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Chapter One...



It has been seven years since Gohan defeated Cell. Seven years of silent rage. He could never bring himself to speak of that day without choking back tears. It was, to those who knew him, his brightest hour. To him, it was his darkest day. The day he let the man who never let him down, die.

It's a bright sunny day in the 439 mountain district when Son Gohan finally wakes up. The cause? The wonderful aroma of his mothers cooking and his brothers excited rambling. He groggily sits up in his bed and ruffles through his spiky hair as he yawns.

He slowly walks over to his dresser and grabs his cloths for the day. A navy blue long sleeved shirt and baggy jeans. He sighs as he lays them out on his bed.

'All this just so I can hide who I really am.'

He grabs his things for a shower and scoops up his cloths. He hated hiding his body almost as much as he hated hiding his powers. But when your a normal kid you don't have a body to rival Greek gods and the powers to make them fall to their knees.

After a relaxing shower Gohan steps out onto the cool tile floor. He steps in front of the mirror and wipes away the condensation. He did this every morning. A moment to stare into the eyes his father gave him. It gave him a series of mixed emotions but the main one being hope. No matter what his demons were, Gohan could still find comfort in his fathers eyes. Even if they were his instead.

After a good breakfast and small talk with his mother and brother Gohan set out for school. His first day couldn't be to hard. He hoped anyway.

As he flies over the city the sounds of gunshots grab his attention. Gohan stops and focuses on the direction of the shots. It takes a second due to the sounds of the shots echoing off of the building but he soon locates the source.

"Another group of low life scum. Figures."

Gohan hovers close by but keeps in the shadow of another building. He curiously watches for what the Satan city police department would do.

The first of the SCPD arrives on scene and swing their cruisers around so that the side of their cruiser is to the bank. Two officers leap out and take positions on the front hood and trunk with their pistols drawn. One of the officers pulls the radio that's clipped to his shirt to his mouth.

"Unit five-four-seven on scene." He quickly announces.

"Copy that five-four-seven. Be advised the bank has several hostages. Back up is on it's way." A female voice informs the officer.

No less then ten seconds later and four more cruisers arrive and flank the other two. Followed closely behind them is a single armored truck with the letters SC S.W.A.T. Written on the side. Before the truck even comes to a complete stop, six heavily armed men wearing black armored chest pieces burst out and take action.

Gohan can't help but be slightly impressed. So far it looked like they knew what they were doing. He listens in with more eagerness then he had before.

One of the officers approaches another one that is obviously the captain. Once behind the safety of the armored truck he tucks his hands behind his back and addresses the police captain.

"Captain, we haven't been able to reach Videl. Her communicator must be broken."

The captain slams his fist into the truck causing the deputy to flinch back. The captain growls. "Like hell it's broken! Dammit Videl! Of all the days to pull this crap!" He yells in agitation. He then regains his composure and turns to the deputy. "It looks like were going to have to proceed without her, again. Inform the swat team leader. I'll go check on the others."

The deputy nods his head. "Yes sir." And then he carefully makes his way over to the swat team leader. The captain wipes his face and leans against the armored ruck for a moment and mumbles something Gohan can barley make out.

"Videl. This city needs you more then ever now." His tones sounds sad.

Gohan wonders for a moment who this Videl person is but a gun shot grabs his attention first. Gohan looks back to the police cruisers and immediately notices the body of one of the deputies laying face down on the ground with a fast growing puddle of blood. Before Gohan can blink two of the closest officers rush to his aid.

The officers quickly drag their friend to the safety of the armored truck and immediately turn the man over. Gohan instantly notices it was the same deputy that was talking with the police captain. The captain rushes to his side.

"What happened?" He shouts.

"He was coming back from the swat team leader when one of the gunners in the bank picked him off between our squad cars. He's still alive but he wont be for long if we don't get him to a hospital immediately!" The closer deputy informs with as much composure as he can.

The captain hurries over to the trucks cab and hops in. Within seconds he delivers the message for SCEMS to speed it up.

Gohan wouldn't need a saiyans ears to hear the sirens blaring from the ambulance. From where he was he could even see it's flashing lights swiftly approaching. Not wanting to miss anything else he turns back to the bank and just in time.

The swat team was just breaching one of the side doors to the bank and flowing in. From this point Gohan would have to wait and see what happens. A few seconds pass when all hell seems to break loose.

