Harry Potter stared up at the clock, counting down the minutes until he hit 17 and was able to leave the Dursely's for ever.


He smiled softly, which made him flinch because of the bruises on his face. Harry had gotten beaten extra hard today by his Uncle, he called it an "early birthday present." He sighed, knowing that he'll have to put up more glamours so no one would be able to see his new bruises when he went back to school. Harry continued to stare at the clock, willing the little digital numbers to change faster.


Harry felt almost giddy at the thought of leaving this house, once he was 17 the trace on him would disappear and he wouldn't need to stay in the protection that his aunt and uncle unknowingly gave him.


Harry's breathe caught in his throat as he began to count down from 60.


Just imagining leaving this hell hole caused a ghost of a smile to appear on Harry's lips.

45, 44, 43, 42.

Harry began to wonder what he would inherit. what was so special in his family, besides his father's name? He thought to himself. But was different for everyone. Of course when Hermione turned 17 in April and she found out that in fact she was half vampire! It shocked the hell out of everyone, apparently Hermione was adopted into the Granger family, her real mother died during childbirth and her father was killed by Tom Riddle shortly after wards. It was a shock to Hermione but she decided that she didn't mind being half vampire and half witch. Of course Severus Snape helped her along the way seeing as he was a full vampire who hid his true looks behind a glamour, plus he only acted like a git during class.

34, 33, 32, 31, 30.

'Almost there now, not much longer.' Harry thought.

25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19.

Hedwig feather's ruffled as she waited, she too could not wait to leave the house in which her beloved Harry was treated so badly. If only she could use a quill like the humans did, then she would be able to send a letter to the headmaster herself and have Harry taken away from these horrid muggles. If only she was big enough to carry him away, somewhere far away where Harry wasn't the boy who lived and didn't have to kill a power mad wizard named Tom. If only Hedwig had sharper claws so she can rip the evil, little muggles to pieces for what they have done. If only her Harry could be safe and happy.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!

"Happy birthday." Harry whispered softly to himself, not wanting to wake up his aunt or uncle. Hm...what happens now? Harry questioned silently, not feeling any different. Ron had told him that when he came into inheritance he would feel the magic flowing through him. Harry looked up at the clock, the digital 12:00 flashing at him. Harry sighed and rolled over in his bed, staring at the ceiling.


Harry screamed as a pain ran through his body. Harry arched his back as another scream flew from his lips, trying to escape the pain that radiated through his being. This pain was nothing like Harry had ever experience before. A white light shined around his body as every cut, bruise, and wound healed completely. Harry's hair grew longer, he gained a few inches making him taller, his skin became smooth and perfectly tanned, his eye sight was fixed, and everything about Harry became more perfect, more defined, more elegant, and even a little bit feminine. Harry's huge emerald eyes were framed by long lashes and his lips became more pink and pouty looking, the kinds of lips that just begged people to kiss them. Of course Harry's screams woke up not only his aunt and uncle but also alerted the members of the Order, who were sitting through a late night meeting in Dumbledor's office, as his power spilled over and broke the wards.

"You little freak! how dare you cause such a ruckus!" Vernon, his face during red and angry as he started to beat Harry with a cane.

Of course this caused even more noise as Hedwig started squawking loudly and Harry's screams resounded around the room. Harry fell to the floor with a thud as his uncle continued to abuse him verbally and physically. Harry opened his eyes only slightly as his door flew open and slammed against the wall.

"stupefy." Many voices yelled, wands pointed at the muggle, slamming the fat whale of a man against the wall.

Harry flickered in and out of consciousness as he watched members of the Order run into the room, some of them attending to Vernon and Petunia while most of them ran over to Harry, who was curled in a ball on the hard floor shaking. Harry could make out the faces of Severus and Remus in the sea of people.

"It's fine cub, we're here now. just relax." Remus whispered as Severus gave Harry a dreamless sleep potion.

Harry managed one tiny smile at his godfather before his world went black and he was pulled under.

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