Title: Shiver
Universe: Digimon Frontier
Rating: PG-15
Character/Pairing/s: Kokuya
Word Count: 847
Summary: He put his half-empty cup on the table and all but dropped himself on the raven-haired boy's lap. The girls were obviously pleased by this development; one even whipped out a camera.
Disclaimer: If Digimon were mine, I would have already funded research into the possibility of there actually being a Digital World. As such, I do not own Digimon nor any of the characters therein.

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Takuya shivered slightly, and Kōji shot him a look.

"If you get hyperactive off of that stuff, I am never going to give you another drop of coffee again."

"It's good, though..." Takuya tried to defend, swallowing a few more gulps before Kōji could change his mind and take it away from him. In his sixteen years, he'd never let someone convince him to drink the stuff. But with milk (lots of it), and a huge helping of sugar to dim down the bitterness that he'd always smelled from coffee cups nearby, he found that it really wasn't so bad.

"And besides," he said, pointing at the black liquid in Kōji's cup, "you drink so much of that stuff in concentrated form that I'd probably die if I tried."

"I started off with almost as much sugar as you shovelled into yours," he replied, "The only difference being that I have a high tolerance against sugar highs, and you get high on air most days."

Takuya glared, "Oh, right, 'cause it's bad to enjoy living-"

He found his words cut off by Kōji's lips, and kissed back immediately.

Kōji pulled back and raised an eyebrow at him, "Sometimes I think you only argue with me to make me kiss you."

"Most days I think you're right."

Some girls nearby giggled at their display of affection and subsequent comments, and Kōji suddenly remembered that they were in a busy café in Tokyo.

Takuya flushed a little and then raised his head in defiance. Kōji chuckled.

"You look like you're about to declare war on those girls or something."

He nodded; "Or something," he said, grinning happily at Kōji, before putting his half-empty cup of coffee (which Kōji would have to remember to make decaf next time) on the table and all but dropping himself on the raven-haired boy's lap. The girls were obviously pleased by this development; one even whipped out a camera.

"This is suspiciously reminiscent of that day I went to your school..."

"Yes, but today I'm seducing you," Takuya pointed out before taking his face in his hands and kissing him.

When they broke apart, Kōji grinned; "Seducing me is not the hard part, Taku, the hard part is finding a place to finish seducing me."

Takuya grimaced before climbing off of Kōji and sitting in his own seat again.

"Mum won't be home until late tonight, Shinya's at soccer and Dad's with him," he announced, and proceeded to chug down the rest of his coffee, before moving on to the small cake in front of him.

Kōji winced at the display; Takuya's sugar highs always hit a few hours after consumption. He could thereby fairly accurately guess that this one would hit just as they were about to get to the interesting part of being home alone.

He mentally hit himself for taking his boyfriend to a cafe that served exclusively desserts and resolved never to be so stupid again.

Shivers racked his body as fingers ran lightly up and down his spine.

The lips on his were warm, and Kōji had to admit that the time spent teaching Takuya how to kiss had most certainly not gone to waste.

The separated for a moment and Takuya took a shuddering breath-

"Takuya, I'm home! Would you and Kōji like to eat something?" called Mrs Kanbara from downstairs, obviously having noted Kōji's shoes in the entranceway.

Takuya could not gather his wits in time to respond so his mother, for some reason assuming that they were not doing anything remotely related to furthering their relationship, came up the stairs and burst into the room.

She found Kōji sitting on the floor rubbing his head and Takuya on the bed apologising profusely, looking mortified.

She glanced at the two of them before nodding slightly and declaring, "I'm going to the shops. I'll be about an hour. You boys have fun!" she finished lightly, winking at her son before she shut the door.

Now both Takuya and Kōji were looking mortified, and stared in horror at the door. Had Yuriko seriously suggested that they...?

"I don't think we should ever come to your house again," murmured Kōji, still on the floor.

"At least your parents don't say anything!" wailed Takuya, "Why does my mother have to be so nosy! Is it just a woman thing? I don't understand!"

Yuriko blinked as the two boys wandered downstairs, looking rather depressed.

"We'll help you shop, mum," mumbled a displeased looking Takuya.

"If you don't want to come, you can stay here, boys. I know how much Takuya hates shopping-"

"No, no; it's fine," Kōji told her, smiling ever so slightly, "We weren't doing anything.

Yuriko swore she saw Takuya sob once as he said that.

Upstairs, alone and friendless, Takuya's bed fumed at its owner's refusal to be enticed into doing untoward things to his boyfriend by its mystical powers.

Its designer up in heaven was probably laughing at it for failing so miserably, and it cursed the day that it was bought by Takuya Kanbara.