The entire bank seems to become a small war zone with bullets flying out of the building erratically. The deputies outside all duck behind their squad cars for protection as rounds even begin to impact their cars. What seems like hours for them is only seconds in reality. Some of the gun fire seems to die down and the deputies begin to peak over to see why.

Their answer comes in the form of an explosion. The banks windows that were still left now shatter. Gohan gasps. He didn't expect this turn out. He quickly regrets his decision to not join in but how could he do it without having the whole world on his door step. The bank still had power and the surveillance cameras would surely get at least one good look at him. Not to mention his cloths.

Gohan goes over the possible ways he can help in his head when the door that the swat team had gone in suddenly opens back up. Only two of the team members were still able to walk. They each drag another one out but that still leaves two more inside. Gohan begins to get angry and then the idea hits.

Gohan strips off his shirt and deposits it as well as his school satchel on a rooftop and powers up. He smiles at the feeling in his stomach as he swoops down to the bank.

The swat team members know they can't risk going back to the safety of the squad cars so they go to the first place they can. A dumpster is their only hope. They drag their fallen comrades as fast as they can despite their own wounds and take cover. Just as they get behind the dumpster the criminals in the bank open fire on them again.

Wile the deputies are distracted they fail to notice a barrel aiming at one of them. The flash from the scope of the rifle grabs the attention of the man directly behind him.

"Get down!" He yells. It was to late.

The sniper had pulled the trigger already. The deputy that was in the line of fire winces as he hears the bang but doesn't feel the sting. He cracks his eyes open and nearly falls backward. An angel had saved him. That or he was dead.

He swings his head left and right and notices the same shocked stares on everyone elses face. The sounds of more and more gun shots cause him to flinch but the angel before him stands undaunted by the barrage of bullets raining down on him.

Gohan could see the barrel. He was no military tactician but even he could tell the guy was a poor sniper. He may have been a decent shot but he had no clue about concealment. Gohan makes a dash to intercept the bullet before any more blood can be shed. The gun goes off, the bullet flies out but it never reaches it's intended target.

The led projectile strikes Gohan's chest and collapses in as if it had struck an impenetrable wall. In a way, it did. The sniper smiles as he squeezes the trigger. The pink mist and cries of anguish never come. Instead, in his scope, all he can see is something pale. He looks over the rifle and can't believe his eyes.

"What the!" He yells, grabbing his accomplices attention.

"What? What is it?" One of the crooks yells. When he looks through the small window he has to do a double take.

"What the hell? Is he insane?" He questions. "Hey guys! Looks like we got a hero on our hands. Better get rid of him before someone else gets the same idea."

The criminals all abandon their posts and take up position where they can shoot without easily being shot at.

"Let em have it!" The man yells and the criminals all open fire. Each round flies true but each round does nothing more then bounce right off of Gohan's chest and stomach. The criminals let up, expecting to see the remains of a bloody corps. Instead they are rewarded with a burdensome scowl. Their jaws all drop.

"He-he's still... standing..." The criminal says just above a whisper.

Gohan waits for the bullets to stop so he can proceed without putting any other people in jeopardy. Once the bullets stop he tenses just slightly. "Is that all?" He questions. The only ones to hear him are the deputies behind him.

When no more rounds fly Gohan advances. Step by step he marches up to the bank. The criminals inside all scurry around. "What do we do boss?" One of the criminals fearfully yells.

"Shut up! I'm thinking!" The man that had ordered them to fire shouts. His foot tapping nervously. He snaps his fingers. "Got it!" He points to one of his men. "Wedge your rifle in the door and the rest of you each grab a hostage!"

His accomplice does as he is told and wedges his rifle in the door handles. He draws his side arm and grabs a female hostage. The woman shrieks as she is picked up roughly. "On your feet!" The criminal orders.

Outside Gohan can hear the fearful rambles. It brings a smile to his face to hear the ones who moments ago were taking joy in hurting others begin to almost cry in fear. The shriek of the female hostage brings his frown right back. He gets up to the double doors of the bank and pushes on them.

They don't budge. 'Figures.'

Gohan grabs the doors and with one tug he rips the doors clean off and tosses them to the side like they were paper.

"Who is this guy?" One of the deputies asks as he stares in wonder.

"Who, or what?" The chief asks.

