Kingdom Hearts

Memories of Darkness Installment


Okay! Since an Author's note could get my story deleted. SO! Let's hear it from our characters!


Saix - (Walks out onto the stage with a deadpan expression/glares out to where audience would be) What? Are you so surprised to see me? I am a main character in the Kingdom Hearts Series. Why shouldn't I be here?

Xigbar – WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! (Slides onto stage/ grabs hold of Saix in order to stop) YOU'RE THE MAIN CHARACTER? I'M THE MAIN CHARACTER! I'm the comic relief everyone's loved since Birth By Sleep and 358/2 days!

Demyx – COMIC RELIEF? (Emerges on stage from water spout) PLEASE! (gets in Xigbar's face) You're the perverted pirate everyone cheered for when he died! Not only did I get the most chuckles, women had tears in their eyes when I disappeared.

Xigbar – Don't confuse prepubescent children for women, pipsqueak! You have the same fandom as that Beiber Kid!

Demyx – 'SCUSE ME, POPS?

Xaldin – (Enters with Luxord in tow) They're at it again? (Xigbar has Demyx in a headlock)

Saix – (Sighs and touches a hand to his forehead) Yes. I'm beginning to find them more irritating than Axel.

Axel – AWW! (Drops down and hugs Saix by the shoulders) Never knew ya cared, Saix.

Saix – (Shakes Axel off) Do not press your luck.

Axel – (whimpers with puppy-dog eyes) AW, ISA! DON'T SHRUG ME OFF!

Luxord – (Chuckles adoringly/ Demyx and Xigbar arguing, and Axel trying to gain Saix's attention) Both pairs of best friends getting along as usual.

Xemnas – As it should be. It would be a shame if none of us got along.

Roxas – (Enters as Demyx is tossed) Why are we here anyway?

Axel – We got a message that we should come here?

Demyx – (Returns on stage with a lump on his head) I heard it was about the next installment of the GradGirl's Kingdom Hearts Saga.

Alirah - (Appears from around a curtain) Oh! HEY GUYS!

Axel/Xigbar – HEY ALI!

Xaldin – Welcome. (Saix and Xemnas bowed their heads)

Riku – (Comes in after Alirah) Hey there.

Luxord – Evening Lad.

Riku – (Nods) Where are Hayner, Pence, Olette, and the others from Twilight Town?

Roxas – They are helping with the struggle tournament and cleaning up the square.

Hiano – (Slithers from Alirah's pocket) Then we shall fill them in later.

Mickey – (Climbs over Riku's shoulder) Just got word from GradGirl! She is working on a rough draft of the next Kingdom Hearts installment. But she won't post until she has a few of her other fics done. The one's she's been working on for a while.

Alirah – Doesn't she have two or three of those?

Riku – Yeah.

Xemnas – No need to worry. She'll get to the next story. Not for a while, but she will write it. She just needs to ensure the next one is written well. 358/2 days is a story within two stories. She needs to make sure she doesn't get anything wrong.

Luxord – (Shrugs) True.

Axel – SO! To all of you fans out there! Kingdom Hearts Memories of Darkness will be uploaded in due time! Don't worry! It's not in GradGirl's nature to let a fic die!

Demyx – So please be patient and we'll see you soon!

Everyone – (Waves to the audience) BYE!