Chapter 4

Ichabod Crane lay on his bed in the early evening, tossing and turning in frustration.

He had been trapped here for a week. An entire week while Mary carried out her fiendish plan.

Even worse… he couldn't stop thinking about her in entirely inappropriate ways… couldn't help remembering the delicious sensation of her mouth on him.

He felt guilty for allowing her such intimacies… but at the time his desire had been stronger than his common sense.

What if it happened again? What if it went even further?

There was a small guilty part of him that secretly wanted that to happen… wanted to forget about everything else and give in to his lust for her.

He was a constable damn it! He was the one who was supposed to stop her!

If more people were killed… he would have their deaths on his conscience.

Who would be next? Who else was between her and the Van Garret fortune?

Suddenly with a shock like icy water it hit him. Katrina.

What if Baltus had decided that everything would go to his daughter… and not his second wife? Once he was dead… Katrina would be the only thing in her way.

Panic went through him. He had to get out. Get out and warn Katrina before it was too late.

He jumped up and looked at the window. It didn't look terribly secure.

A few moments work had it open enough to wiggle through.

The first breath of fresh air felt wonderful as he stuck his head and shoulders through. A few moments later he was through, his feet hitting the grass under the window.

He took off, running at full tilt towards the gate at the end of the path.

Nothing stopped him as he drew close to the road and he started to feel the giddy rush of freedom. Maybe she had been lying about the spell?

Just as thought that he hit an invisible wall… hard… knocking him flat on his back.

No such luck he thought wryly as he sunk into unconsciousness.


Ichabod felt a sense of deja-vu as he slowly regained consciousness.

Once again he was tied uncomfortably to a chair.

He slowly looked up. Mary was lounging on a couch nearby.

She looked rather angelic in a white nightgown that was gathered at the bust, her long pale blonde hair hanging in loose waves around her shoulders.

But the look on her face had nothing what so ever of innocence about it as she caught his eyes wandering down the line of her body.

A rather feline grin curved her lips as he quickly looked away.

"You woke me up" she said with a mock-pout. "I must say I didn't think you'd be foolish enough to try to run away after I told you I had placed a spell on the house" she said reprovingly.

He flushed embarrassedly. "Can't blame me for trying" he muttered.

She smirked at him, a wicked look in her blue eyes.

"I suppose not. But you're still going to have to make up for depriving me of sleep" she said lasciviously as she got to her feet.

His eyes widened as she moved closer and sat on his lap, straddling his thighs.

"Madame…" he said in a rather startled voice.

"Sssssh" she whispered, placing a finger on his lips.

His pulse raced as her lips met his, kissing him in a way that should be illegal. It was coercion. Sweet, blissful torture.

And he couldn't help thinking about how good her mouth had felt on other things than his lips…

He groaned softly as she unbuttoned his shirt and trailed her nails tightly down his skin. Her mouth hungrily traced the line of his neck.

Ichabod knew he should be making at least a token attempt to resist her… but having her body so close and her soft lips on his skin was making it very hard to even think rationally.

What could he do? His hands were tied… literally and metaphorically. He knew that very soon desire would get the better of him… and he would let her do whatever she wanted.

He could already feel his traitorous body starting to react to her closeness… and her touch. Mary smirked as her eyes slid down… spotting the slowly growing bulge in his trousers.

"So you are enjoying yourself… Constable" she purred, her expression suggesting she was enjoying reminding him exactly why he shouldn't be doing this. A surge of something like anger went through him. Not only was she was toying with him, seducing him against his will… but she was mocking him as well.

Anger was good though. It helped clear his head a little.

He tugged hard at the ropes on his wrists as her fingers wandered along his thighs. To his surprise the ropes gave ever so slightly. She must have tied them firmly, but not terribly tightly.

The ropes scraped his skin as he started to inch his right hand out. His bonds were tight enough that it was slow going. He felt her fingers undoing his trousers and he couldn't help being distracted for a moment. His mind may not have wanted this… but the rest of him did.

Her hands closed around him, bringing a soft groan from his throat. His body jerked slightly as she squeezed and stroked him. Only the pain of the rope against his wrists as he moved reminded him he should be trying to get out of there.

He groaned again as she slowly caressed him to a full erection, his hand inching its way free.

Suddenly one hand was free… and he was able to use it to free the other.

She simply smirked and kissed him again, lips parting his. His hands seemed to move of their own accord, trailing down the line of her back and then along her thighs, sliding up the nightdress.

Her arms slid around his neck as she pressed her body against his. He couldn't help a little hiss of breath as he felt her soft curves pressed into him, the most intimate part of her body so close to the most intimate part of his. And he knew she had him then.

The last of his resistance crumbled as she slid a hand between their bodies to touch him again. He moaned softly then pushed her hand away.

He felt her little hitch of breath as his hands gripped her waist firmly, moving her so he could slide his body deep into hers.

Her body wrapped tightly around him felt so very good that he couldn't help a deep groan.

He felt her gasp and shudder slightly in pleasure as she slowly started to move, her body riding his. Her long blonde hair fell around her face, half-obscuring her half triumphant, half blissful expression.

Her spine arched, another groan leaving her lips as he gripped her hips firmly, pushing himself even deeper inside her.

He felt her hands grip his shoulders tightly as her body moved up and down his, slowly at first, exquisitely, torturously slowly. Then faster as the pleasure started to build… every movement she made urging him on.

As he got closer and closer his body met hers with a force that surprised him. He hadn't even known he could be like this… this raw, overwhelming pleasure that seemed to block out everything.

He felt as he pushed her over the edge, soft cries of pleasure like music to his ears. He could not longer hold back as he felt her body shudder around his.

His head fell back, low groans and soft gasp falling from his lips as he had his release.

By the time he had relearned how to breathe again she had slid of his lap and was straightening her nightgown with an expression of smug satisfaction.

"You had better be careful your husband doesn't catch you sneaking back inat this hour" he said in a rather dry voice.

She grinned and kissed his forehead. "Oh don't worry about that. After the draught I gave him it would take a orchestra to wake him up"