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Chapter 6 A Unforgetable Birthday

Anyway the couple had had a nice night…with various activities. And morning came with the total feeling of pure bliss. Misaki woke up with a smile on his face, everything was back to normal. Well almost, he just had to tell Ijuuin and Haruhiko off. But that didn't matter, everything was better, maybe he could become a good lover again. Happiness was so widely spread throughout his entire being that he randomly just said "I love you Usagi-san" MIsaki looked to the right of him expecting to see Akihiko sleeping peacefully. But no one was there. Misaki shot up, with a questioning look plastered on his face.

"Usagi-san?" No reply. Misaki began to worry, so he quickly threw the closest thing on ( A/N being Akihiko's shirt. /) and sauntered down stairs. He saw Akihiko placing some food on plates. The food looked EDIBLE. WHAT HAPPENED HERE? IT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS DIGESTIBLE!

"You…cooked..? Without…blowing up the house? Or the food having the ability to..crawl?" Misaki asked flabbergasted.

"Yea. I took some cooking classes." Akihiko said with a smile as he went and kissed his lover on the cheek.

"Liar. I know you didn't. So how did you manage this?"

Akihiko's face playfully hurt he said "What? You don't trust me?"

Misaki shook his head no. He had also crossed his arms and began to tap his foot.

"Aww…that hurts Misaki. " Akihiko said with a pained face. " but I went down to the restaurant and bought some food for you, I mean it is your birthday and all." Akihiko smiled " Happy birthday Misaki."

Misaki then went and wrapped his arms around the older mans neck and passionately kissed him. Akihiko happily obliged and kissed back with the same force, but him being so "manly" he quickly dominated Misaki's less (kinda) experienced mouth. They pulled away and Misaki flushed suddenly.

Akihiko felt his pride take the better of him "Those other men can't make you blush so hard by just kissing now can they?"

Misaki blushed even more."…Actually I never allowed them to kiss me. I only wanted my true love too…."

Akihiko then asked " Well who is that?"

"I'm letting you kiss me aren't I?" Misaki huffed and the kissed the man once more before going to sit at the table to eat. Akihiko smiled, and what is that he's wearing?...Oh yes.

"I love the get up Misaki….It's quite cute. " Akhiko chuckled and sat down across from Misaki.

Misaki looked down to see what he was wearing. Akihiko's unbuttoned shirt. And that was all. Misaki flushed but didn't move. He honestly didn't care if Akihiko saw him right now. He actually wanted him to see. Maybe he would think he was sexy or something.

He took a bite of what ever Akihiko had picked him up, and it was really good. REALLY good….It was chocolatey with peanut butter, bananas, and strawberries. "What is this? It's REALLY good!"

Akihiko chuckled "Its called a Nutella crepe. I thought you would like it, It has lots of chocolate. It's actually French."

Misaki nodded quickly and wolfed it down quickly. Akihiko just sat quietly smiling at the boy, and then he remembered something. He quickly went into upstairs and came down with four boxes; A huge one, a medium one , a small but rectangle one and another medium one. He sat them next to Misaki and said " Happy 21st birthday love."

Misaki looked so happy. He jumped up and hugged Akihiko so tight he might have broken him. "I love you Usagi-san. Can I open them now?"

Akihiko nodded but pointed to one of the medium ones. Misaki nodded and picked it up, the wrapping paper was blue with teddy bears on it. But soon he had ripped open the box and had gotten a new IPod Touch and a 100 dollar ITunes gift card. The next present was the small rectangular one. He had torn off all the paper and opened the small black box. Inside was a silver bracelet with a heart shaped locket. Engraved on the inside were the words " I will love you forever and ever Misaki. ~ Akihiko. " By then Misaki had began to cry of happiness.

"Usagi! I don't want anymore! I think I'll break of happiness if I open another…"

Akihiko swooped in and stole a kiss.."Please love?"

Misaki nodded and opened the othe medium one. On the inside were two green sheets of paper. Misaki was confused till he read what they said " TICKETS? TO ITALY? FIRST CLASS?" Misaki nearly screamed.

"Yep. Do you like it?" Akihiko asked wondering if this was the right choice.

" I-I love it. But I can't take it. You spent waaayyyyyy to much on me." Misaki said tears still falling.

Relief flooded throughout Akihiko " But I want to go with you…Will you come to Italy with me? "

Misaki quickly shook his head yes, and kissed Akihiko with all he had. " I love you."

"I love you too. " Akihiko had then picked up Misaki and began to carry him back to bed…..for various reasons.

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