Prologue: Perfection

"Well, this is it." A little girl whispered as she stood in front of a large house that took the same appearance as the rest of the houses in the suburb she was in.

It had a tall gate that separated it from the rest and a lawn that held everything but healthy plants. The gate was old, cold and rusty. It looked like it would have crumbled with the softest breeze. The girl placed a shaky hand on the cold bars as she gently pushed it open. The gate made an eerie creak and the girl licked her lips as she stepped through the small crack, struggling with the weight of her suitcase as she tried not to push the gate any further in fear that it would give way.

Walking down the rocky path heading towards the front door, the girl ignored the tickle of the tall grass when it brushed against her legs and she tried her best not to cry out in fright whenever she heard something rustling in the trees and bushes.

It's nothing, she would reassure herself, it's just your imagination…Nothing to worry about.

She worried anyway.

When she finally reached the mahogany door, she breathed a sigh of relief before pulling out a key from her jacket pocket and pushing it into the lock, twisting it until it made a click that echoed through the air.

The girl froze and glanced behind her back, seeing a couple walking down the road in front of her house, glancing at her before wrinkling their noses and continuing on their way. She looked back at her door and pushed it open, hauling her suitcase over the small step and entering her house. The girl closed her door, locked it and prayed that no one else saw her. She breathed in and out several times in an attempt to calm her frantic heart and when it did not cease its scared beating, she decided it was no use and turned around to see what kind of place she was to live in.

Though the outside screamed abandonment, the girl was surprised to see that the living room, as well as the rest of the house, was well furnished. There were couches, chairs and tables in the living room as well as a fireplace. The kitchen had tables, chairs and a refrigerator and when she opened the door of the fridge, she wasn't surprise to see food inside. Going up the staircase, there were numerous bedrooms already filled with beds, closest and other bedroom objects you would see like a vanity mirror and a study desk. Even the bathrooms had the necessities like shampoo, soap and facial wash.

Leaving the last bedroom at the end of the hall, the girl stayed closed to the wall as she headed back towards the staircase and since she really had nowhere else to be after moving in, she took the time to look up at the wall. Upon seeing the moving photographs that decorated the beige colored walls, the girls storm grey eyes glazed over.

Everything in this house was quite the opposite of her old home.

This house was clean, orderly and perfect.

The girl felt sick and a cold sweat slid down her temple. Her pale, shaky hands reached towards her neck and her fingers grasped it, nails scratching.

She couldn't breathe.

All of a sudden, her small frame slumped to the floor and she chocked. She felt like she was sinking, drowning. The girl gasped as she tried her best to get air into her lungs. Sadly, her attempt was futile. Tears were welling up in her eyes and her hands were pathetically scratching her neck like she could cut it open and let air in. It didn't.

The girl's head then hit the marble floor and her eyes stared at the beige wall. She was motionless on the floor and her lips lay agape. Her chest was slowly rising up and down when sweet air filled her shriveled lungs.

"I want my mummy," the girl's hoarse voice filled the empty house, "I want my daddy."

Hours passed and the girl's eyes shot open and she rose from the floor, groaning when she realized her neck was stiff and her foot had fallen asleep. She placed her hand on the beige wall beside her and tried, with great effort, to stand back up. Her eyes were rimmed red and her arms wrapped around her body when she was finally standing. She looked back up at the picture on the wall and she studied the people in them.

They were beautiful.

Each had bright eyes, straight teeth, photogenic smile and flawless skin. They wore their dress robes with pride and they moved with grace and elegance.

They were all so perfect.

Something snapped in the nine-year-old's system. She didn't know what she was doing, but she knew why she was doing it. Perfection. It was something the girl hated the most. The state of being perfect…complete…

It disgusted her so much.

The girl's thin arms fell to her sides and her hands formed into fists so tight that her knuckles turned white. She stared at the photographs with loathing. Violent tears were flowing down her as she opened her mouth and let out an ear-piercing screech.

She attacked.

The girl ripped every picture she could get her hands on, breaking the frame open and shredding each and every photograph, reducing them to pitiful fragments that fluttered to the marbled floor. The pictures she couldn't reach, she threw the broken frames at just to smash the clear screen that covered the beautiful people and if she was lucky, knock them to the ground so that she can finish the job herself.

Soon, the beige wall was bare but that didn't stop her. She wasn't satisfied with just ripping the photographs. No, she wanted more. Everything in this house was perfect. She couldn't have that.

The girl moved to destroy everything in the house. She entered every room and ripped up the sheets, the pillows, the curtains, broke the mirrors, emptied the shampoo bottles, threw the lamps, shattered the windows, turned the tables over, threw the chairs against the wall and before she knew it, the house was in ruins.

The once perfect home now looked like a ragging tornado just blew in.

The little nine-year-old girl single handedly destroyed an entire house in no less than three hours.

Her breathing evened out and her arms were once again wrapped around her body. She looked down at herself and saw that her clothes were ripped and she was bleeding. She didn't care though. She looked over her surroundings and was actually happy to see that everything was in total chaos. Nothing was clean. Nothing was orderly. Nothing was perfect.

She soon found her legs shaking and she fell to the floor, ignoring the fact that she was possibly sitting on glass, and her head leaned against the couch she ripped open so that its stuffing and springs sprouted out. She closed her eyes.


A voice echoed in her head.

Whether it was a memory or a dream, she didn't know. She just wanted to fall asleep and disappear.


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