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Her feet are stuck. They won't move. No matter how hard she tugs, strains, and pulls, they will not budge. A mouse tries to aide but is swatted away. She tries to bring forth a forth a weapon, but nothing comes. The darkness is getting closer. Try as she might, she cries out spells. Words won't fall from her lips, neither will the sound. She could hear his laugh as she tried to fight. That gravely, blood curdling cackle of the heartless old man. Laughing at the young girl he's tried so hard to vanquish. Her destruction grew nearer and the darkness drew closer. The laugh became louder, and louder. Her friend tries to fight as well, but the darkness has consumed him. Taking him away and out of her reach. Leaving her with the tension he began. The darkness engulfed her, dragging her away. She claws at the ground, trying to break free. The hands of darkness not wavering. She's almost consumed, as it's only her head and arms that remain. With one final breath, as if to be saved by that person, she cried, "TERRA!"


"AHHH!" Alirah shot up and hit the floor. "Ow…my head," She moaned, rubbing the bump on her head. Her shoulder length light blue hair disheveled, sticking to her face from the large amount of sweat. Her ruby red eyes groggy and blurry. He black skirt was wrinkled and slightly torn. He light purple bell sleeves and white gloves were stained with dirt. Her light purple low neck halter top with the black heart and wings design was worn with holes. Her black boots were scuffed. Her head was spinning. Her whole body felt as if a huge amount of weight and pressure was lifted off of her. But she still felt nauseated. All in all, she felt like she had the life beaten out of her, was sent down to hell and was spat back out. Basically, she was a mess.

Speaking of messes. The room she was in was a mess. It was full of boxes and old knickknacks. Luckily there was a door. She pulled on it. It was locked. "Great," she rumbled. "Maybe my key…" She held out a hand, summoning Serpents Cry. The shape had changed. It was like nothing she's ever seen before. A note fell from the blade. She picked it up and it read:

Congratulations on your progression as a necromancer. You displayed enormous courage and dexterity in wielding the heart and soul blade. No doubt you have noticed that you cannot summon the heart blade.

Alirah then focused on summoning the heart blade. The note writer was right. She couldn't summon it.

That is because its purpose has been fulfilled. Heart and Soul came together as one through trust.

Heart and Soul through trust…that's what the mirror said to her. She used the two to summon the souls of her friends.

You vanquished one half of the man that plagues your memories. No you must fight through in order to reach the other. The other half looks remarkably like the boy you once loved and revered as a brother. His shadow – the memory that you have of him – will use that against you. He will tell you that Terra has turned against you or use you love for Terra against you. You must search yourself and the memories you have of Terra in order to rid yourself of that nightmarish figure.

"There's another Xehanort?" she asked herself. "And he…looks like Terra?" A horrific shudder slithered down Alirah's back. The thought of seeing Xehanort with Terra's face again terrified her. She saw it once nine years ago. She couldn't bear to see it again.

The memories you face will bring pain to your heart. They will show you what you have lost. You must remember what you have gained. Your memories will be bound by the chains of darkness. That chain will lead you through every world where you've experienced some type of loss. It will lead you to worlds you've tried to avoid. You must face these worlds. And you must face the figures within them.

Alirah pushed her hair back. She could barely handle seeing Xehanort's heartless. The memories of him and what he did to her haunt her every night. If what the letter says is true and old figures of the past are going to appear, she wasn't sure she could handle it.

You tamed Hiano – the guardian of souls. You bested Chernabog – lord of the spirits of the underworld. You can face the demons of you memories. As proof of my belief, I upgraded your keyblade. You now wield the Blade of Oblivion. I warn you of its power. It'll increase you Necro magic. I recommend that you practice before a battle. Just to get used to the magic.

I gave you this gift because I believe you are the one who can tame the darkness. Your powers are strong enough to tame my Hiano.

"His Hiano."

