of you." Praise and applause resonated from the crowd.

"Haha, do you really thing I've come here to say I'll rule by myself? Mr. Ichijo you have it all wrong. I've come to ask you to join me in forming a new senate. One where all vampires are equal and the blood of purebloods shall be shared with all."

The ballroom went silent once again. The prospect of purebloods giving their precious blood to all was like finding an ever flowing fountain of blood. The idea made every mouth in the room water. All eyes were on Asato, if he denied her offer they would all turn against him. Even if Yuki wasn't a popular pureblood, she just offered up her blood and every other pureblood's blood that was enough to turn favor her way.

"My dear, do you know what you are proposing?" Yuki didn't answer that question, but downed another glass of wine and afterwards licked the glass clean. "To give out your blood so freely and to make so every pureblood would do so would ruin the sacredness of that blood."

"Then I guess we'll need a new sacred thing now." Yuki sliced her wrist with a nail, the crowd moaning as they watch the ruby liquid fall gracefully into the glass. She took the second empty glass and poured another plentiful amount of her blood into it. She addressed the crowd now, bringing the two glasses into the air. "Let it be known from this night forth. All vampires will have their share of the purest blood."

She waved the glass right under Asato's nose, giving him a whiff of her fragrant blood. His hand reached for the glass without thinking, but Yuki had not intention on giving her blood to him. She gave the glass to a member of the crowd. The blonde aristocrat only stared at the blood in bewilderment and fear, knowing never before had something so priceless been given to her.

"That from this night forth the pure I shall see to it that all vampires are now equals." Yuki danced around Asato again teasing him with her blood, but never letting him take the glass. She handed the seconded glass to a young male vampire. He took the glass with pride, taking this moment as something truly noble.

"Let it be known that tonight I will be a queen henceforth." Yuki turned to Asato. His eyes burned with rage, humiliation, and want. "Shall we Mr. Ichijo?" Yuki pulled her dress' slip down, presenting her neck. The blue and red veins pulsed ever so slightly beneath her white skin. The crowd went silent now. Asato had no way of winning this battle. If he denied her, every single person here would abandon his cause and he would be cast aside and the Senate would truly be destroyed. If he did accept her offer he would be going against everything he stood for. Asato laughed to himself. He had been a vampire far longer than she and knew how to get out of this situation.

"My dear you honor me." Asato said as he came closer. He grabbed onto Yuki. His hands wrapped around her small arms. He leaned in closer to the nap of her neck, her scent so sweet if he were a young vampire once again this would've been very difficult. He bit into the side of Yuki's neck as if she were but a rack of meat. He took deep, plentiful gulps of her blood trying weakening her. He would drain her dry and make sure to kill her if she remained alive.

As Asato drank Yuki's blood a fight erupted over the blood Yuki gave to the blood vampire. The other aristocrats were jealous of a common vampire drinking before for them and snatched the drink from her. The drink spilled from her hands, but that did not discourage the other vampires from lapping the blood from the floor or squeezing her dress off her for the rest. The male vampire had no trouble and drank his fill steadily, savoring the flavor.

Asato dropped to his knees suddenly. His body shaking rapidly, the blood that was in his mouth spilled out black. His body twisted and elongated, his black suit ripped asunder to give rise to a black fur coat. This new creature stood more than ten feet tall with wings of black leather. The creatures red eyes stared in wonder as its new body parts functioned with new life. Asato was not the only one. The young male had already changed; his long slender arms were already wrapped around another guest eating his entrails. The common vampire had already screamed her head off as the aristocrats a top of her changed and crushed her to pulp.

Screams were every as the guest hurried to exits, but found them graded by more creatures. A vampire that had the power to manipulate fire light one of the beasts on fire. He had a moment to feel victory and run past the burning beast, only to have the beasts' flaming tail stab through him. The beast shook the flames from its body like water. Setting fire to the alcohol and blood drenched floor.

The chaos was wide spread as Luna watched in glee.

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