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Inuyasha walked in his front door exhausted, and proceeded to drop his book bag on the floor and his keys on the table next to him.

School was a lot harder than I remembered it to be he thought disgustedly.

After not having to study at all for the entire summer, his mind now felt like it was leaking out of his ear. Today he had started class at his new preparatory college that his mother had pushed him into attending.

His parents had purchased him his own off campus apartment as a bribe for attending here, so after two months of battling with them, and dealing with his mothers tears he had caved, and agreed to attend. Moving in a few weeks before the beginning of the semester, he didn't plan on telling any of his friends from high school that he was attending here, knowing they would flip him shit over it after he spent the majority of the last few months of high school bragging that he was going to spend the next few years lounging on a beach somewhere, but today had already run into his closest friend, a boy with a 'cursed' hand named Miroku Houshi.

He was hoping that he wouldn't run into any more friends, or worse, some of the less than savory acquaintances from high school here anytime soon.

Cracking his neck, he walked into his kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Flipping through the mail he had brought in with him, he distractedly walked into his bedroom to take off the uniform for the college he attended. Shrugging out of the overcoat that was a deep red color, he dropped it uncaringly on the floor. Tugging his tie open he left it hanging under the collar of the shirt. Unbuttoning his black collared shirt he unsnapped his belt and pants at the same time. Walking over to his dresser he pulled out a simple grey wife beater to wear while he did his homework.

Grabbing the open front of his shirt to pull it off, Inuyasha thought he saw something move out of the corner of his eye, so without thinking about it, he looked up and froze in shock.

In the apartment next door to his, in the bedroom window that faced toward his, stood the hottest girl he had ever seen. And she was in the middle of taking her uniform off!

Feeling his mouth drop open, Inuyasha watched, unable to look away, as she flipped on the stereo in her room and started dancing along with the music, while shimmying out of the overcoat of the girl uniform of the same college that he attended.

Shaking her hips in a move that had to be close to illegal, she spun over to the closet and hung it up. Slowly untucking her shirt from her thigh length red plaid skirt she bumped and ground her hips as she unbuttoned it in what felt like slow-motion. Dropping it down so it caught on her elbows, she turned away before Inuyasha could see her bra, making a low growl trickle out of his mouth that abruptly turned into a whimper as both her skirt and shirt simultaneously dropped to the floor.

Feeling something wet drop onto his exposed chest Inuyasha dumbly raised his hand to wipe at his chin where a nice trail of drool had slid out of his open mouth. Ignoring it for the moment except to wipe his hand on his trousers, he continued to watch as the girl in lacy red lingerie danced around her room, knowing this had to be a sign that Kami favored him.

The girl reached up and took the pins out of her hair, releasing it from the bun at the back of her neck. Long waves of blue black hair fell down until they bounced just above her pert backside exposed in the lacy thong. She shook her hair out, a little smile edging her plump pink lips, as she rolled her hips, shimmying over to the vanity table set to the left of her closet doors dropping the pins on the cluttered surface.

Inuyasha shifted back and forth on his feet, whining deep in his chest, as the girl opened a drawer on a dresser set just out of view and tugged on a pair of short pajama bottoms and a tank top. Watching her as she flipped off the stereo, he had the sinking feeling that his viewing pleasure was coming to an end as she proceeded out of his line of sight. Looking frantically between visible windows that he thought belonged to her apartment, he tried desperately to keep her in view, but couldn't catch a glimpse of her again.

After a moment of crushing disappointment, he smirked realizing that she was his neighbor, and she appeared to be attending his school. So maybe this wasn't the last time he could see her. Of course he wasn't really expecting her to be doing a strip tease next time, but that would just be an extra bonus if she was.

Quickly Inuyasha finished changing his clothes, a huge smirk plastered on his face from the plots and images that were dancing in his dirty little head.