No I bid you adieu. But rest assured Alirah, juts because I have faith, does not mean I won't be watching. Owning these powers and Hiano are a great responsibility. And one day, I shall test and see if you are worthy of being a Child of the Night. Keep fighting a good fight.

Sincerely Zead


don't let a past love get in the way of your present.

"Past love?" She questioned. She flipped the let front and back. There was no other writing. "Who's Zead?" she whispered. "And why do some many people know him and Hiano?" Then she remembered. Hiano was in pretty bad shape during Ansem's fight. "Hiano…" she whispered, praying he was still there. Nothing happened. Alirah began to panic. She stood and called more sternly, "HIANO!" Her cracking voice echoed. Then, after a couple seconds, on command, the white and gold cobra slithered out and up her arm. Alirah let out a breath of praised relief. "Hi old man." She whimpered.

"Hello Mistress," he greeted with his gravelly British accent, "You look terrible." He quipped.

"You look worse," she laughed. She held up the keyblade. "Like your new blade?"

"Very," he marveled, slithering around it. "Where'd you get it?"

"You, uh, friend Zead gave it to me." Hiano's eyes widened at the name. He looked down at the ground and smiled. So you are watching her. "Hiano?" Alirah called, breaking his train of thought, "Do you know this guy? I've been hearing his name a lot lately."

"It's no surprise," Hiano chuckled, "5,000 years ago, when I first came into being, Zead took me in. He was the first Necromancer I ever met. He was so skilled in the dark arts. We were together until I was 4,000 years old. The day after the day of my birth, I was sent to the human world for 200 years. He still watched over me then." He explained with absolute fascination. "Even as a keyblade for 800 years, I could still feel him." Alirah could hear the pleasure in his voice. Hiano lived and missed his old master. He loves Zead more than me. She thought jealously. "A man who was centuries older than I am took an interest in me. It made me feel so special." Alirah put a hand on her arm and turned away. Special…"Alirah?" Hiano moved to face her. Alirah took no notice. Hiano's hood went down. He placed his tail to his chest. "Alirah…what's wrong?"

"N-Nothing," She lied, no looking at him.

"I know that you're lying, Ali," Hiano said slithering up her leg and to her waist, "You're…jealous." He concluded. Alirah's eyes widened. She opened her mouth to protest, and then shut it. "Alirah, you can tell me, honey," he said warmly, rubbing his head against her ribs, "Is it what I said about Zead?"

Alirah shook her head gloomily. "Just…the way you feel with Zead, is how I felt with Riku."


"Riku got mad at me before we were attacked." She wrapped her arms around herself, as if trying to protect herself from getting hurt. "I've never felt such anger from him." She leaned against the boxes, a crestfallen expression plastered on her face. "Terra was never like that with me."

"Alirah, you forget," Hiano exclaimed, going to her shoulders. He used his tail to make her face him, "Riku was with Ansem the whole time we were fighting to go and save him. Now Ansem, also known as Xehanort, for the last nine years, has looked for ways to torture and kill you. He must have said or done something to Riku. I'm sure of it."

"Well we can't be sure of anything as long as we're in this room," She uttered, walking to the door. She pulled on it again. Still locked. "Come on." She howled. "Got any ideas?" She sneered to Hiano.

"You're the one with the key," He stressed, "Try unlocking it."

"My key unlocks Souls, not doors," she spat, "5,000 years old and he can't even figure out how to open a door."

"Forgive me for not being a lock smith!"

"You're forgiven." She smiled. She pointed her key at the door. "Alohomora!" A beam of light shot from the blade and into the keyhole. Alirah heard a click. She jiggled the handle. It turned. "Alright!" she cheered. Slowly Alirah opened the door, a flash of light poured from the door. The next thing Alirah knew, she was tripping out of a Wardrobe. "Now where are we?" She moaned. She saw her sleeve and glove. It was good as new. So was the rest of her clothing. She was impressed. Then she gasped. The room she fell into had mirrors covered with sheets. The windows were in the shapes of stars and moons. Alirah knew this room. In fact she grew up in it for a time.

