After Break

A/N: Another Code Lyoko fanfic! One fic inspired part of this one. There is a fic called 'Odd Falls For XANA by ReneeA111' which, as the title suggests, Odd falls in love with Xana. This is where part of this fic comes from. The other part is my brain and the countless number of angst fics that I've read over the past week or so. Lol. Anyway, you'll now notice that I've got quite the random personality in these author's notes, but that it doesn't show too much in my stories. Lol. Except for one… *lost in train of thought* Anyway, onto the story!


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Odd sighed and breathed in as he entered the gates of Kadic Academy. He hated to admit it, but he'd missed the school and its forest-y smell. What he'd missed most of all, though, were his friends. It really sucked living in Italy away from your school and not being able to see your friends once over a break.

"Odd!" Aelita yelled running up to him and placing her hands on her knees, clearly out of breath. "There's something wrong…"

"Xana just can't seem to-" Odd began, but was quickly interrupted before he'd even dropped his bag to the ground.

"It's not Xana… It's Ulrich. Something's wrong with him…" Aelita told him, sucking in a deep breath and motioning for him to follow her to Jeremie's dorm.


He sat on Jeremie's bed with his legs held close to his chest. He didn't really want to see his friends right now, but Aelita had caught him moments before he'd gotten to his room and caught the vine-like bruise on his wrist. That's where he was staring. He was looking at the purple-ish bruise that had been left by that cruel man.

"Jeremie, what's wrong with him?" Odd asked as he walked into the room. He took a seat on the bed and sat near Ulrich.

Ulrich scooted as far as the bed allowed from any of the three of them and looked into his lap. He didn't want to see their worried expressions. It bothered him more than they knew. He didn't deserve their pity.

"Aelita saw him going into your room and stopped him and asked how his break was and he didn't respond and tried to get into the room. Aelita stopped him and he looked like he was in pain and Aelita noticed a bruise sitting on his arm. He's not said a word since she found him," Jeremie told him.

"Do you think we should call Yumi?" Odd asked.

Ulrich hoped that they didn't. He really didn't need to add Yumi into the list of people who were worried about him right now. He just wanted to unpack, but no matter what his friends refused to let him leave and continued to pester him. After an hour he heard Aelita sigh and he looked up.

"We might as well give up… He's not going to speak if we keep pushing him to do so. We'll just have to wait until he speaks of his own accord… Until then, why not get ready for the school's dance," she stated, standing up and stretching her back.

"This brings a new meaning to Jim's 'I'd rather not talk about it'," Odd said as he followed suit.

Ulrich hugged his legs tighter and frowned. He hated that all this was happening to him… Our lives would be so much easier if you would keep your mouth closed! Better, if you were born mute!


He had just finished unpacking and sighed. He wished that Ulrich would tell them what had happened so they could help, but what's done is done and he couldn't do a thing about it.

"So, do you think you'll be coming to the dance?" Odd asked as he turned toward Ulrich. He knew that trying to get the brunette to respond was useless, but hey, he was known for doing the impossible.

Ulrich shrugged his shoulders and kept his eyes downcast.

"Well, Yumi might be there and it'll be nice to see her since you haven't seen her since the beginning of break," Odd stated, sitting next to Ulrich, who had resumed the position he'd been in when they'd been in Jeremie's room.

His only response was a bored shrug and a sigh.

"You need something to cheer you up and that's the only thing I can think of other than playing some prank on Sissi."

Ulrich shrugged his shoulders and looked at his shoes.

"You know, this is just going to make us worry more… You're not acting like yourself and you're not talking… It's hurting us, Ulrich…" He said and hugged the quiet boy tight. He was trying to hold back tears.

Ulrich nodded and rested his head on Odd's shoulder.

Odd reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone as it began to buzz. He looked down at it and saw the Xana symbol. "Ulrich, there's a Xana attack… Are you coming or not?"

Ulrich nodded and lifted himself off the bed. He plunged his feet into his shoes then bolted out the door before Odd had even stood up.

Odd followed Ulrich closely.


She ran toward the factory as quickly as her legs allowed. She definitely didn't want to repeat the day over again because of Xana. Her parents had ended up fighting and Johnny had been following her around all day long. Once she got in the elevator and pushed the down button her mind began wondering about what she'd been told earlier that day and hoped that Ulrich's silence was a joke of Odd's.

"Yumi, I've already virtualized the others. Xana's trying to hack into the supercomputer. I'm holding him off, but I'm not sure how long that'll work," Jeremie said not daring to peel his eyes from the supercomputer screen.

"I'm on my way."

(*)(*)(*)(*) Lyoko –Ice Sector- (*)(*)(*)(*)


Ulrich swung his katana and missed the hornet flying above them by a small centimeter. He cursed himself and continued fighting. Fighting was a good way to get his frustrations out. He watched as Yumi came down a few feet away.

"How bad is it?" Yumi asked as she pulled her fans out of no where.

"Well, he's not talked the entire time since he got back and-" Odd began as he was shooting off laser arrows.

"Not what I meant. I meant the monsters," she stated looking over at Ulrich's thankful expression.

"Well, there are five Krabs over there and then there are eight hornets here," Odd commented.

Ulrich sighed and looked at Odd. He was almost willing him to start talking about him again. He was torn between two decisions. Decision one was to let them come up with their own ideas of why he was silent and go from there. Decision two was to make sure they didn't talk about it.


He shot off more arrows and watched as Yumi and Ulrich fought all the harder. Aelita had hidden herself because she knew she couldn't get through and her energy fields wouldn't be too much help.

"You really are a persistent bunch, huh?" a girl's voice asked from behind an iceberg. She stepped out and Odd pointed an arm at her.

"Who are you and why are you here? You've got five seconds and you just wasted two," Yumi stated, her fans at the ready.

"No one of importance…" she whispered.

Odd noticed a few things about the girl. She didn't seem afraid of the monsters all around her. She seemed content to be near them. It seemed to make her glad to have them close. The second thing he noticed was her snow white hair that was pulled into braids and her piercing green eyes. Her hair seemed to sway from side to side as if wind were blowing around her. The third and final thing he noticed was that she was staring right at him. Not rudely or anything. She was just staring at him.

She averted her eyes as soon as soon as hers met Odd's and then waved her hand upwards and the monsters left. "You may pass."

Aelita ran for the tower, but Odd stood with his eyes fixed on the mysterious girl. He could have sworn that she was smiling sweetly at him. If he'd been on Earth at the moment he knew that he would have been blushing a deep shade of red. An image of what she looked like was imprinted into his mind. The way her white hair looked like it was swaying in a nonexistent breeze… The way the pink tunic, green leggings, and green hair ties looked amazing and went well with her eyes… The way she looked so innocent.

She walked slowly towards them and veered toward Odd. "I'll be waiting for you," she whispered and then disappeared with a whisper of air.

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