The next morning Julie is walking her dog back to her house

Julie-"come on Rufus."

They both walk in the house she locks all the doors as ray comes out of the bathroom

Ray-"hey beautiful, hey Rufus, hi boy!"

Julie-"hey sweetie."

They kiss the phone rings Julie answers


Karla-"hey Julie I'm going to the movies tonight you want to come?"

Julie-"what movie are you going to see?"

Karla-"umm yeah it that movie the hook."

Julie-Karla? You're kidding me right?


Julie-that movie is based on our life!

Karla-so?It's mostly about you and ray anyway.

Julie-were not going to see it.

Karla-yes you are.

Julie-no I'm not.

Karla-yes you are

Julie-Karla no I'm not!

Karla-what I say?

Julie-….alright fine ill go.

Karla-yes and bring ray.


Karla-I'm bringing my new boyfriend!

Julie-oh yeah, who's that?

Karla-His names Michael oh my god you'll love him Jules, he's a sweetheart!

Julie-I bet so when is it?


Julie-are you kidding, what time?


Julie-alright I'll call you later bye.


As Julie hangs up the phone she walks to her and rays room where he laying on the bed she cuddles with him

Ray-so how was your day?

Julie-aah same old, same old

Julie-I got this all from this teenager who got raped at her school.

Ray-what? That's crazy.

Julie-yeah and they got her pregnant, six teenagers drugged her at lunch and dragged her to the boys bathroom and raped her no even noticed until after one period and now she's pregnant.

Ray-that's crazy!

Julie-yea I talked to her for a few hours then another girl called about her abusive boyfriend and dad.

Ray-wow teens these day's

Julie-yeah, anyways how was your day?

Ray-it was good I guess I had to fire Willis today.


Ray-he keeps coming in late and half the time he's drunk.

Julie-well it happens when you are still living with your parents.


Julie-Karla invited us to see midnights screening of the hook the tickets are free.

Ray-really the hook ok.

Julie looks at the clock it just stroke 11:30pm

Ray-we should probably get ready.

They both get up Julie walks in the bathroom, ray walks to the drawer to grab a clean shirt Julie was washing her face and then started to change clothes as well

When they got ready it was about 11:40

As they get to the movie theater it was almost 12 they run inside and see Karla and her boyfriend Michael by theater room 13 they run inside as they see the audience with fake hooks on there's hand's Julie, ray and Karla all star at each other

The make there way to the seats as the title of the movie

The hook in red like blood as the movie plays Julie gets a text from a unknown number as she reads it, it says

"Hello Julie."

"The hook huh, why watch a movie based on your life?"

Julie stares at the screen as the message continues to come

"I know what you did that summer and the writer of the book the Southport murders, Martha Kingman is in the theater, and I can see you. Watch out."