All right. I can't explain this. I'v sn somthing similar to this in th Glee section and thought it would be fun to give it a try. I've never seen this done with Wicked (If I'm wrong, plase let me know) but I'v still tried to put my own spin on it. So, I hope you enjoy (or at least have a chuckle) at this. Thanks!

Elphaba Thropp is finally on her way!

Galinda Upland said a tearful good-by to Momsie and Popsicle. I'm going to miss them soooooooo much! Love you both!
Nessarose Thropp is playing a game with Father to make the trip go by faster.
Elphaba Thropp:…Father's sleeping

Galinda Upland can't believe she didn't get into the sorcery seminar AND can't believe she's stuck with this hideodious roommate. Going to lay down for a while :(

Elphaba Thropp While it may be a renowned university, Shiz's student housing system leaves much to be desired. Looking forward to first day of classes tomorrow.

Boq is in love with a celestial blonde angel :)
Galinda Upland: That's so sweet, Biq! Who's the lucky girl? :) :)

Galinda Upland is wondering why Dr. Dillamond can't pronounce my name right. Is it really THAT difficult?

Elphaba Thropp has only one word to describe today: unsettling.

Fiyero Tuggular has arrived at school number 37. Not thinking it's going to last as long as the others. However, the single female population seems promising ;)

Nessarose Thropp has a date tonight!
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Galinda Upland and Fiyero Tiggular are now in a relationship
Boq :(
Nessarose Thropp: What's wrong?

Galinda Upland is accessorizing herself for Fiyero :)
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Elphaba Thropp is being forced to socialize against her will
Nessarose Thropp: Oh, stop it, Fabala. It'll be fun
Elphaba Thropp: If you say so…

Galinda Upland was wrong about her

Elphaba Thropp and Galinda Upland are now friends
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Nessarose Thropp and Boq are now in a relationship
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Galinda Upland is giving my new BFF a make-over!

Elphaba Thropp has been Galindafied
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Fiyero Tiggular: *dislike*
Galinda Upland: Why, dearest?
Fiyero Tiggular: She was fine the way she was

Elphaba Thropp is not that girl.
Galinda Upland: :(

Fiyero Tiggular is thinking….
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Galinda Upland is worried.
Boq : Anything I can help with?
Galinda Upland: No, thank you, Biq.
Boq : Boq

Elphaba Thropp is off to s the Wiazrd! :)
Nessaros Thropp: You're using smileys now?
Elphaba Thropp: It's a rare exception
Fiyero Tiggular: Good for you, Elphaba! Congratulations!

Galinda Upland is now Glinda

Fiyero Tiggular wonders why the fairer sex is so blasted confusing

Glinda Upland is off to spend one short day with her best friend in the Emerald City
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Elphaba Thropp is flying free

Glinda Upland still doesn't know what just happened
Fiyero Tiggular: What's wrong? Did something happen to Elphaba?
Glinda Upland: I'll explain when I come home, dearest

Nessarose Thropp is embarrassed beyond words…
Galinda Upland: You don't know everything, Nessa
Nessarose Thropp: I know enough
Galinda Upland: :(

Fiyero Tiggular now works as Captain for Gale Force

Glinda Upland now works as Press Secretary at The Wizard's Palace

Fiyero Tiggular is searching high and low
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Glinda Upland When did everything become so complicated?

Fiyero Tiggular is engaged to Galinda Upland
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Nessarose Thropp My legs work, but my heart is broken.

Boq is heartless! Kill the witch!

Fiyero Tiggular found quite the surprise in the throne room today :)

Glinda Upland is now single

Elphaba Thropp is making every last moment last.
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Elphaba Thropp: You would
Fiyero Tiggular: :)

Elphaba Thropp and Fiyero Tiggular are now in a relationship

Nessarose Thropp has a bad feeling…

Glinda Upland and Elphaba Thropp are no longer friends

Glinda Upland 's life is over. How could they do this to me? :(

Elphaba Thropp was too late. I'm so sorry, Nessa

Fiyero Tiggular has one word: Ouch
Elphaba Thropp: Where are you!

Glinda Upland has made a mess of it all :( I'm so, so, so sorry!

Elphaba Thropp is trying desperately to save him
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Glinda Upland: You can do this!

Glinda Upland to Elphaba Thropp: Elphie, please talk to me! I'm sorry!

Elphaba Thropp and Glinda Upland are now friends

Glinda Upland has been changed for good
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Fiyero Tiggular thinks the whole brain thing is overrated anyway.

Elphaba Thropp is saying good-bye
Glinda Upland: :(

Elphaba Thropp has deactivated her account

Glinda Upland knows the truth and will now be Glinda the Good. Oz speed, my friends. Wherever you are :)

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