Hiano could sense Alirah's rising anger. "Alirah, what is it?"

"This room," she growled animally, "This room is in Yensid's Tower!" Hiano's eyes went wide. Of all the places for them to wind up in, why did it have to be this one? Alirah tightened her grip on her key blade. She switched to her gold cat eyes, she searched the room. Something was off. The room didn't have any auras, no energy…it was untouched. "That's strange…"

"I know what you mean." Hiano agreed. "I don't sense anybody or anything either. Are you sure this is Yensid's tower?"

"I lived her until I was four," Alirah spat, "I know this room. We're in Yensid's tower." Creak! Alirah and Hiano snapped their heads to the door. "And he's in the next room." Her red and black aura swirled around her. Her keyblade began to glow. Hiano became sick. Her level of hatred, if possible, was increasing exponentially. And her Necro magic was reacting at an alarming rate. Hiano saw the letter on the letter poking out of her skirt pocket. He pulled it out and dropped it flat on the floor. He speed read the letter and saw the warning Zead left. He looked over to Alirah. The Oblivion blade was feeding off her anger. She needed to curb it, or something chaotic would happen. Alirah began to hobble to the door. She was like a Zombie wanting to kill to feel alive. Hiano increased his size and constricted Alirah, holding her back. "Let-me-go-dammit!" she growled through gritted teeth. Her gold eyes were swirled with fire. "He-must-pay!"

"Alirah…" Hiano called pleadingly, tightening his grip, "I know he hurt you. I know the anger you feel towards him. I know how many pieces your heart and soul are being torn into. But you must control you anger," he insisted. Alirah began to heave heavily, her dark magic still spilling out like a faucet. "Look at your keyblade," Hiano urged. Alirah looked at it. "This blade increases magic and yours is growing at an alarming rate. You need to control you anger." Alirah nodded while panting. She closed her eyes and slowed her breathing, counting to five in her head. One…red aura vanished…two…black aura gone…three…eyes back to red…four…keyblade vanished…five…mellowed out. "Good," Hiano breathed, releasing her. He shrunk down to her waist. "Now I can train you to control your powers, just like I always have. But right now, if Yensid is in the next room, you must control your rage." Alirah dropped her shoulders and head. "You can do this Ali. Just walk in, say a few words, leave."

Alirah clenched a fist, and pushed the door open. The chair at Yensid's desk was turned away from her. Alirah could see the blue pointed hat. Alirah curled her fingers, imaginative claws at the end of her fingers. Calm down!She told herself. Alirah tiptoed towards the desk. Just face him and go! Alirah was a foot from the desk. She stood at attention. Then folded her arms. "I know you know that I'm here fantasia!" She spat. Yensid didn't move. "What's wrong? You were able to face me at Skull Rock. Still mad because I kicked your ass? Mad because," she slammed her hands on the desk, "The girl you tried to kill is standing here ready to do it again?"

"Alirah!" Hiano boomed.

"It's quite alright Hiano," Yensid chimed, waving a hand, "I understand my young granddaughter's anger. After all," dark energy swirled around Yensid as he turned in the chair. Alirah staggered back. Yensid became a bald old man in a familiar trench coat, "I am part of the reason why she's so angry."

"Xehanort!" She hissed, drawing her keyblade. She forced Hiano back in.

"My how a girl can grow in nine years," The old Master marveled, leaning on his hands, "And how her mind set can change as well." Alirah kept the blade in front of her. She knew how fast the old man was. He wouldn't get the best of her. Not this time. "Terra would be proud of you," Alirah's anger flared. How dare you let his name slip from your lips! "To see you return to this tower. You have been avoiding two worlds. Trying to spare yourself the pain of the losses you have suffered. The anger you have tried to bury." He rose from the seat, "For that you should rewarded somehow." keeping one hand on the desk, he trailed around, "Shall I have a king's robe placed upon your shoulders?" Alirah backed away, not taking her now gold eyes off the man, "Maybe a queen's ring for your fingers," he smiled wolfishly, "A Baron's shoes for your feet."

