"Came on Blair!" sounded Serena "We will miss the train and in case you have forgotten we are meeting Nate and Chuck!"

"I'm coming." Blair snapped to Serena "Hey look who it is Lovely Boy and his friend and sister who would have guess they are wizards and witches."

"Wait is that HARRY POTTER!" said Serena. Both girl look at each and said


"Came on lets go tell Nate and Chuck" said Blair "I bet they wouldn't believe us."

"Hey look is that Nate?" Serena asked

"NATE" both girls yelled. Nate turned around

"Hey guys" he said as he ran up to them "I've been looking for you everywhere. Have you seen Chuck?"

"No" said Blair "Guess who we saw"

"Who?" asked Nate

"HARRY POTTER" they cheered

"I don't believe you" Nate told them

"Told you so" Blair said happily

"Where have you been?" asked Chuck as he spotted his friends

"Here" Blair told them

"You will never guess who we saw" Serena told Chuck

"Who? Wait let me guess Harry Potter" said Chuck

"How did you know?" asked Blair

"Well since as he is the same age as us won't you have guess he was coming." Chuck told them

"Come on let's get on the train" said Blair. The four friends boarded the train.

"Over here guys" called Serena "I found somewhere free" the others followed.

As they sat down Serena heard someone outside.

"There is nowhere else we will have to shared" A voice said. The door opened behind it was none other than Dan Humphrey and his best friend Vanessa Adrams. "Not you" snapped Blair, "But since as you have nowhere else to go you can STAND!"

"BLAIR" complied Serena "you can stay" she told Dan and Vanessa. After what seem like forever the train arrived at Hogwarts.