Facing the Past

Hello all. This is my first PLL story. I have had this scenario in the back of my mind for a while now. I have tried it once with another fandom, but fixed it up for this couple, my favorite. If you don't like it and think I shouldn't continue that's okay, I just thought I would give it a shot. PS. I love all of your stories.

Summary: Two weeks after graduation Aria left Rosewood for NYU taking a piece of Ezra with her. What happens when she returns four years later to teach English at Rosewood Day?

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It was a Tuesday in mid-August and Aria Montgomery watched from the window of her small apartment as buckets of rain fell from the sky onto the side of the large building. Aria lived on the campus of New York University where she had recently graduated with a degree in English. Aria was one step closer to fulfilling her dream of becoming a high school English teacher.

Aria stood completely still as she watched the rapid wind blow through the large trees that sat on the grounds of the campus. After moments of stillness Aria took a seat at a rather small table situated in the corner of the room. She let out a loud sigh as she began to flip through the various papers that were currently scattered all over the tabletop. Countless envelopes, letters, and loose leaf paper labeled with who knows what occupied Aria's sight.

Over a month ago Aria had applied to numerous schools in the New York area, thinking it be best that she stay in the place she had called home for the past four years. But against her better judgment she also applied for a job teaching senior English at none other than her alma mater, Rosewood Day High School. There was only one problem about Rosewood; there was no way she could go back there. No way.

Aria left Rosewood a week after her high school graduation. It was also a week after she had slept with her high school teacher boyfriend, Ezra Fitz, for the first time. She would never forget the day, especially now. She had meant to make routine visits back to Rosewood, but days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years. Four to be exact and she had yet to make one single visit. She had good reason, or so she thought.

Aria was broken from her thoughts by the sound of the apartment door opening and familiar noises indicating she was no longer alone. Aria looked up from the paper she had been looking over and was greeted by one of her longest friends and roommate Spencer Hastings. Standing behind her wearing a small blue windbreaker with a hood covering his tiny head was the reason she was afraid to return to Rosewood, her three and a half year old son.

The small boy quickly spotted his mother and his eyes lit up as he raced into her now open arms.

"Hi mommy."

Aria kissed the top of her son's head and ran her fingers through his dark brown hair as she sat him comfortably onto her lap. "Hey Jake. "

Aria looked on as Spencer sat her things down onto the table and took a seat in an unoccupied chair. "Thank you for taking him for the afternoon." Aria spoke softly."

Spencer shook her head at her best friend. "Oh it's no problem Aria. I love spending time with Jake; we have loads of fun together, right bud?"

Jake responded by erupting into a fit of giggles and looking straight up at his mother. "I got all wet mommy." he spoke as he attempted to remove the hood from his head while continuing with his laughter.

"Well thanks Spence, I truly don't know what I would do with you."

"No problem."

As Aria held her small son in her arms her thoughts quickly returned to that awful day, the last day she dialed Ezra's familiar phone number. She had tried multiple times to contact Ezra after she found out about her pregnancy, but to no avail. Living in New York, she now had an unfamiliar number, which she suspected was the reason he never picked up the phone when she called. Well that, or the fact that on many of the attempts she chickened out after the first ring.

She was quick to admit that she was afraid. What was she going to tell him? O, Hi Ezra you remember what happened graduation night, um well I'm having your baby. One could only imagine how he would react to a statement like that especially over the phone. And what about everyone else, her friends, her parents, everyone, it would be front page news. Student having teacher's baby. Wouldn't that just be great?

But as she thought back, she remembered the day just like it was yesterday.


She followed the same pattern as usual. She grabbed her cell phone, stared at the number that was displayed on her screen for nearly thirty minutes as she contemplated her next move. Then she slowly and ever so softly tapped the button labeled call. She slowly brought the phone up to her hear and listened the familiar noise.

One dial.

Two dials.

Three dials.

Four. And then she heard it.

"Hi this is Ezra…" Aria took a deep breath and began. "Ezra we need to talk." But before she could continue she recognized the voice she was hearing. It wasn't Ezra on the phone. It was his answering machine. "I'm not here to take your call, but if you would please leave a message, I'll get back with you as soon as I can."