"All you'd better do is pray for your life," Alirah hissed, "But you and I both now it won't do you any good."

"Finita la commedia," Xehanort shrugged, still slowly approaching Alirah, "Is that the Oblivion keyblade I see being pointed at me."

"You're damn right it is."

Xehanort stroked his small beard with impression. He knew Alirah had grown in body and strength, but he did not think this strong. "You have tamed the Guardian of Souls, as well as the Darkest Keyblade ever brought into existence," he stated remarkably. "You have done the one thing I could only dream of doing," He bowed, crossing a hand over his chest, "You finally have me at a disadvantage," he rose and placed the hand on his empty chest, "It makes me happy."

"What does?" Alirah's back hit the wall. She didn't let it distract her.

"Seeing you here like this," Xehanort stopped five feet from her, the blade touching his chest, "My young Necromancing martyr returned. Returned and now one with her dark powers. It is glorious isn't it? Having these powers?"

"No," she hissed, trying to keep her voice leveled, "It's been hell." She tried to move away, but couldn't.

"Hell?" Xehanort chimed with a cynical smile, "No," he raised Alirah's blade to his neck, moving so the tip would touch his neck, "Darkness is darkness," he taunted menacingly, "You have the power. Let it run free."

Alirah tumbled past him. Getting back and arm room. Xehanort turned to her. She charged her magic. Her red aura swirled around the blade. "FIRAGA!" An orange ball gathered at the tip. And dispersed. It stopped. Alirah's eyes widened in horror. Xehanort cocked an eye with a triumphant grin. He walked in on her. Alirah tried again. "BLIZZAGA!" Snow swirled at the tip, and then dispersed again. "What!"

With one hand, Xehanort smacked the keyblade from her hand and into a corner. He then grabbed Alirah by the neck. He opened a portal and threw her in it.


The portal took Alirah to the Tower stairs. Alirah came crashing down hard. Her head was split open. She held the wounded area. Xehanort came through the portal. Hands behind his back, smirked reaching across his face. "Poor little Ali," He commented with false concern, "You always were a fragile girl." Alirah rose to her hands and knees, still holding the scarred area. "I knew that, thanks to the power this Blade has," He brought oblivion into his hand," you wouldn't be able to properly cast a spell. At least not with the state of mind you have right now," Alirah brought herself up by holding the side rail, "If it was still Serpents cry, you would be able to shoot all the fire and ice you want." Alirah ran a hand over the wound, the scar vanishing. "Though I do admire your courage and determination to try. Just like how you tried to strike me down nine years ago. You still are the young girl I always admired." Alirah twisted around, called the blade back to her hand. She charged, swinging at Xehanort's side. Xehanort blocked with the back of his wrist and kicked her in the stomach. Alirah was raised in the air slightly. Xehanort place hand on her head and slammed her into the stairs. (Please allow me to come out.) Hiano begged to her. No…stay in…I won't let him hurt you again. "It was no surprise to me why Riku fell for you the way he did," He began, walking in back of her, laying the keyblade at her side, "He sees you as a kindred spirit. A girl who understands how he feels, what he's going through. It was the same way with Terra," Alirah struggled to her knees; a black aura began to leak from her. Xehanort smirked and pressed, "You should have seen Riku and how he fell apart when I mentioned Terra," Alirah's eyes wen to gold. Xehanort hugged himself, as if a wave of ecstasy was flowing over him, "Oh the hatred and jealousy he feels towards that boy. And you make it worse with your unrequited love for Terra."

Alirah managed to get to her feet. She balanced herself on the rail and with the keyblade. "I didn't…do anything," She grunted.