As soon as Gohan walks in his anger rises. His eyes scan the room. One, two, three, four, five. Five criminals, each with at least one hostage with a gun to their heads.

"Cowards." Gohan hisses.

"You say coward I say smart thinking." The criminal referred to as boss says with a sly smirk. "Now I have no idea what sort of technology it is your using but it wont work. Now, ether you step aside and let us walk away or we'll give you a front row seat to the deaths of all these... innocent people." The boss was enjoying himself.

Gohan growls. "Ether you let them go or I promise you that none of you will walk away from this with your legs still working."

The boss glances up as if in thought. "Hmm. No." He quickly says as he points his weapon at a hostage still sitting on the ground. He pulls the trigger, the gun goes off, the hostage passes out. The bullet never reaches her.

The boss nearly drops his own weapon. Gohan beat the bullet and caught it. To make matters worse, he never even took his eyes from the boss. His hand was up at his side, bullet in his palm. The boss redirects and aims for Gohan and squeezes the trigger. Each time he fires Gohan seems to get closer and closer until.

The boss squeezes the trigger but the gun only clicks. "Your out of ammo." Gohan says in a deep voice.

The boss shoves the hostage away and tries to pistol whip Gohan. He hit nothing but air. "You missed me." That same deep voice says behind the boss.

The boss stumbles forward. "What are you idiots waiting for! Kill him!" He shouts.

As each of the criminals move to aim their weapons they all suddenly collapse to their knees in extreme pain. Everyone of them now had each of their legs broken. Gohan was more then happy to do it. He slowly turns back around to the boss. The cries of anguish think in the air as the other four crooks grab at their broken legs.

The boss trembles as Gohan turns. No longer was Gohan frowning. Now, he was smirking. "Your out of men." He says in his deep voice.

The boss stumbles his way to his feet and makes a break for it. He collides with a wall and falls back. "Damn." He curses as he rubs his face. When he looks up he almost pisses himself. He was staring into the teal eyes of a demon.

"S-Stay away from me!" He pleads.

Gohan reaches down and grabs him roughly and spins him around so he can see the hostages. "Do you see their faces?" Gohan hisses. The man doesn't respond. "Look into their eyes and beg each of them for mercy. I won't be giving any." And with that, Gohan stomps on the mans legs one at a time. His screams of pain can be heard clear outside.

Gohan looks over at the hostages. "Your all safe now. The police are waiting outside." He says in a much softer voice. The hostages all hesitantly begin to stand up and at first they tip toe around Gohan, clearly afraid despite his actions but once they get past him they run for it.

Gohan watches their reactions and feels a ping of something he didn't like but couldn't quite place. A few groans in the hallway grab his attention. He investigates and notices the two remaining swat members. The team leader and one more. From what Gohan can see the team leader had used his body to shield the other.

Gohan, without a word, gently scoops up the body of the swat team leader and the man he saved. He carries them outside to the SCEMS. The moment he steps outside a roar of cheers booms. Gohan is shocked at the sight. Civilians and police alike were applauding him! Gohan wasn't sure why though. In his right arm he had the mangled form of a very wounded man and over his shoulder he carried the body of the hero who saved him.

Gohan walks over and sets both men down gently and turns around to leave when a mans voice stops him.

"Hold on a second their son." The man says. Gohan nearly leaps from his skin at the word Son.

Gohan quickly turns around and startles the police captain. "Whoa! Hold on. I didn't mean to startle ya." He says as he brings his hands up. Gohan stays tense.

"How do you know who I am?" Gohan questions intensely.

The captain looks at him in with confusion clearly written on his face. "I have no clue who you are. I was just wanting to thank you."

Gohan relaxes. "Oh. Sorry about that then. Well, I really have to go."

"Wait." The captains voice sounds almost desperate. Gohan pauses. "I have no idea how you did what you did but if you ever want to help again then please, feel free to do so." The captain sounds so hopeful that Gohan feels almost bad.

"If I'm ever around for something like this again, I'll try." Gohan smiles and then turns around.

"Thank you. This city needs a hero." Gohan flinches at that. "I'm no hero." He says regretfully. The police captain almost responds but then has to struggle not to choke on his own toung when Gohan suddenly just floats into the air and takes off.

The flashes of cameras following him the whole way until he suddenly vanishes.


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