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"There is no place I rather be!" "Than on my surfboard out at sea!" "Lingering in the ocean blue!" "And if I had one wish come true!" "I'd surf till the sun sets, beyond the horizon." Kurt rolled his eyes just as Dwight, Wes and David skipped past the open door, singing the Hawaiian words to the chorus, followed by Reed, who tripped over his own suitcase and fell into the balcony railing. Ethan and Evan had been singing the godforsaken song since they found out a few weeks ago that their parent's cruise ship was finally open for their luxury, so naturally, every Windsor learned it. Kurt was pacing around his suitcase, which currently was residing on his bed. He'd been trying for a half an hour now, attempting to close the thing. The twins singing only made the effort all that more frustrating as Kurt fumbled with the zipper, still not succeeding in closing it. The two Tweedles cheerfully scooped Kurt up in between their arms and carried him over to his suitcase, where they promptly dropped him on top of it, zippering it briskly and going back to their singing by the doorway.

Both the twins were wearing matching neon yellow sunglasses, which stood out vibrantly against their messy strawberry blond hair. Blaine entered the room in his horridly neon pink sunglasses, hair gelled down as usual. Ethan and Evan stared at Blaine with an offended expression. "What…?" Blaine asked, turning towards the twins. "No way are you stepping onto our vacation cruise ship with business man hair, Blaine." Evan said, gesturing towards Blaine's hair. "It's not such a big- augh!" Blaine just glared as both the twins launched themselves at him, messing up his hair and freeing his short curls. Kurt giggled from where he was still sitting on his suitcase. The twins stepped out into the hallway to monitor the packing of other Windsors and Warblers.

Blaine seated himself next to Kurt on the bed, still pouting from the hair-issue. "Oh shush. I think it looks cute." Kurt said with another giggle, leaning in to kiss Blaine's cheek. "Dwight! Six minutes! No, you cannot bring your second supply of rock salt!" The twins said from the hallway. "Oh, so you two can bring your huge nerf guns, but I can't bring my salt?" Dwight's voice sounded a bit farther down the hallway. "Will someone bring an extra first-aid case and write Reed Van Kamp on it!" An unknown voice yelled, although out of the corner of Kurt's eye, he was sure he someone very Charlie-ish go running after two identical figures. "FIVE MINUTES!" Both twins yelled. They then burst into the room where Kurt and Blaine had just begun to kiss rather passionately and grabbed both ends of the suitcase, dashing off with it, Kurt still sitting cross-legged on top of it. Blaine raced from the room after his boyfriend, slightly annoyed that their moment of romance was interrupted. "Guys! What in Gaga's name- Oh dear god." Kurt yelped as both twins raced down the staircase and he clung to the suitcase for dear life. The twins turned a bend at surprising speed, nearly sending Kurt toppling into the hardwood railing. From the top balcony railing, Dwight, Reed, Wes and David watched. "You're not gonna just sit there, are you? Come on!" Reed mumbled, pulling off his bright blue sunglasses and heading down the stairs after the Tweedles and Blaine.

The Tweedles then placed the suitcase onto the luggage rack containing all the other suitcases and helped Kurt to his feet. "Sorry, Alice!" They said in unison. "It's alright, Tweedles." Kurt mumbled. Reed came running after them all, tripping on the bottom step and crashing into Blaine, who had been walking in front of him. Both tumbled downward until they slammed into a solid wall of unmoving Tweedle. "Oh! Dormouse! White Rabbit!" Both twins chorused, roughly helping both of the shorter boys to their feet. "You're late you know, naughty." Ethan grinned his Cheshire grin as he slapped the dust off Blaine's shoulders, almost knocking him into Reed. "Now, where were we?" Blaine smirked, wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist. Kurt blushed while Ethan and Evan rolled their eyes. "Oh, I remember." Blaine smirked, leaning in to kiss Kurt. "Hurk!" Was the noise Blaine made a few seconds later when he was roughly yanked from Kurt's grip by the twins. "You'll have plenty of time to kiss Alice later-" Ethan said. "Titanic style, if you wish-" "Minus the iceberg-" "And the drowning-" Evan added helpfully. "But for now, we are late for a very important date!" Both twins said, grabbing Blaine underneath the arms and hauling him off to what Kurt presumed was their limo. The twins came back to obtain the luggage, but were stopped by a body standing in the doorway. "Red Knave…" Ethan muttered under his breath, clenching his fists.

There stood Logan, looking prim and proper and relatively calm with his hands casually behind his back. A foreboding brown duffle bag was sitting on the ground behind him. "What do you want?" Evan practically growled. "Just wanted to know when we're leaving." Logan drawled, raising a delicate eyebrow at the twins and Kurt. "We're. Oh no. There's no 'we're' here." Evan stared at Logan. "We're, is a Preposition attaining usually to civilized human beings." Ethan glared. "None of which you are, by the way." Evan added in a curt tone. "Oh, and I suppose that this House is the very symbol of civilized?" Logan said, his tone equally curt. An explosion sounded upstairs, just timed as if to prove his point. "Well, you Stuarts run on nothing but coffee and smugness, one of your main goals as a house is to crush all competition and achieve." Evan said, glowering at Logan. "…Which makes you guys as coherent and civilized as those trained gorillas who know how to ask for grapes." Ethan added, his tone smug. Kurt would've snickered at this, had this not been Logan. Yet it was Logan, and he knew how furious Logan could get when he slacked off on his medication. Logan stayed calm, only glaring at the twins. "I do believe I'm tagging along on this little trip. "And why is that?" The twins said in sync. "Because I have a little term most people call blackmail. I do believe that this cruise ship is in fact, your own. I do believe that you're only bringing Chaz on board so Howard will think there's an "authority figure" on this little so-called field trip, only to push him over the railing in a raft when we get a ways out to sea." Logan recited, a smirk on his face. The twins stood there, gaping at him with identical expressions. "We do believe you're a gigantic asshat. Come on." Ethan snapped, picking up Logan's duffle bag and throwing it a bit too forcefully into Logan's arms. Logan's smirk continued, satisfied at his success in irritating the most irritating pair in all of Dalton Academy. "You make one wrong move, and we will not hesitate to throw you overboard, Logan." Ethan said, his tone the slightest bit menacing. "Without a raft." Evan said, assisting his twin in pushing the luggage cart forward [Logan sidestepped just in time]. Logan and Kurt followed the cart in silence, Kurt stepping hurriedly in front of Logan.

When they got to the twin's limo, which was so long it was perplexing for Kurt to think about how it turned corners, the twins were already stuffing, piling, forcing and slamming all the suitcases and duffle bags into it. Logan stepped smoothly front of Kurt with one of his long legs, opening the door for him. Kurt almost scowled as he climbed into the limo, not hesitating at all to crawl to the far end of it, over the outstretched legs of Reed, Dwight, Chaz, Wes and David to finally seat himself next to Blaine. The twins then proceeded, in their hurry, to slam all the doors to the limo shut, and then climb into said-limo through the sunroof. Seemed to the other Windsors and one Stuart that this was such a minor thing from the Brightman Twins it wasn't even worth acknowledging, but Kurt still giggled quietly into Blaine's shoulder. "To the airport!" Dwight yelled, startling everyone who was sitting or talking quietly. He pointed majestically towards the road, as he always did when driving somewhere with the Windsors. They always knew the "chivalrous" announcement to wherever they were going was coming, when exactly, they were never totally sure of. Logan rolled his eyes, looking like he desperately needed to face-palm. He highly doubted that he was going to be able to survive the half-hour ride to the Twin's plane, let alone the three and a half hour flight to Florida.

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