The taste of blood, it wasn't bad but it was still unappetizing. The clouds covered the fiery, bright sun. Each cloud had its hole and those holes were the devils way of saying "Welcome to hell son!" The beams of light hit the center of my eyes, creating eternal darkness.

"Great…" I spat out, "Just my luck! I can't see shit!" I knew that any moment, someone could pass by and take advantage of my disability and steal my wallet or even suffocate me, or they could take my M- 16 and shoot me right between the eyes. I sure hope it wasn't the last one, for I have other things to live for besides lying in the desert doing America's dirty work.

The explosions became more and more violent, making the ground shake. The thumps of people's feet passing by were extremely close to the side of my head making me flinch in horror, hoping they wouldn't step on my face. I clutched onto my gun thinking that I could shoot anyone that attempted to harm me. But I knew that I was falling for the suns harsh tricks and believing the impossible.

"Go! Go! Go!" I heard one of the men scream. His voice seemed confident, ready for the worst to happen. I wish I were like him. I bet he gets what he always wants. Fame, fortune, and sex were the main things that men wanted while enrolled in such harsh conditions in the middle of nowhere. I heard a man huff and I also felt moisture hit my face. "What should we do with him sarge?"

"I don't know private, I don't wanna leave him here, but we don't have enough room in the truck."

The sweaty man continued to huff, dropping his waste on my face.

"R-Really, I thought we still had room sir."

"No we don't. I've made other arrangements" I could feel the sarge's cigarette ashes hit my face, feeling them dig deep into the layers of my skin.

"Other arrangements?" The sweaty man asked, wiping the sweat off his forehead. As the waterfall of sweat hit my face I managed to mumble, "H-Help me please…" I sounded like a child, lost in a store looking for his mother.

The sergeant smirked and keeled down and said clearly in my ear, "I'm sorry private, you'll just be baggage to us. Thank you for serving in the U.S army! Come on tubby, lets go!" The sergeant stood back up, throwing his cigarette to the ground and began to walk off.

The tubby man answered with a huff, "Y-Yes sir!" His footsteps were heavy on the hard crusted surface.

I listened as the two sets of foots slowly marched away, leaving me behind. All hope was gone; the chances of me making it out alive were very slim. My face felt like it was expanding like a balloon, waiting to burst. My heart rate was non-human, beating as fast as gattling gun. I never knew that a life could end like this. But now I know that life is so delicate, so fragile. I sighed and whispered, "Hey I served and fought well, why should I be so blue? I fought like a true solider and lost with honor. Now I will die a noble man, wanting redemption." My breath was immediately cut off and my body cooked under the scorching sun for eternity.