Then as usual she heard a long drawn out beep. It was now or never.

'Hi Ezra. It's me Aria. Look, I really didn't want to have to tell you this over a message, but you haven't answered any of my calls and well most of the time I freak out and hang up before the call even goes through. And now I'm rambling but here it goes. I'm….i'm pregnant. You're going to be a father. Well I mean if you want to-"

Before she could finish her confession, she was interrupted by yet another long beep signaling the allotted time to leave the message had expired.

And now all she could do was play the waiting game.

Gretchen Fitz was known for her rudeness and complete disregard for others. She was arrogant, disrespectful, and impolite…to say the least. To put it in simple terms Gretchen was a bitch.

She had recently dropped out of college after a half semester at Hollis to pursue other interests, or at least that's what she had called it. In reality she failed out and had absolutely no where to go. She lost her apartment and after much begging and pleading she was now staying for the time being with her older brother, Ezra, against his better judgment.

After a few seconds of forcing the key into the door properly, Gretchen entered the small, cluttered apartment. She immediately heard a beeping sound and quickly found its source, the answering machine sitting atop the counter in the kitchen. She walked rather quickly to the machine and tapped the button signaling for the message to play.

Thirty seconds later, Gretchen had heard all she needed to hear. The panicked tone in the girl, Aria's, voice, the desperation to receive a call back, and the enormity of the purpose of the message were enough. Without any hesitation Gretchen punched the key labeled delete and with that…the message was history and so were any hopes of Aria receiving a call back from Ezra and Ezra learning of the news she had shared.

Gretchen was doing the right thing. Or at least that's what she kept telling herself.

Aria was still waiting.

End flashback

"Earth to Aria" Spencer yelled rather loudly in an attempt to get the attention of her best friend.

"Mommy!" Jake joined in while beginning to poke his mother's face.

"Uh..oh.. sorry. What were you saying?" Aria's spoke seconds later. After numerous taps to her face and Jake pulling at her cheeks she realized she had been lost in thought for quite some time.

"I was just telling you Rosewood Day is on the phone something about a job opening." Spencer raised an eyebrow in confusion and quickly handed the phone to Aria.

Aria took a deep breath and put the phone to her hear. 'Hello."

"Yes Ms. Montgomery, this is Dr. Sawyer, the superintendent of the Rosewood Day Public School System. I've read over the resume' you sent us weeks ago. Aria it's not like us to do this but I'd like to hire you over the phone." Aria let out a loud gasp before realizing she was still on the phone with the superintendent.

"I remember you quite well. You were a phenomenal student, even graduating at the top of your class. I trust my gut here. And I hope you would accept our offer to you to become the senior advanced placement English teacher."

Aria was taken by surprise and before she even realized it, she spoke one single word that would change her life yet again. "Yes."

"Well great. School starts in two weeks. Ms. Montgomery we can't wait to have you back at Rosewood Day."

And with that the call was over.

Aria gently laid the phone back onto the table. "What just happened?" she asked softly.

"From what I heard you just took a job at Rosewood Day. Looks like you're going to be seeing a lot of Jake's d-a-d-d-y."

"Holy crap."

Spencer gently patted Aria's leg noticing that Aria was becoming very pale; she looked as though she needed to lie down. "Aria breathe…breathe please."

"What am I going to do now?"

Spencer thought about the question for a moment than she finally came up with a decent answer. "Aria, this may be a good thing. You both need to talk. Besides you've been gone long enough, you didn't just keep Jake away from Ezra, even though I know that's not technically what happened, but what about your mom and dad, Hanna and Emily even."

Aria sat deep in thought as she let Spencer's words sink in, the shocked expression still very evident on her face.

"Maybe you're right Spence. I can't hide forever, no matter how much I'd like to. Besides, there's no turning back now. I already took the job.

Spencer simply nodded in agreement.

Aria looked down at her son who was busy fiddling with the zipper of his coat. "Well Jake, it looks like we're moving to Rosewood."

That's the end of chapter one. I really hope you like it, if not that's okay. If you like it please leave a review. If not just say you don't, but please don't be too negative. Remember that this is my first Pretty Little Liars story. Let me know if I should continue.