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Chapter 6


Walking out of class Inuyasha felt like bashing his head into the brick siding that all of the buildings on campus were made of. How one class could completely ruin his elated mood he had no idea. Cussing and readjusting his back pack over his shoulder, he trudged toward the library. Having one assignment was bad, but adding a project a paper that couldn't be less than two thousand words and a presentation on top of it was just ridiculous!

That bitch of a professor just needs to get laid! And getting prissy with me for pointing it out is no reason to do this shit to me! Grumbling about the unfairness of putting perpetually mean people in charge of student lives being torture of some kind, Inuyasha was too busy broodily staring at the ground to notice the person walking in his path. The resulting collision would be hilarious for anyone watching, however in his current state of emotion, Inuyasha felt absolutely no urged to laugh.

Jumping to his feet from the tangle of limbs that had landed on the ground, Inuyasha started chewing out the other person not even bothering to look at them to make sure if they were ok.

"What the fuck is wrong with you! You need to start looking where you're going, or next time I'm going to fucking kick your ass!" Picking grass off his uniform pants Inuyasha shook his head over the stain now streaking up on side of his leg. There was no saving this, he didn't do laundry. Now he was going to have to go home to change, making him miss his last class. Oh well that might not necessary be a bad thing.

Brushing off as much of the clinging debris that he could, Inuyasha was unprepared for the hand that struck his cheek with such force his head jerked to the side. Blinking in surprise, he didn't even move from the new position his head was forced into for a full minute, before slowly looking down at the person who had struck him. His eyes widened in horror when the met the target.

The woman that stood in front of him was not what he was expecting to see. He gulped at the pissed off expression on her face and could practically see the steam pouring from her ears. Backing away slightly, he wanted to run away, but didn't want to trigger that predator drive that might have her chasing him down to skin him alive.

Hearing muffled laughter to the side, he looked over just moving his eyes. They widened even more when he saw Kagome. Who was laughing so hard she was almost purple, bent over at the waist with both hands covering her mouth to muffle the noise. Her things were on the ground surrounding her feet, near the scattered mess that had to have been held by…

A hand lashed out and grabbed him by the ear tugging him down so the words would be screamed directly into his ear drums.

"What in Kamis name are you blaming me for? I believe it was you being the moron that you are that crashed into me! I wasn't the fool staring at the ground running around assuming everyone and everything would part for the magnificence that is you! Seriously were you dropped as a child! Are you special or something! Do we need to get you glasses?"

Inuyasha whimpered from the volume that was pumped directly into his brain, feeling that his precious ears would shatter any moment. Firm hands unexpectedly grabbed the iron grip on his ears, gently tugging them free. Shaking his head slightly to try and clear the ringing, Inuyasha looked at his savior with big, gratitude filled eyes.

Kagome was holding Sango back from killing him, planting her body squarely between the object of her wrath and the line of danger. While she spoke rapidly, trying to sooth her irate friend, Inuyasha took advantage of the misdirection of Sango's attention. Shooting Kagome a quick appreciative look, Inuyasha quickly gathered up Sango's spilled books from the ground before timidly offering them to the still fuming girl.

She snatched them from his grasp before stomping off, presumably off to class which she would now be late for. Shaking his head at his own stupidity, he looked over at Kagome who was still watching her pissed off friend stomp off leaving her there. When Kagome realized that he was still there she fidgeted a little, playing with the crease in her skirt. Looking around them searching for anything to say to the girl he had kissed before even introducing himself to Inuyasha found himself in something he had never been in before. An uncomfortable situation.

Finally he opened his mouth telling her, "Well I need to get out of these pants." Realizing how that could sound, he froze then went to correct himself, only to be cut off by-

"I'd be more than happy to help you."

Inuyasha stopped breathing for a second, his eyes bugging out at the offer. Little by little he managed to turn his head to look over at the seemingly innocent girl next to him. The angelic expression on her face took him by surprise after that rather forward statement.

She cocked her head to the side and continued, "That stain should be taken care of before it sets too much. My brother plays soccer so I know how to get out grass stains. I'd be happy to help."

Thinking rapidly he quickly accepted. He was going to have the girl of his dreams in his apartment, and he wasn't going to have pants on. Mentally doing a victory dance, he offered his hand, "I'm Inuyasha by the way, I should have introduced myself a while ago."

Kagome smirked at that asking, "You mean before or after you kissed me?" An awkward silence lasted until she chuckled, saying "Don't worry, you weren't my first." Leaving him to ponder what she meant by that statement. They headed off campus to his apartment that was only a block or so over.


This is going to be good! A smirk tried erupting on her face, but she kept suppressing it.


The walk over and ride up the elevator was done in complete silence, Inuyasha seemingly not knowing what to say, and Kagome too busy thinking to notice. Finally reaching his apartment, Inuyasha quickly unlocked the door saying, "If you could just give me a second to go change-" He was cut off by a hand grabbing his hair and tugging him around. Soft lips slammed into his parted mouth as he was frozen in shock.


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