Lovely Little Liar

This was based off the songs "Whatcha say" by Jason Derulo/ Igmon Heap and "Monster"by Lady idea was also taken by the story "Secrets". Enjoy! Rating SHALL go up, for reasons. XD A Junjo Romantica fanfic!
Misaki: Of Course you don't.
Me:Chud up.

Misaki P.O.V

1: Realization

I rolled over slowly, careful not to wake my bed buddy. My phone rang the overly familiar tune that was my ring tone. I got up slowly and clicked the ignore button on my cell phone. 27 missed calls; all from Usagi-san. 38 text messages, once again all from Usagi. I looked at couple of them , they all ran along the lines of " Where are you? Come home!". I sighed and began to get dressed, I was in for hell. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my torso, and chuckled .

"Ijuuin-sensei*….." I whispered.

"Misa-chan, don't leave yet! I wanted to play a little bit more…." His voice incredibly whiney.

"Kyo, I cant. Usagi-san wants me home...what if he finds me here? I'll never be able come back again."

"…..Fine. Damn him...he can have you when ever he wants…I can only see you when a big test or something is coming up."

I smile, turn around and kiss him on the lips lightly. He pulls on my hips and brings me forward, knocking me on the bed. I giggle a little bit then wrap my legs and arms around him.

"Please…just this morning…" he pleads as he kisses my lips roughly.

"Nope. I'm sorry, but I cant." I grin, teasing him. He smirks then whispers in my ear

"But my want my little sex kitten with me today." He nips on the shell of my ear, making me shutter beneath him.

I smirk and push him off, he pouts, but I grab my bag, and kiss him on his cheek.

"I love you Misaki." He says passionately.

I frown and say "You were never supposed to fall for me.." I leave his house , the door making a banging noise.

I walk down the streets of modern day Tokyo, my phone rings once again. The caller ID, Haruhiko. I grin as I answer my call. "Hello, Haruhiko."

"Misaki, when are you coming back over? I want to see you."

"I told you I would come over when I could…Usagis been on my ass lately."

"Do you think he's figuring it out?"

"I don't know… he has been very cautious lately…"

"It doesn't matter. Remember we have a deal. You come to bed with me once a week and you get paid."

"Yes. I know. I will come on Thursday. I promise."

"Fine. I love you. Bye."

"I know you do. Bye."

I smile and think of what I've become. I could practically be called a whore. I'm sleeping with two different men for money, and for pleasure. Do I love either? No. Who do I love? Usagi. Then why am I doing this? Because both my body and wallet have become greedy. I love money. I love the feeling it brings, the feeling of power. My body, on the other hand, is just pure lewd, and its something one man cant handle.I walked up the stairs to the apartment, I press the numbers of the door and I'm soon inside. I take off my shoes, throw my bag into the corner, and walk in the living room.
"Where the hell were you?" Usagi looked like there were two things he could do; sleep all day, and murder.

"At school, Kamiou-sensei made me pull another all nighter…" I bowed my head "Im sorry I didn't phone died." I lied to him. It seems like I'm always lying nowadays. His face softens and he gets up from the couch and wraps his arms around me. He pauses for a moment .

Usagi POV
"Why do you smell like alcohol?" I question.
His face twitches, and he says "I was in the lab last night and a couple of my friends came in drunk like there's no tomorrow. They began hugging on me and they got me to drink a couple shots with them.."

"You shouldn't be drinking." I replied.

"I'm sorry.." He looks up at me with sad eyes. I couldn't help my self from bending down and kiss him…his breath mingles with mine, but its not normal. It tastes different , more like cigarette smoke, pot, tequila, and something not him.

"Misaki...You've been smoking?"

"I tried one! It tastes horrible! I really don't know how you do it!"

I know he's lying. Its not just cigarette smoke. Its weed.
"I don't care if you smoked a cigarette. But it doesn't smell like cigarettes. You've been doing weed." My voice projecting pure anger. He goes wide eyed, then tears stream down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry!"

"You can't be doing this stuff! You will hurt yourself!" He stays silent, tears pooling up in his bright green eyes. I sigh then once again wrap my arms around him. "I love you, I just don't want to see you get hurt…."

His answer simple and blunt "I know. I love you too."

That's all I need. That's all I want.

I sat in my study, working on a unfinished manuscript.

What if? What if he really is cheating on me? Does he love me ? He has too. He said so..I typed in the words randomly.

Please. He has too. He must. He must. Misaki , I love you.

Miski POV

I concentrated on making dinner. Usagi's favorite, stew, with no green peppers. I smiled as I thought of Usagi. I loved him, yet I'm being unfaithful.

I'm sorry.
I was barely thinking about cooking , and sliced my finger."OWW!" I screamed as blood squirted out of my finger. I heard footsteps rushing downstairs.

"Misaki!" Usagi saw my finger and ran to me. He sensually took my finger and licked off the blood then sucked at my finger.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" I screamed. "Sucking off the blood," he smirked "what? Want me to suck something else?" He was hit in the head with all the power I had in my left arm.

"NO!" I blushed fiercely as he chuckled. I muttered something not comprehendible, and ran upstairs to my room.
I kneeled next to my bed."God I love him. Help become the lover he deserves. Amen."Soon I heard Usagi's muffled chuckle, and I smiled.

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