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The next few weeks of the competition breezed by in a blur of rehearsals, interviews and arguments. Business as usual for Naomi Campbell and the UK Idol process, except for one slight difference…I had been making time in my usually crammed schedule for the red-headed object of my desires. We snuck around like teenagers, catching make-out sessions whenever we could, but still hadn't really found time to actually get together. Emily had also been getting on brilliantly in the competition, proving to be very likeable across the board, so had soared through the past two live shows, earning particular praise for the group performance of 'Singing in the Rain' which had clocked up millions of YouTube hits already.

I was watching said YouTube video again when there was a knock on my dressing room door, prompting me to quickly exit the webpage. I accounted for a lot of those YouTube views.

'Yeah, it's open' I yelled, slamming down the lid of my MacBook.


'Oh, hi' I said, unnecessarily flustered at the sight of the real Emily, not just the dancing, rainy one.

'You okay?' She asked uncertainly, obviously catching my nervous behaviour, her head tilted slightly to the side to add to her questioning tone.

'Yeah, I was just…nothing. I'm fine, all good. What's up?' I rambled, much to the amusement of Emily, who seemed to sense she'd caught me doing something but obviously decided not to pry.

'Just came by to say that everyone is going to that premiere tonight…the one with Ryan Gosling in it…' She looked into the air, maybe for inspiration, before giving up 'I can't remember what it's called. But we've all been invited and Anthea says we have to go, and I was wondering if you're going?'

'Am I going? To the premiere?' I asked stupidly.

Emily chuckled and looked at me as though I'd taken something. 'Yeah. Are you going to be there?'

'Why?' This seemed to take her aback a bit, as the slight smile that was on her lips turned into a frown, and I immediately regretted being such a doughnut. 'I mean, why do you HAVE to go?'

'Exposure or something like that'

'Well, then yeah, I suppose I'll come along, if the other three are. Definitely.' I answered, looking into her brown eyes and watching them brighten at my answer, causing a colossal release of butterflies in my belly.

'Cool. I reckon we'll all be heading in together, but I was hoping that maybe we could get a drink afterwards, just you and me, because we said we would, and the last few weeks have been fun, what with all the kissing and stuff, but it'd be good to just hang out with you for a bit properly, y'know' Emily ranted. I smiled and nodded along.

'That sounds perfect, yeah.'

'Good' She nodded, looking at me with a giant grin on her face, neither of us breaking eye contact until I widened my eyes after what felt like too long to simply stare at each other grinning. 'Urm, well I'll go then'

'Okay…I'll see you later. Later tonight'

'Yeah, I'm looking forward to it' She smiled before exiting the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts just as my phone buzzed.

'Hey Cook'

'Hey hey! Premiere tonight…free booze, VIP table and a chance to dance the night away with no worries of an Anthea-style bollocking because she actually wants us to go…we're picking you up at 7'

I was holding the phone away from my ear as he yelled excitedly and I smiled at his boyish enthusiasm. 'Yeah, Cook, I was planning on showing my face anyway. I've just got to find something to wear.'

'No, you haven't. Eff said she has it sorted and that she'll see you at your place in an hour. Said somethin' about dressing to impress, tonight's the night, and some other bollocks, so yeah, hurry yourself up and stop working for once. We're going to have a good one tonight Blondie, I can tell'

I furrowed my eyebrows at what he'd said, but decided not to probe him further as he wasn't a mine of information at the best of times.

'Okay Cook, see you at 7.'

'All tux-ed up and givin' Gosling a run for his money, don't you worry'

I laughed out loud, ended the call and went back to thinking about Effy's typical mysterious words, and hoped that Cook was right, that tonight was going to be a good night.

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