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I promised them I would never fail

I promised I would never let them down.

I promised them I was gonna be

a great brother,

a great friend

and leader…

for them.

Where did I go wrong?

In which part of my life I failed them?

When did I start to lose them?

When did I become such a monster,

a stranger,

an enemy to them?

What was happening to me?

Why was I changing so drastically?

Why I was hurting the ones I promised to protect?

I broke my promise.

I broke the promise I had with my family,

my team,

my friends,

my brothers,

my father.

I turned into my worst enemy.

I turned into the monster which once I promised

I would destroy.

I failed.

That's what I am.

A failure.

Nothing but a failure.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I couldn't keep my word,

I'm sorry I hurt you,

I'm sorry I let you down;

I'm sorry I wasn't the brother,

the leader,

the friend you needed.

But the words will never cure the pain

I made you feel. No, never.

Words are just that: Words.

I can't change the past.

I change what it was meant to be.

No matter how hard I'll try

My failure will haunt me forever.

Because there are some promises

just hard to keep.

-Hamato Leonardo-

Based on TMNT 2003 episode: "The Ancient One"

Leo was all dark and moody on Season 4 until his trip to Japan when he met The Ancient One.

Here, some thoughts of the blue masked ninja while he walked alone trying to find this new sensei.

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