I got some exciting news but he didn't go to school that day. I found him by the woods and he said he'll say something. I followed him.

Suddenly, he turned back to face me with a cold expression. I was taken back - why did he look that way to me? - then he said something which made my mind go blank.

"We're leaving..."

NO! No, no, no, no. I didn't hear everything he said then 'cause I already knew where this is going. He's leaving. With his family. Leaving me alone...

But I wasn't alone. Not really. I was about to say to him the news but as I looked into his eyes again, I realized nothing will happen even if I told him. So I kept it. To myself and my tears as he said his final words...

"Goodbye, Bella."


After a week of their departure, I finally told my dad the news. And that was the end of my once 'perfect' life. My dad was furious. As soon as the words left my mouth, he slapped me. Hard. With tears gathering in my eyes, I looked up to him and saw his face which was red. Really red. Then he said, making my tears stream down unstoppable...

"I can't accept this. You're going to go back to your mother. You're not my Bella anymore." With that, he turned his back to me and went to his room. I cried as I pack my bags and said 'goodbye, da-Charlie' and left my dad, my home, my life behind while cradling my stomach.