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Rapunzel never thought about it much, until she invented a song as she went through her daily routine. She sighed heavily and looked at her chameleon friend, Pascal.

"Pascal, today is the day. I am going to ask her today!" she said with brave pose. Pascal nodded and smiled back at her to confirm her bravery. She gathers up her paints and starts to prepare for her mother coming to visit her.

Bruce Wayne exits Alfred's bedroom with the look of worry written on his face. He can't get over the news the doctor just informed him. Alfred is dying… and there is nothing I can do about it. There had to be something he could do, and he rushed to his lab with a vile of Alfred's diseased blood in his hand. Bruce enters his batcave, and quickly heads for his lab. "Maybe they are wrong" he whispers to himself as he works to try and find the cure.

Many hours pass and all his research leads him to a fabled flower in a fairytale. Bruce gets mad at his findings. He grits his teeth and lets himself fall back, only to have his chair by his master computer catch him. He sighs heavily and spins around to his keyboard, trying to find the fabled flower. His eyes widen with amazement. "It… exists?" He quickly notes the coordinates down and dashes off to the location to find it.

Mother Gothel sighed into her chair. "I'm sorry Rapunzel but no is no. You can't handle the world out there."

Rapunzel just smiles in defeat. After listening to her mother's tales of the outside world she lost her courage to confront her more and just nodded. Inside she wanted to cry.

Gothel smiles proudly "I know, I am going to go pick something up and make you a surprise." Rapunzel just nodded to her mother and helped her down from the tower.

Bruce, guised as Batman approached the tower, he sighed to himself and walks up to the base of it and aimed his grapple gun at the window and climbed the tower. Rapunzel yelped when she saw the bat shaped object attach onto her windowsill. She ran into the kitchen to arm herself. Bruce climbed into the room and glanced around. "What… is this…?" Rapunzel tipped toed up behind him carefully and raised the frying pan that she claimed as he weapon, and as she began to slam it down to hit his head, Bruce spun around and grabbed her wrist to halt the pan and pin her to the wall. His eyes widened as they meet her fear filled eyes. Rapunzel than let out a scream that echoed through the area.