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This story will have a lot of mystery and questions that won't be solved until much later in the story.



"Talking" Thoughts Poke-Speech

On with the Story...

Chapter 1: Death

*May's POV, Mount Silver, Johto, Pokémon Center*

I walked up to the Nurse Joy in the Pokémon Center to give her my Pokeballs.

The Johto Grand Festival was about to start and I had gotten all the ribbons I needed to enter it.

I rung the bell on Nurse Joy's desk and she came running over, "Trainer I.D?"

I handed her my I.D and she quickly scanned it, while I put my Pokeballs on the tray that she had brought with her.

She handed the I.D back to me and said, "May Haruka Maple?"

What does she want, I gave her my I.D.

When she said my name I nodded, slightly confused.

She smiled slightly, "You have someone named Brock Takeshi Slate on the phone. It's phone number 2."

Oh, My, God, Brock, he said that the Sinnoh League was about to start last time I called, I wonder how Ash is doing.

I nodded and quickly ran to the video phone, and grabbed the handheld.

Brock suddenly appeared on the phone, tears streaming down the sides of his face.

I immediately knew something was up, "Brock what is the matter?"

Brock grimaced slightly, more tears rolling down his cheeks, "Well it has to do with Ash..."

I laughed lightly, "Don't tell me he lost another League."

Brock chuckled a bit, but then stopped, "Actually, May, Ash w-. Let me start from the Beginning."

I can't wait to hear what has happened since I last called the group.


*Brock's POV, Lily of the Valley Island*

Ash was facing Tobias, in the semi-finals of the Sinnoh League. Ash had with a lot of difficulty defeated Tobias's Darkrai and Latios. Now Tobias had four Pokémon left, while Ash had only one.

There's no possible way that Ash could win now, unless he pulls of a miracle.

I looked at Dawn who said, "Ash isn't going to win is he? I wonder what his last Pokémon is..."

I turned to look at Ash again, pity etched deep onto my face.

Tobias sent out an Infernape, which I presume to be his starter.

Tobias then yelled, "Ash there is no way you can win this, forfeit now, I don't want your Pokémon to be severely hurt."

Ash instead smirked and laughed, "Tobias why would I quit now? You've obviously used the only legendries you have, while I still have one Pokémon who I give my full faith and trust into to help me win this battle. Why? Because he's one of my best friends."

Ash already used Pikachu, who is he talking about?

Ash smiled and pulled the last Pokémon he had's Poke-ball of his belt and shouted, "I have faith in you my friend. I choose you, MEW-TWO."

And out of the Poke-ball came none other than the Mew-two Ash had helped many times before...

Since when did Ash catch Mew-two?


*May's POV, Back in the Mount Silver Pokémon Center*

I couldn't believe it, "Ash caught a Mew-Two?"

I must have screamed really loud because I heard a voice say, "June, we don't need people to hear you all the way in Hoenn."

I turned to see my rival/crush, Drew, standing behind me.

I rolled my eyes, used to his teasing already, "Hello I was listening to Brock. I don't want you to interrupt the story."

Brock coughed slightly, smiling, "I don't want to interrupt you two lovebirds, but I still need to call Misty, Ash's Mom, and Professor Oak."

Drew and I blushed, "We are not lovebirds!"

Brock snorted, "Yeah right, and I have a girlfriend. Anyway, Ash called out Mew-Two..."


*Brock's POV, Lily of the Valley Island*

Mew-Two easily defeated Tobias's other Pokémon, and Ash moved onto the finals.

After the battle, Dawn, Barry, and I went to corner Ash, and ask him how he caught Mew-Two.

When we were in the corridor, we finally found Ash, talking to his old childhood friend, Gary.

Dawns eyes immediately starred up, "No way, it's Gary Oak, Professor Oak's grandson."

Barry, Ash, Gary, and I sweat-dropped, while I said, "Dawn, Gary doesn't know any Pokémon Poetry, even though he is a Pokémon researcher."

