My name is Rejji Ozora. My dragon is named Chibisuke. I was an avid player of the video game, Dragon Drive. My dragon was chosen especially for me based on my personality. My dragon appeared to be a weak dragon, and when I first saw him he was sleeping. When I entered my first battle, I ran away from the enemy dragon with him. I saw that he had wanted to stand and fight, so I decided to stop being a coward and fight with him. We were in almost-perfect sync. He managed to fly up, and he fired a fire attack from his mouth. Together, we won, Later, I manage to get myself in a game against some of the greatest Dragon Drive players. I was the last one alive other than the best of the best. I wasn't going to back down. I could see Chibisuke's true form, then. He wasn't as small and weak as I had previously thought. He was truly a large dragon of epic proportions. We got sent to an alternate world, and eventually we managed to return back to earth. But all that happened four years ago. Before everything had changed. Before the world of Dragon Drive had changed, forever.