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'See you tomorrow Amanda!' Brittany called out to her friend as she left the locker room after Cheerio practice.

'Bye Britt.' Amanda called back though not as loudly. She was alone now, the locker room was empty and quiet. She shook off the sudden fear and began to put on her clothes.

Amanda began to pack up after she changed out of her Cheerio uniform, she folded the uniform and bent over to put it in her bag. But suddenly she felt a sharp, excruciating pain in her side. Pain over an over again. She doubled over in pain and was about to scream, when a gloved hand covered her mouth. A piece of cloth was jammed into her mouth and it muffled her screams of terror. A strange, hysterical emotion vibrated throughout her body.

The emotion was heightened when hands reached for her wrists and ankles, they were bound together in an unbreakable grasp. Amanda felt her clothes leave her body and tears rolled down her cheeks like waterfalls. She knew what about to happen so she closed her eyes and tried to get lost in her own mind all the while she thrust around like a fish out of water trying to fight her attacker. But then the unexpected happened and the hands that removed her clothing now put them back on.

Only this time it was her Cheerio uniform.

A warm liquid dripped down her bare leg, she opened her eyes in realization. She'd been stabbed, how could have not known that. How could she have been so stupid. She felt a sharp pinch on her arm, if she wasn't suddenly so damn tired she would try to see what he was doing, but at this point she didn't care. So Amanda closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep.

She didn't know how long it had been when she opened her eyes again. Her lids tried to to close involuntarily but as tired as she was she knew she wasn't in the locker room anymore, she was lying on the basketball court. There was figure a few feet away. She heard mumbling, she turned her head ever so slightly to see Brian, a basketball player, looking at her with a small smile on his face. His smile was hopeful, his eyes were fearful. Suddenly the figure turned and pulled two guns out.

Amanda's eyes widened.

Then everything went black.

'We have a new case.' JJ announced as she made her way to face the team, Hotch and Rossi followed on her heel.

'What do we got?' Morgan asked, taking a seat.

'Four murders,' Hotch said throwing a handful of papers down on the table, 'Two just two days ago, one just three days ago and another the night before that.'

'And were being called in now?' Prentiss questioned.

'Well, apparently the police thought it was just a couple of murders,' JJ said as Morgan scoffed, 'They didn't have any clues or information to go by. But the two murders last night really shook them up.'

'Are there any relations to the murders?' Reid asked as he made his way from the back of the room where he was deep in thought.

'Yes, numerous actually.' JJ took a deep breath, 'It seems as though each victim was in a sport or extra circular activity after school. First victim; David Karofsky, hokey player. Second victim; Azimio Adams, football player. Third victim; Andrew Jenkins, basketball player and lastly Amanda Brown, cheerleader.'

'There doesn't seem to be any patterns,' JJ continued, 'Except for the fact that each one of them were killed the same way, multiple stab wounds, Propofol found in the body's after the autopsy, one bullet wound in the head, and each of the victims were in found in their sports uniforms and the same place in which they played or performed their certain sport.'

'Propofol?' Prentiss questioned.

'Propofol is used for induction of anesthesia, it's also used as a sedative because the affects of the drug only last for about a few hours.' Reid spoke out, 'It's generally only used by professionals, because when you take the drug you have to be monitored.' He told the team as he took a seat.

'So our unsub might be a doctor, nurse...' Morgan said.

'Or maybe a medical school dropout.' Reid interrupted him. Everyone turned to face him and Reid continued, 'Um, it could be that our unsub didn't make it in the world and he's seen that these kids are fulfilling their dreams. He's probably jealous or angry, maybe both. So he takes his rage at the world, and at himself, out on them.'

'His failure, lead's to these kids deaths.' Prentiss said, disgusted.

'Let's not too ahead of ourselves guys, for all we know this could just be a traumatized teen who knows how to use a needle,' Hotch announced, unfolding his arms and walking up to the table, 'Let's head down to crime scene, we can make our analysis there. The school is still open so we'll head down their and talk to the kids as well.'

'Wait, after all these murders, school is still going on?' Morgan asked.

'Apparently.' Hotch answered, his face stoic but his eyes filled with repulsion.

Everyone exchanged looks but said nothing.

Hotch looked down at his watch and turned to JJ, 'Thirty minutes guys then we'll head to the jet. JJ, contact the Lima police, tell them we'll be there at 5:30.'

JJ nodded and walked out of the room.

'Lima?' Reid croaked out.

'Yes. Lima, Ohio.' Hotch mumbled and he followed JJ out the door.

Reid's eyes went wide and his mouth hit the floor.

Rossi noticed this and his change of color and he called to him, 'Reid?' He asked. Morgan and Prentiss took in his priceless look and smiled.

'You okay Reid, you look like you saw a ghost?' Morgan chuckled.

'More like facing one.' Reid pressed his lips together and nodded.

'What?' Rossi asked.

Reid liked his suddenly dry lips and sighed softly, 'I have an aunt, two, in Lima, Ohio. An one of them works in McKinley High.'

'The school where all the murders are happening?' Rossi asked, leaning forward.

'You have an aunt"' Morgan asked him, confused.

'Yes to both. And Morgan, two.' He said holding up two fingers.

'I didn't know you had an aunt.' Prentiss commented as the four of them stood up and walked out of the room.

'Don't know a lot of things about be.' Reid said smiling a discontented smile.

'I really don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.' Rossi mumbled, Prentiss smiled and Morgan nodded in agreement.

Reid simply furrowed his brow and tried not to think about the fact that he would be seeing his aunt for the first time in almost twenty-five years.

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