After I said that I turned toward Ash and yelled, "When did you catch Mew-Two?"

Ash flinched slightly, "I never really caught Mew-Two, I asked Gary to find him and ask him to help me. Gary caught Mew-Two for me."

Gary nodded to show Ash was telling the truth.

Pikachu crossed his arms and also nodded his head with a serious face.

After that Ash grabbed Gary's arm and started dragging him away, then turned his head and yelled, "I'm going to train with Gary for the finals see you guys tomorrow, my stuff is already in Gary's hotel room, so I'll crash there."

Why is Ash training with Gary, Gary is a researcher now, he decided not to be a trainer anymore after Johto?


*May's POV, Mount Silver Pokémon Center*

I interrupted Brock once again to ask, "Why did Ash stay with Gary? And who is Barry?

Brock shook his head, "I don't know…. And I doubt I ever will…. Barry is one of Dawn's childhood friends."

For some reason Brock became depressed again….

Drew, who for some reason was still there asked, "Why is it so strange that Ash stayed with an old friend for the night?"

Brock laughed slightly, "Ash paid for our hotel room, so why would he stay with a friend, it just doesn't make sense."

Out of nowhere, Solidad appeared and asked, "What doesn't make sense?"

Drew and I gasped before realizing it was just Solidad, so I said/yelled, "Arceus! Solidad you're here."

Brock smiled slightly, "I believe I was telling a story. Solidad it's nice to see you again."

I fake gasped, "Aaah. Brock isn't flirting with Solidad. Where's the real Brock?"

Brock smiled grimly, "May if I don't finish the story, then you won't know what happened. Are all three of you paying attention? Good. Now the next day…."


*Brock's POV, Lily of the Valley Island, the Next Day*

Today was the day of the finals of the Sinnoh League. Today no one in the stadium had a doubt that Ash would lose. Even Tobias was there watching, Ash smiled upon seeing him. The match was quick; the opponent wasn't nearly as strong as Tobias. I was overjoyed; Ash had finally won a League, the Sinnoh League.

I was crying tears of joy, just like Dawn was.

Ash walked up to the stage, in order for Cynthia to give him the trophy and offer him the chance to take on the Elite Four.

Ash shook his head when Cynthia tried to hand him the trophy and instead asked, "Can I say something first?"

Cynthia nodded and the announcer gave Ash the microphone.

Ash cleared his voice and said into the microphone, "I understand I just won the Sinnoh League, and I worked hard for it, but I am not going to accept the title. I first traveled to Sinnoh to prove I had the potential to be one of the best, but now that I have done that, I don't want to be bound to one place, I want to travel to the other regions and prove myself there. I have plans I want to complete in my life, so I'm going to give my title, not to the opponent I just beat, but to Tobias, he deserves it more. If I hadn't asked for my best friend to bring me Mew-Two so he could battle alongside me, Tobias would have won the Sinnoh League. Could you come here Tobias?"

While Tobias was walking onto the stage, completely dazed, Ash sneaked away from it. Dawn, Barry, and I noticed this and we went to find him.


*May's POV, Mount Silver Pokémon Center*

I was shocked, "Ash won the Sinnoh League!"

Drew was shaking his head in disbelief, "He gave up the title."

Solidad was smiling slightly, "Would any of these plans involve admitting to some girl he likes her? These two here are hopeless."

Drew and I yelled, "Not you too."

Brock smiled grimly, "They did..."

I squealed, "So he's finally going to admit to Misty that he likes her."

Brock grimaced "Just let me finish the story. When Dawn, Barry, and I caught up with Ash..."


*Brock's POV, Lily of the Valley Island"

After a lot of running and asking for directions, we finally saw Ash and Gary walking with each other, toward the dock.

I started waving my hand up into the air and yelled, "Ash! Gary!"

They must have heard me because they stopped walking and turned around, eyebrows raised.

Dawn ran up to Ash and asked, "Why did you just leave, you won the League."

