Side Effects

Chapter One

Rating: T for now

A/N: I know I have a lot of stories going on right now, but I keep coming up with ideas. I also have to be inspired to write something otherwise it isn't good. i will get to the others, but I really liked this idea so I hope you guys do also! ENJOY!

Brittanys POV

I stood in the middle of my driveway as I watched the movers pack up the last of our things. I turn back and look at the place that had been home to me for the last year. I was starting to get used to all the moving around. My father is a business man, and we are always moving because of his job. When I was younger it was a lot harder for me, because of switching schools so much, and having to leave all of my friends. I finally had learned to just stay on the down low, and be basically a nobody so I wouldn't have to deal with the sad goodbyes anymore. It got lonely at times, having no friends of course, but it was a lot easier this way.

I see my mother walk out of the house, watching as two movers carry out her china cabinet. She was watching them very carefully, yelling at them if they even so much as came with in a foot of hitting anything. I roll my eyes, but can't help but laugh at her. I then turn and see my father standing by the truck talking on his phone. He seemed to always be on that thing. I walk over towards him just as he was hanging up, and he smiles at me. "You about ready to go?" He asks, putting his arm around me. I just simply nod my head, wrapping my arms around his waist, burying my head in his chest.

My mother walks over to us, and I lift my head up to look at her. "Everything is packed up." She states, making both me and my dad no. He pulls away and walks over to the movers, talking to them. I turn to my mother who was smiling softly at me, tilting her head to the side. I just smile back at her reassuringly. She had been worried about me lately because I never leave the house, and have no friends. I explained to her that it was too hard with out situation, but she had insisted on not worrying about it, and having fun with the time I did have. "I promise, this time we are going to stay until you finish high school. I made your dad promise." She says, placing her arm around me. I just simply nod at her, but thankfully my dad walks over so I didn't have to say anything.

"Let's hit the road." He says, making us both agree. I hop into the passenger seat of my moms car as she gets into the drivers seat. I look in the rear view mirror and watch my dad pull out of the driveway in the moving van. He passes us and my mom pulls out behind him, following him down the road to Lima, Ohio.

I watch as we pass the city of Huntington, Indiana. I see people from my school outside playing football as some girls laid out in the grass, talking and watching the boys. These were people that I saw every day, but they would never even probably realize I was gone. I let out a sigh and sit back in my seat, propping my feet up on the dash of the car. My mother glances over at me, and places her hand on my knee, smiling at me, before turning her attention back to the road.


I feel someone shaking me, and I let out a groan, not opening my eyes. "Baby we're here." I hear my mothers voice say. I slowly open my eyes, and look out my window looking at my new surroundings. It was a very small town, that much I could tell. "That's your high school." She says, pointing out my window as we drive by the building. I see a few kids standing around the front entrance, hanging out. We drive further past and pass the football field where I see the school's cheerleaders practicing. I could hear a blonde woman yelling through a megaphone at them through the glass window of our car. I raise my eyebrows as I listen to her. She was insulting them, telling them basically that they sucked. I look over at my mom with an amused face as she just smiles at me, letting out a giggle.

We finally pull into a driveway, and I look up at the new house, I would now be calling my home. I used to love moving into new houses. I would run inside exploring all the rooms, going in and out, deciding which one would be mine. But that had soon wore off, and now I just walked in and picked the first room I found. And that's exactly what I did. I walked into the house, and climbed the stairs that were basically right in front of the door. Walking down the hallway I opened up the first room on the right. Satisfied with what I saw, I quickly threw my bag down by the door, before walking back outside to help my parents unpack our things.


I was inside the truck, deciding on which box I would carry in next, when I heard someone knocking. I turn and see a short brunette, knocking on the side of the truck. I turn fully towards her and she smiles brightly at me. "Hi, I'm Rachel Berry, I'm your neighbor. I just wanted to come and introduce myself." She says, as I walk over to her. "My two gay dads made these cookies for you guys." She says, handing me a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

I smile at her, and take the plate out of her hands. "Thank you." I say sincerely. I hop out of the truck and stand in front of her. "I'm Brittany." I say, extending one of my hands out to her, as I balanced the plate in my left. She takes my hand, shaking it firmly with that gigantic grin of hers never faulting. I wasn't going to lie, it was kind of a creepy smile.

Both of my parents walk out of the house, and come over to the truck, and she turns to them. "Hi, I'm Rachel Berry, you're neighbor." She greets, shaking both of their hands.

"Oh hi Rachel. I'm Ashley, and this is my husband Bryan." My mother greets, cheerfully. "Do you go to McKinley High?" She asks, making the brunette nod. "Oh! Brittany will be starting there tomorrow!" She says excitingly, looking over at me. I just smile, slightly awkwardly as Rachel looks back at me.

"Well, Brittany. I will see you tomorrow. If you need help finding your way around or anything be sure and ask me. I am very helpful." She says, nodding her head emphasizing her point. I just nod slowly at her, putting on my best smile even though I felt uncomfortable as hell. She smiles and turns on her heel, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she walked down the street.

