Author's Notes

Hi everyone. Another one-shot, though I've done it a little differently. Each segment is another time, and each is 100 words, so they're basically five drabbles combined rather than a smooth flowing story. But Takuya does have a habit in getting into death-like situations then getting away, so that's where the idea come from.

So enjoy, and tell me what you think. Please..? *gives puppy dog eyes* I'm sadly deprived right now, too hot to do anything else...


He had a knack of evading death. Here's five times he did so.

Takuya K

Rating: T

Genre/s: Drama


He really should have known better than to run on busy roads, but something about that message just screamed "haste!" Even more so when, naturally, he found himself running late. Even if he couldn't be faulted for his tardiness, as there hadn't been enough time for him to be anything but.

But beside all that, he really shouldn't have been running on busy roads. Unfortunately, it only came to mind when a certain truck was on a collision course with his frozen body.

Months later, he would realise he only survived because the future showed its face a little early.


He froze, realising that his plan had failed, leaving them all sitting ducks at Duskmon's mercy. They had giving it all they had, and their opponent had come out without a scratch. Even worse, he was more than prepared to knock them all out of the picture, and him first of all after the little stunt he had pulled.

He was now in front of him, sword raising slowly, tauntingly, to cut off his head. He squeezed his eyes shut, not wanting to see his mistakes as his last sight...

...only for a scream to come between him and death.


He found himself screaming as his fractal code unravelled, before the support gave way and he collapsed forward, prized goggles shattering along the way as Mercurymon walked deliberately, gloating over his victory.

'Act four,' the digimon smirked. 'The final coffin.'

And as things were going, it looked as though it just might end that way.

He looked up, still in denial, as he was lifted airborne.

'You fought well warrior of flame,' the knight uttered. 'But this is the end for you.'

Then light swallowed the said warrior, proving the speaker wrong.

Another near-death experience for him to note though.


He bit back a hiss as his body was roughly slammed into the heater, strong hands wrapping around his throat and forcing him prostrate. His body conducted that heat as his head spun, oxygen circuits gradually cutting off.

It would be the end of him. Or rather, it would have been, if he hadn't been the warrior of Flame. Perhaps some ironically fortunate fate, but fighting fire with fire didn't always lead to death and chaos.

It could have, if he hadn't been Fire, and if heat hadn't beefed up his power enough to overcome the other obstacle in time.


Punches rammed him without warning, too fast to apprehend as they struck every inch of him and more. The stabs of pain blinded him as he felt his feet leave the ground, and the unforgiving wind slamming into him...before the ground suddenly collided with his body, and his human form was left battered, fractal code forming...

...and then being sucked by the half-angel, half-demon that had caused the whole mess.

He barely crawled to his feet before the loss of data began to take his toll, and the fact that he might really meet his end...

...until Koji cut in.