Ash sighed, "I already said, I don't want to be bound to one place. I want to travel, see the world, catch new Pokémon, prove myself, tell Misty I like her, get May and Drew together, it's so obvious they like each other, even I can see that; I don't want to be stuck in Sinnoh for most of the rest of my life. Dawn follow your dreams, find someone, you already have a lot of boys dying to get your attention. When you find one you truly love, choose him, because if you don't it will hurt in the end. Come on Gary; let's go we promised to meet a certain someone. Didn't we?"

Gary was blushing, a beet red, so I presumed it to be a long time crush.

I smiled a bit, "So where are you two going?"

Gary managed to contain his blush and said, "As Ashy-boy said, we're going to see an old friend of ours, then I'm going to come back to Sinnoh to continue my research, while Ash going to a new region really far away from here, it goes by two names Isshu and Unova."

I nodded, "I guess this is good-bye then. I've been planning to become a Pokémon Doctor, so I'm going to go back home."

Dawn smiled sadly, "I guess I'll stay in Sinnoh and enter more Contests."

Barry jumped up excitedly, "Who says this is good-bye, we'll see each other again. Right?

All of us placed our hands in a ring, and yelled, "Friends Old and New forever."

Pikachu smiled and said, I wish you could understand me, but since you don't; I just want to say I'm going to miss you too, I wish you could know the truth though...

Then we all started walking in our own separate directions.


*May's POV, Mount Silver Pokémon Center*

I screamed in disbelief, "Ash actually made plans about getting me and Drew together!"

Drew was silently muttering to himself, "Are we really that obvious?"

I nodded, "Yes we are."

Drew turned toward me, "Then let's just save our friends the trouble."

Before I could respond Drew's lips came crashing down onto mine.

I could hear Brock and Solidad saying 'Finally' in the background, but I couldn't care less, I had Drew and that was all that really mattered.

But, we had to be interrupted, by a familiar voice shouting, "My little May-kins and Drewy-bear are finally together."

Drew and I pulled apart, blushing, only to yell, "Harley!"

Brock chuckled, "Okay, now one of Ash's plans has been fulfilled, can I finally finish my depressing story?"

I nodded, "I still don't get why you were crying."

Brock was starting to break down, "I'm getting to that part. As soon as we all started walking..."


*Brock's POV, Lily of the Valley Island*

As soon as we all stared walking in your separate directions, all of us heard a roar and a screech coming from separate directions. We all looked up to see a Lugia and a Ho-Oh fighting each other.

Then suddenly Pikachu, Ash, and Gary were in the path of their attacks, frozen there by some divine force.

And just like that a Hydro Pump from Lugia hit Gary.

And a Flamethrower from Ho-Oh hit Ash and Pikachu.

Then both attacks combined into an explosion.

As soon as the smoke cleared, Ho-Oh and Lugia were nowhere to be found.

And Pikachu, Ash, and Gary, well all that was left was soaked medallion and a scorched Pokémon League hat.

No, Ash. Gary. It can't be.


*May's POV, Mount Silver Pokémon Center*

I stuttered out, "N-No i-it c-can't b-be t-true."

Brock shook his head grimly, "I'm sorry May, but both Ash and Gary are dead. I still wonder how I'm going to tell his Mom and Misty."

I was trying to hold back the tears and managed to choke out, "Thanks for telling me, Brock, I'll tell Max and my parents."

Brock nodded, "Since we don't have any bodies, we're having a memorial for them in Pallet, be there will you? Dawn and I still have to call a few more people. Bye, May."

As soon as Brock's face disappeared from the screen, I fell to the floor crying.

I could see Solidad wipe a tear away from her eye

I could see Harley take of his hat and put it to his chest, head down, in respect.

I could feel Drew wrap his arms around me, top comfort me.

I could feel the tears streaming down my cheeks.

But I couldn't do anything to reverse time and save Ash.

Why did it have to be Ash? Why?

To Be Continued...

You people must really hate me now because 'I killed Ash'.

Don't blame me, blame Ho-Oh.

This story has just begun.

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