"She was nice." My mother comments. I just nod in reply before getting back in the truck, grabbing a box labeled, Brittany, carrying it inside the house.


After successfully moving all of the furniture into the house, I make my way up into my room, and throw myself onto my bed. We were getting this moving thing down, we had actually gotten faster at it, but it still took awhile, and was a lot of work. I glance around my room, looking at all of the boxes piled up, and consider starting to unpack them. I quickly decide against that, and roll over on my side, curling up in a ball, closing my eyes.

I felt someone shaking me after what felt like 5 minutes of sleeping, and I quickly pull my pillow over my head, mumbling nonsense. I hear my mother smirk, and I inwardly groan. "Honey, we ordered pizza. It's downstairs." She says. I pull the pillow off of my head and glance down at my phone, checking the time. I had been sleeping for a little over an hour. I look up at my mother and nod my head, letting her know I heard her, and I would be down in a minute. She smiles at me and pats my leg, before getting up off my bed, walking out of my bedroom.

I let out a sigh, and practically roll off of my bed. I move over towards my window, and look down at the street below me as I pull my blonde hair into a pony tail. I look at the house across the street and see Rachel, coming out the front door. She runs to the curb where a new red Camero was parked, and quickly moves to the passenger side, getting in. A minute later the car peels out, and speeds down the road.

I then turn and walk out of my bedroom, headed downstairs for the kitchen. I walk in and see both of my parents sitting at the table, eating a few slices of pizza on some paper plates. I'm guessing they haven't unpacked the kitchenware. I walk over, and open the boxes until I find the pepperoni, and grab a couple of slices, before walking over to the table joining them.


I awake the next morning to the annoying sound of my alarm going off. I quickly grab my phone off my nightstand, turning off the ringing, before rolling back over. After a few minutes of lying there, I finally decide that I should get up, and start getting ready. I flutter my eyes open, and blink them a few times, staring up at the ceiling as I try and adjust to the light. I sit up, and throw the covers off of my legs, before getting out of bed, walking to my bathroom to take a shower.

Freshly showered I walked out of the bathroom, and walked over to my boxes that held all of my clothes. I open one of them up, and start rummaging through the clothing, trying to find something to wear. Used to I would spend hours finding the perfect outfit for my first day of school, but now I didn't really care. I didn't care who noticed me, in fact I'd prefer not to be noticed. I finally settle on some simple skinny jeans and a plain white V neck shirt.

I walked back into my bathroom and grabbed my brush, running it through my blonde locks, trying to tame the frizziness that always occurred after blow drying. I pull it up into a loose pony tail, then turn out the light, walking back into my room. I quickly grab my black converse that were setting by my bed, and walk down the stairs.

I enter the kitchen and see my mom making some pancakes. "Hey honey." She smiles, turning towards me. I just simply smile back and she turns back to her pancakes. "I made pancakes." She states, placing a stack on a plate.

"I'm not really hungry." I say, making her frown. "Thank you though." I add, kissing her cheek.

She smiles and shakes her head. "More for me." She says with a smirk. I just laugh at her, and she walks over to the table, sitting her plate of pancakes down. "At least take an apple or something." She says, looking back at me.

I roll my eyes, but do as told, and grab a green apple out of the bowl that was sitting on the counter. She smiles approvingly at me before turning to take a bite of her breakfast. "I'm going to get going." I say, walking up behind her. I lean down and place a kiss on her cheek, before walking towards the front door. I grab my bag off of the floor and my moms car keys, before walking out the front door.

I make it to school within minutes, without getting lost. This town really was small. I circle the parking lot a few times, and see no parking spaces. I was beginning to get frustrated, but then as if the world was working for me, I notice one towards the front that was empty. I quickly hit the gas moving towards the spot. I was about to pull in when a red Camero cuts me off, pulling into the space. "Bitch." I mumble, slamming my hands against the steering wheel. I glare at the back of the girls head, as she gets out, but quickly keep driving, trying to find a spot, before I was late.


I walk into my first class, math, almost 10 minutes late (I ended up having to park all the way in the back) and everyone turns their heads to look at me. My heart quickens and I make my way over to the teacher, who had stopped her lesson and was now staring at me. I hand her my schedule and apologize for being late. She brushes it off, and tells me to take a seat. I look around the room and make my way to the first seat I find that was free. "We're on pate 6." She tells me. I quickly nod my head and pull out my book, opening it up to the right page.

She starts up her lesson again, and I can't help but look around the room, examining my surroundings. I look at the girl in front of me, and noticed she looked oddly familiar. My eyebrows furrow in confusion as I try and figure out where I had seen her, and how I knew her just by looking at the back of her head. I then quickly realize she was the brunette who had cut me off in the parking lot. "Bitch." I mumble aloud without even noticing. Apparently everyone else had noticed, because they all turn their heads to look at me. I quickly duck my head down, a blush creeping it's way onto my cheeks.

The teacher rolls her eyes, brushing me off once again, and continues with her lesson as the other students thankfully turn away from me, some of then snickering.


