I'll always know what you did last summer

Nighttime lake house in Michigan

Nancy-hey did you hear about that movie there making?

Susan-what movie?

Nancy-it's called the hook. It's based on the murders that happened in this town only on July 4th.

Susan-ok so?

Nancy-are you serious! They say the 4th of July is cursed in this town.

Susan-I think that's just bullshit.

Nancy-ok, ok but this chick named Martha baker wrote this book about the murders now they're turning it into a movie.

Susan-witch I'm not going to see when it comes out.

The phone ring, ring

Nancy gets a text saying "hello."

Nancy replies "hi who's this?"

The man replies "someone who will always know what happened that summer."

Nancy-ha-ha oh my god.


Nancy-its mike acting like the fisherman guy.

Susan-he's retarded.

Nancy-I know.

Susan walks up stairs

Susan-I'll be right back.

Nancy replies "ha-ha mike you actually had me fooled lol."

The man replies "whose mike?"

He then sends a picture of Susan walking down the hall up stairs

Nancy then runs upstairs when she's in the middle of the stairs she gets another text

"I wouldn't do that if I were you Nancy."

Nancy-what the fuck?

She continues to go upstairs

Nancy-Susan, Susan?

She gets another text saying "Susan isn't with us anymore"

She walks into Susan's room to find the fisherman sticking his hook into Susan's throat after stabbing her several times.

Nancy-oh my god! Aaahhhhh!

The fisherman turns to see her he takes out his hook and walks towards Nancy raising his hook.

She runs down the hall.

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