New story: inspired by Showtime series Dexter.

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You can't be a hero and a killer.

"You can't be a hero and a killer." I heard the sick voice of James telling me, whispering to me, almost like teasing me.

"It doesn't-" I muttered slowly.

"Feel right?" I heard his laugh behind my back. "Having argues to kill others isn't right either." He told me.

From a distance, I heard the police sirens. I know James heard them too.

"Shit!" James yelled. "Lets get out of here, we'll leave and head to another city."

I shook my head as the blood reach my shoes.

"Don't fucking back down now! You are not normal!" he yelled and kicked the lifeless body towards me.

It's getting closer, the cops. I could hear it.

"We are going to meet again Edward, and when we do" he took a deep breath. I turned around to look at him. He was there smiling, like if he found out he won the lottery, like if he invented something holy. "You'r a sociopath, Edward. Good luck in the future serial killer. I hope to see you soon." He threw the bloody knife towards me but as a reaction I didn't move. Instead I was shocked at what he told me.

He open the door and ran out as I stood there frozen with 3 dead, bloody bodies surrounding me.

The cops are right outside and I could hear them yelling commands at each other. James was probably a mile away, he was always good at running.

Sociopath, serial killer. Those were the only words that I kept hearing in my head.

The cops were getting closer and I would be put to jail, no, not jail, juvenile detention. I am just a young thirteen year old. No questions needed if they found out what happen. If they do ask questions I'll probably be put in a psychiatric facility, aren't those the places where people like me go?

I breath in the smell of blood. I love the smell. It makes me...happy, normal, even though I know I'm not.

Before I knew what happen a cop kicked down the door.

A cop with blonde hair yelling, don't know to who but I just kept hearing James voice repeating sociopath and serial killer.

The cop got closer to me and kneeled down at me, his eyes met mine.

"I'll protect you" He told me and I felt a sting. A sting right on the side of my stomach. I felt the blood trickle down my sides. The blonde cop picked me up, carrying me and ran outside.

"I need a medic! I need a medic!" he yelled near my ear as he place one of his hands behind my head as if...i don't know, as if I was a victim in all this.

I was quickly place in a stretcher and was in a ambulance car.

"Stay quiet and I'll protect you." The cop said near my ear and place an oxygen mask on me.

"Carlisle, are you joining us?" I turned to see the driver talk to the cop. He nodded and close the door. I quickly felt a sting on my arm and thought about James again.

"You're safe now." Carlisle the cop told me as the van speed off towards the hospital.