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"Always have to be the hero, don't you?"

He hears Clark's voice from above and finds himself smirking.

"Right back at you."

His own voice is surprisingly full of emotions and he recognizes those emotions as relief and gratitude.

They won.

The Watchtower was destroyed. Their best friend betrayed their trust. They were exhausted and achy.

But they won.

Bruce turns away from the place of explosion and they both make their way through the piles of stones and trash.

The Man of Steel speaks again, a hint of suggestion in his tone.

"We should probably let the rest know that you're alive."

When the other man doesn't react, he makes himself clearer.

"Especially one particular Princess, who, I suppose, is really upset with you right now."

Still no answer, but Clark doesn't need one. He made his point, he knows it.

When they reach the others, Bruce's eyes find her immediately, scanning every inch of her.

She's alright. Her skin's a little grey from dust, few bruises on her shoulders. She's alright.

She sits on a rock, her head almost between her knees, face covered by long raven hair. Her back's rising and falling fast. When she hears Flash announcing their presents, she moves and looks straight in his lenses with those bright blue eyes of hers. Overwhelming relief and longing flashes into them and though she can't see, it mirrors the expression of his own eyes.

He remains still as she stands and walks to him. He remains still when she is just few inches away, exactly in front of him. He says nothing more, except one word.


He can feel she inhales deeply and swallows hardly. Then she finally speaks.

"Remove it," she gestures at his cowl.

He doesn't know why, but he does, what she says. A second after their eyes meet, he feels her hand slapping him harshly across his face. Neither of them says anything. Another second and she is in his arms; her face in his neck, arms tightly lock around him. He lowers his head to her hair and surrounds her figure with a cape.

He listens to her heartbeats. And he thinks it is the most reassuring sound he's ever heard. He wins.