"Oh but you did," Xehanort argued, "You can't look me in the eye and tell me you don't still love Terra," Alirah took a step back, "That Riku doesn't remind you of Terra."

"HE…" she snapped, but trailed off. She dropped her gaze.

"Mmmhmm. Just as I thought. You still care for Terra don't you? And Riku is the spitting image of him."

"That's not it!" Alirah spat. "That was never it!"

"YOU LOVED AND LOST TERRA," Xehanort boomed, "you couldn't' bear to lose Riku because he's the only person left in this world he reminds you of Terra!" Alirah put her hands to her ears, telling herself it wasn't true. That's not why. "When you kissed Riku," Xehanort added sneakily, "Was it Riku's lips you tasted, or did you picture Terra?" Alirah's eyes widened, eyes turning red from the approaching tears. Xehanort could sense her unease. It brought great pleasure to him. "I'll leave you to ponder that," he finished. "Until then," He snapped his finger. A green light spiraled up Alirah, healing her completely, "You need to look your best," He held up a card. Alirah cocked an eye, "Place this card at the door at the bottom of theses stairs," he gestured down to the door, "And you will be reunited with the boy…you pretend to love." he flicked it to her.

"I didn't pretend!" She spat.

"In that case," He opened two portals, "Why don't you tell him you love him when you see him?" He winked and went through one of the portals.

Alirah spat out some remaining blood. She walked to the portal. Raising a hand, it began to glow red. Alirah was testing it. If it stayed red it was safe. Black it was bad. It stayed red. Alirah walked through and found herself at the bottom of the stairs. She looked up and then back down. "That's convenient." She held the card up to the door, it flashed. Once again she was being blinded.

When the flash died down, Alirah found herself in a completely white hall. "Where am I?"

"ALIRAH!" Someone screamed.

Alirah looked behind her. There was another door. At that Door was Riku. He seemed happier than last time. "RIKU!" She ran up to him. The two embraced in a warm hug. "Thank the gods you're okay."

"The same to you," Riku sighed. Hiano appeared and wrapped around the two. "Hiano! Good to see you snake man."

"And you as well my boy." He smiled. He removed himself and sat off on the side.

The two parted and gazed into each other's eyes. "I was so worried about you Ali," He ran his fingers through her hair. "You have no idea how much I missed you." Alirah felt her stomach jump. Riku kissed her on the forehead. Alirah flinched for some reason. "Oh Ali, how I missed you." Now Alirah felt like vomiting. Instead of Miss, she heard love. She could feel his heart. Tell him you love him. She heard Xehanort's voice say. She moaned. She wanted to say those three words. But…she couldn't. Riku cocked an eye. "Alirah?" Alirah opened her mouth to reply. But then shied away. Riku understood. "I see," He sighed, "So Ansem was right. You do still love Terra."

Alirah furrowed her brow and pulled away, "That's not it Riku!" She shot back defensively.

"Then what is it? Huh?" Riku roared stomping towards her. "Is it because I'm not Terra? Or did you picture him when we kissed in Hollow Bastion?" Alirah took a step back. Xehanort said the same thing to her. She dropped her head, her eyes going blank. Did…did I imagine Terra? She asked herself. Maybe… "Figures that the puppet master would still love her little Puppet," Alirah's eyes flared, fire burned within them, "Should have guessed," Riku derided, turning his back to her. "You probably cursed me like you did him."

Alirah charged at him. Viciously, she reached around and grabbed the collar of his yellow shirt. She slammed him against the wall. "ALIRAH!" Hiano barked.