I walk out of the cafeteria lunch line; tray in hands, as I scan the room. I walk awkwardly around the room, trying to find a place to sit, but all the tables seemed to be taken. "Brittany!" I hear someone yell. My eyebrows furrow in confusion, that someone actually knew my name here. I turn around and see Rachel waving frantically at me.

I sigh in relief and walk over towards her. Usually I liked to stick by myself at lunch, but there no empty tables in here. I sit down next to her, and smile shyly at her. "Hey." I say quietly.

"Brittany, this is Kurt, and Mercedes." Rachel says, motioning to the other two people that were sitting at the table. I give them a small wave as they smile and return the gesture. "Brittany is my new neighbor." She informs them, as I nod in agreement.

They begin talking about theatre or something, and quickly lose me. I did love to sing, and I definitely loved to dance, but that's as far as it went. I just did it for fun, I wasn't to knowledgeable when it came to theatre or musicals. "Brittany do you sing or anything?" I hear Rachel ask me. I quickly pull my attention back to her and shake my head.

"Well I like to sing, but just in my shower." I says shyly with a shrug. "I love to dance though." I add with a smile. Dancing was the one thing that was stable in my life; the one thing I loved more than anything. It was my way of expressing myself, and letting my feelings out.

"You should join glee." She tells me as the other two nod in agreement. "I handle mainly all of the major rolls, but we are always looking for back up singers, and people do dance in the back." She says with a nod.

"I'll think about it." I say, taking a sip of my water. She seemed satisfied enough with that answer because she turned her attention back to her friends as Kurt mentioned something about someone's outfit. Again they had lost me. I mean sure I liked to shop, who didn't enjoy new clothes? But I was not familiar at all with brand names. My look was very simple.

Finally the bell rings, and I sigh in relief. I get up and head for the trash can, when someone suddenly collides with me, sending my tray to the floor. "Crap." I mumble, bending down, cleaning it up quickly.

"Let me help you with that." I hear a voice say. I look up and am met with dark chocolate eyes only a few inches away from my face. The girl smiles at me and places the last of my leftover food onto my tray. She stands up and reaches her hand out for me to take. I swallow the lump in my throat, and place my hand in hers as she helps me up. "You good?" She asks, looking at me concerned, but that charming smile never left her face.

I just simply nod, not trusting my words at the moment. She smirks, and nods her head before turning away, walking out of the cafeteria. I couldn't help by let my eyes wonder up and down her body as she walked out. She was easily the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. "That's Santana." I hear someone say. I look beside me, and see tall Asian boy standing next to me, looking in the direction of the Latina who had just walked out. He had one of those lovesick looks on his face as he watched her completely disappear from the room. "You're new?" He more so states, rather than asks, as he looks over at me. I just nod slowly at him. "I'm Mike." He introduces.

"Brittany." I reply.

"Well Brittany it was nice to meet you." He says, flashing me a smile. "What class do you have next?" He asks.

I pull my schedule out of my back pocket and look down at it, examining it. "Spanish." I reply with a sigh, making him chuckle.

"You need help finding it?" He asks, raising his eyebrows at me.

"If it's no trouble." I reply in a small voice. He just smiles and takes my tray, tossing it in the near by trash can. He nudges my arm as he begins walking out, signaling me to come with him. I do so and walks me to my Spanish class.


I sat in my last class of the day, tapping my pencil against the desk boredly. I notice a guy on the row beside me turn back giving me an annoyed look, and quickly cease my pencil tapping, smiling shyly. I look out the window, and couldn't help my mind from wandering as the teacher lectured at the front of the room. My thoughts kept going back to the Latina; Santana. I had soon realized she was the same girl who had cut me off this morning and that was in my math class.

I had completely hated this girl earlier today, but after the incident at lunch, I couldn't even consider hating her. She had been so sweet, and oh man that smile. I swore my legs had turned into jelly when she had shown her pearly whites. I had a crush on some people in my other schools, but none of them were like this. I hadn't even properly spoken to her but just thinking about her made my heart beat a little faster against my chest.

I get pulled out of my thoughts when the bell rings, signaling school was over. I let out a relieved sigh and quickly pack my things up. I walk out of the classroom, and make my way out to the parking lot. I see hear music, and look over to my right towards the football field and see the cheerleaders.


I walk over closer to the field, and see the brunette in the front row as they practice one of their dance routines. I find myself walking closer to the field as she has me mesmerized by the smooth rhythm of her body, moving to the music. They finish their routine, and she turns towards the girls and tells them to take a 5 minute break. She walks over to one of the blonde's and whispers something in the girls ear making the blonde let out a giggle. Santana just smiles, that amazing smile at the girl, and they walk over to the table to get some water.

I quickly become aware of how close I was, and how awkward this could turn out if they notice me watching. I turn on my heel and walk back out to the parking lot towards my car. I open the back door and throw my bag inside, closing the door back. I then get into the drivers seat, and start the car. I glance over at the girls and see them getting back into formation, getting ready to practice again. I pull my gaze away from them and put my car into drive, pulling out of the parking lot.

So starts off kind of slow, but let me know if you guys feel like I should continue please! I don't want to give too much away, but I feel like this can be great so I hope you guys would like more! Let me know! :-)