"SHUT UP HIANO!" She boomed. Hiano flinched. She's never spoken to him like that. He looked over to Riku, who was trying to hide his fear. What happened during that fight? Hiano thought solemnly. "Let's get one thing straight," She spat, resisting the urge to use her gold eyes, "I never did anything to you or Terra!" She clenched a fist. Her magic was rising again. "I've never used a spell or anything unless I had to. And thanks to Xehanort it's been a necessity for the last week!" Riku shuddered at her rage. He could see her eye flickering between the red and the gold, "The worst thing I've done so far is involve myself in your lives." She raised her hand, tightening her hold on the collar, "I'm sorry I'm not NORMAL LIKE KAIRI!" Her magic spilled out. Her eyes went gold. "I BET YOU PICTURED HER WHEN YOU KISSED ME, DIDN'T YOU?" Riku's flew wide. No I…I…I wouldn't.He told himself. Maybe… Thanks to how angry Alirah was, she couldn't properly see how Riku was feeling. But she could feel it. He was terrified. On the inside, Alirah tried to stop herself, but couldn't. He powers kept rising and rising. Riku could feel her energy. This power, he choked in his mind, how did she get so strong? The power was suffocating. He began to breathe heavily. The pressure of Alirah's magic made it hard to breathe.

Hiano wrapped his tail around Alirah's waist and pulled her away. Alirah nearly dragged Riku with her. Riku fell to his knees, gasping for air. He looked over to Alirah. She was like a rabies crazed animal. What's happened to you? Hiano held her off the ground. Alirah struggled and flailed to get loose. Hiano tensed up, increasing his hold on her. "Alirah! You must control your anger! This is what Xehanort wants!"

Alirah stopped. She knew, as usual, Hiano was right. Xehanort made a living off of her anger and despair. She took a few deep breaths. Once again she counted to five. She went up to ten this time, feeling that five wasn't enough. Riku cocked an eye. Her energy was decreasing. She was calming down. Alirah glanced down at Riku. Her red vibrant eyes void of any emotion. "If I was like Kairi, maybe you wouldn't be so jealous!"

"I-I'm not jealous." He flushed.

Hiano set Alirah down. He went to sit on her shoulders. "See if I was Sora I may believe," She droned, sauntering of to him, "But since I'm not, I'm telling you now that's a load of BULL!" Riku took a step back. "If you weren't jealous, you wouldn't be questioning me or Terra. You would trust me over Ansem or Xehanort who claim to know Terra." Riku dropped his gaze. "You feel threatened because Terra and I have history. That's fine! But you need to know two things right now," She roared, holding up two fingers, "One: never have I ever used cheap emotion charms on any of the people I care about. That includes both you and Terra," Riku looked up at her, "And two: Terra's been gone for nine years Riku. I was four years old when we met. Any love I had for him was a brotherly sisterly love. Do I miss him – YES! Do I still love him – YES! Do I love you?" Riku tingled with anticipation. What was her answer going to be? "I don't know." She answered feeling depressed. Riku was depressed as well. "The way you don't seem to trust me, I don't know if I can."

"I see," Riku sighed, holding in his anger. Anger…no…sorrow. "I guess that makes sense. After all, you put your search for Terra on hold to help me save kairi. And all I've done is berated you." his voice began to shake. "You pictured Terra, I pictured Kairi." Alirah placed a shameful hand on her arm and rubbed it. She was trying to remove the shame. It wasn't leaving. "Maybe that's why we did it." He deduced. "Maybe…" he turned to the side, "Maybe I don't love you." That statement tore Alirah's heart in two. "Maybe I was just missing Kairi."

"Right," Alirah croaked, water welling up in her eyes, "And maybe I was just missing Terra." She moseyed zombie like up the stairs to the giant door. "So, uh, how-how do we open this?" god you can't even form a damn question. She cursed herself.

Riku wiped his face and analyzed the door. "Well…" he trailed off, pulling out a card, "While I was in this weird abyss, some voice gave me this card." He showed it to Alirah. "It looks like Hollow Bastion." Alirah took the card. The last time, Xehanort told her to hold the card up to the door. She did it again. The card flashed. The door opened. "How'd you know to do that?"

"I appeared in the broom closet of Yensid's tower. Xehanort was there and gave me a card."

"Oh…okay." Riku rolled his eye. Broom closet?

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